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I'm loving this story already keep up the v
Good work

Obviously, Twilight will be badass in this story. But, just how badass will she be?

Loving it so far. Look forward to more chapters :twilightsmile:

Huh, "Midnight Sparkle". I like it. Would Midnight Twilight have been acceptable too? I like it just because it rhymes.

this is awesome. Heres hoping this becomes even more awesome as time progresses

well I'm terrified of twilight, lets see where this goes, because knowing her that little amulet wont control her for too long

Well if you continue to write I'll continue to read as I could like to know where this story heads in the future.

Hey did anyone notice something similar between the cover and i, because I sure do. But I could be mistaken
don't BLUE
Don't mind my bad puns there just puns

Oh my... That description...

YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION!!:flutterrage:

well well well so far we are pleased with the work of yours annd now lets see if it continues to please us

Wow! I'm so curious now! :raritystarry:

She smiled under the red glow of her horn, loving the feeling of power brimming through her veins. It was intoxicating, exhilarating, everything she had ever wanted. Her time was coming soon she could just feel

she said as she stooped down and looked at the stone head of the dead stallion in his vacant eyes. She had snuffed his life out with the merest glance thanks to this amulet. Imagine what she would be capable of doing after she grabbed everything on her list. Now she had one final test to see if she was truly ready.

Both of these paragraphs are missing pieces. One at the end and the other at the beginning. Might want to fix that.

Good prologue.

7130659 Thanks for spotting that, I'll fix it!

I'll watch this for the moment.

I kind of hope she does something interesting then be an empress who controls is evil cause "dark" magic boring really. like can there be struggle with personality? or at least a real struggle? I feel like it fall flat if she to op to soon without hard work or character development a good build up for this story

Uge... even evil and I still can't get rid of spice:twilightangry2:

7133820 I can see where you'd have concern. Its not going to be an easy road to the top for her that is certain, and there are plenty of threats on the horizon both internally and externally that she is going to have to deal with.

I wonder if she make friends with twilight in the end?

Hm... I seem to be hopping giddily in place like Pinkie after reading this. I believe that is a good sign. Do please continue.

Also... wow, I forgot about Catrina until I saw the picture. That is a blast from the past.


This is one of the best stories I've had the pleasure to read in some time. A little dark but not unlikable at all. Looking forwards towards your next update.:heart:

Not bad, but I'll refrain from giving you an upvote until you hit ten-thousand words.

7138830 I'll see you next chapter then, cause I know the word count is going to top over 10k with that one.
edit: Well okay, next two chapters then lol.

Sweet! I was hoping to see a story with Catrina in it. I've seen other stories where Grogar and other G1 villains get a good part but Catrina was my favorite, simply because she is a cat and cats are my favorite animals. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

“Would you say then, that this Tree of Harmony was the most powerful thing you’ve ever come across?”

“I don’t think it could even be categorized in the same scale as anything else on this planet… there was no end to its power, it just decided it didn’t want me to have magic anymore and it just did it.”

“Well then, we have a common enemy.”

Well, the timeline was good while it lasted.

I am loving this story so far and I'm impressed that Catrina has made it up to Mirage's level of power.

7145572 Pardon my ignorance but who are you referring too? The only character named Mirage I can seem to find via google is that one woman from The Incredibles.

7145723 It's okay. I was referring to the Mirage from the Aladdin cartoon, who has not only demonstrated why she was named "Evil Incarnate" but also known for being nearly god-like in her power.

7145751 HOLY HELL That takes me back. Almost entirely forgot about that cartoon. Might have to google up some old videos later :pinkiehappy:

7145761 Nice to meet a fellow fan, so which Aladdin episode was your favorite?

7145778 That's what I'm saying though, I practically forgot it, its been that long. I remember the movie like it was yesterday but that was because I watched it pretty religiously. I remember loving the show as a kid, but the details just escape me now. I think it stopped airing on my tv after awhile (didn't have cable). Seeing old youtube clips of of the show was one hell of a nostalgia bomb though.

I do seem to recall something about someone hunting Genie to put him back in cuffs, but I forget if that's in the show or not.

7145812 I somewhat remember that episode.

Scary crazy twilight is so much fun, you need an omake or spin off with her and Ledger's Joker
also Vigriff, Billy, I liked the episode of the Hercules cartoon where Aladdin got brought in to fight against Herc if only because we got to see Jafar again

I eant join th.is Quest of knowledge, no matter how Forbidden it is.

7146138 That's my second favorite, my favorite is the episode where one of Abis Mal's schemes went horribly right.

So what exactly is Twilight's goal here, what end goal does she want all this disharmonious power for? I can understand that she would feel powerless and upset without a way to perform magic, but does Twilight plan on conquering Equestria, enslaving everypony including her family?

You've got my attention and I'll definitely be following to see where Twilight plans on going :heart:.

7148309 Her goal is the same as its always been; To contribute to the research and discovery of magic like her Idol Starswirl before her. However since she has forsaken Harmonious magic, she has come to the conclusion that if she wants to make an impact in the world like he did, she would have to carve out her journey in infamy rather than fame, in disharmony rather than harmony, to bring terror where he had brought hope. Hers is the pursuit of knowledge in its most dangerous form.

Her human counterpart went through something similar when the elements of harmony corrupted her mind.

Now i do not know the entirety of the Sombra timeline. What are the differences so i might understand better?

7149237 Well this fic is going to go through that so you'll see. The most important thing you need to know right now is that because the Rainboom didn't happen, Twilight never passed her entrance exam which now results in the path you see before you. Everything else will come into play later.

7149260 Aight i can deal with that. Fav, liked and tracked. Keeping an eye out for more

Really good story very creative imagination

This is amasing! I'm really curious to see what happends next! :raritystarry:

Oh this beginning is simply glorious!

7145778 "The Lost Ones" I like Amal, and characters like him.

That last line... Now that sparked the evilness! Great way to grab the attention of the reader!

When do you think we might get an update?

7221824 Working out the next chapter as we speak. I want to make sure its good.

I always belive that if twilight ever went dark or evil the ever world would be buck,

oh I pry for more chapters, but I do wonder who will rise up to stop twilight, also I wonder which side will discord join.

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