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"With the vast, endless ocean of the Warp and the infinite web of the Multiverse a definitive factor, all possibilities are possible." - Matthew Cornish (I do crossovers alot)

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In the darkest moment of Twilight’s life, where all who she cared for have left her, a voice gives her comfort.   It tells her that she is not weak, that she is not worthless, that they were foolish to ignore her.   When she is offered power and knowledge that was denied of her, Twilight accepts and changes the fate of Equestria.

(Despite what the cover suggests, it won't go THAT extreme...... I don't think)

First Published
27th Aug 2016
Last Modified
6th Sep 2016

Very nice, I want another chapter! Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Nice, wish I knew what the story crossed-over with, but otherwise I enjoyed it.


I guess, I've never played the game so I wouldn't know.

This sounds interesting. I'll see where it's going. But I think the gratuitous use of "f***" is out-of-the-blue. I would presonally prefer if it was replaced by "buck" to be more MLP-like, if not removed.

>>7516536 Correct.

>>7517970 I can understand that, but the point was that Twilight didn't care about what anyone else thought about her anymore, so she'd use a more vulgar version of their curse-words.

I really like it as it is. Great chapter. On a side note, will there be more Twisalis in the future? I would really like that, especially with how you portrait Chrys here. And it would probaboy do Twi some good to have someone in her life, someone she can trust with how betrayed she feels. Also because there aren't really that many fics with this particular ship, though as we can see here, it has potential.

Tell me the story has more chapters. I WANT to hear more if it's alright with you. I wonder how this is all going to play out with Twilight's new form.:pinkiehappy:

>>7521193 I plan on it.:raritywink:

>>7521195 I do have another chapter ready and waiting, but I want to post more of my other fics first.   Hope you understand.:twilightblush:

Also, Twilight's appearance in a halfway point between her normal look and Midnight Sparkle.


Awesome! Now whatever you do, don't reform twilight


>>7521563 don't make her turn good again because good twilight is boring.

>>7521626 Oh.:rainbowderp:   I'll see what I can do but I can't make promises, though I can confirm that it will take a LONG time for Twilight to completely forgive those who wronged her.


>>7523178 yea well... She keeps her power please.



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Nice. Twilight may have Darkness but she hasn't been corrupted by it like Sombra.

#18 · 37w, 1d ago · · · Family Talk ·

The Darkness huh? So when's Twilight gonna get a darkling to follow her around in this story?

#19 · 36w, 6d ago · · · Family Talk ·

Did I see hints of Chrylight?

>>7516536 No!?! really what gave it away (this is sarcasm)

#24 · 31w, 4d ago · · · Family Talk ·

>>7646218 yeah the creature from The Darkness, the video game. When you described the Darkness in the story it sounded very similar to the same entity in the video game. I thought you were taking that directly from it, but I guess I was wrong

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"hey, Shane?"


"I think we got us a zombie problem?"

"what do you mean, bob?"

"well, there's a whole lot a people chasing down this guy in this funny looking purple armor all while saying 'more' in slurred speech an such."

"Huh? well fancy that."

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good story, and why do I feel like the rest of the mane 6 are going to try and make up with twilight, or somehow the whole town find out and turn against the rest mane 6.

good story I hope for some moar,

My only complaint in my reading has to be how out of the blue this situation is; I mean, my version of the wedding's no better, but her shift to Nemeroth's side in this was really rushed.

#30 · 21w, 1d ago · · · Family Talk ·

So I've read all there is to read here and I really enjoy the premise. That being said, I enjoy most wedding "what-if" stories I find and am even writing one, so take that as you will. The story is rather rushed in places and in some extreme cases takes the idea of pacing, throws it onto a bus bound for Sacramento, and then blows the whole city to mars. Her talk with Chrysalis was kinda weird but not all that bad overall. All-in-all, I would love to read another chapter or 12 so long as the pacing improves somewhat.

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>>7826260 ...huh:rainbowhuh:   Thanks for the input, I'll work on that:twilightblush:

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good story, why do I have feeling there going to end up with twilight in middle of a love fest between the changeling queen and the alicron of love....

#34 · 18w, 1h ago · · · Family Talk ·

This is a nice take. Also, nice job for giving Celestia, Shining Armor and the Mane Five collective boots to the head for their stupidity and nonexistent concern for Twilight.

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First video I found, in case you're wondering.

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>>7884559 I love that meme

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Wow nice! can't wait for the update!:pinkiehappy:

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everyone, Matcor1337 I think I found the cure for the zombie problem:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by MatCor1337 deleted at 5:52am on the 26th of April, 2017
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hey MatCor, when's the next chapter? i love it!

#41 · 10w, 3d ago · · · Family Talk ·

>>7910756 Whens the next chapter:twilightsmile:

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This is amazing such a masterpiece and that's saying something from me as I'm not that easy to impress so I shall follow you and will add this story and read it for years this is indeed my new favorite story please make more.

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dark magic is not inheretently evil. it all depends on the will of the user. on another note this is a great story.

#44 · 3w, 13h ago · 1 · · Family Talk ·

>>8139428 That's exactly what I want Twilight to show in this story.   Just because someone's learning dark magic, it doesn't mean that they have to be evil.

#45 · 3w, 13h ago · 1 · · Family Talk ·

>>8141940 where there is darkness there is also light, where there is chaos there is order, a balance must be kept fore without one the other will wither and fade. in some books i have read the antagonists were people who used light magic and where dedicated to order at any cost. while the protagonists used dark magic only as far as they were willing to go and still reamain human or pony. point is that light is not always good and dark is not always evil. each one serves a purpose. hell even chaos magic has a purpose. it changes and advances and propels us forward through life.  

#46 · 2w, 4d ago · · · Family Talk ·

>>8141940 I for one don't think there such thing as dark magic or light magic,

magic is more or less like the force it grey,

it can be evil or good, depend on who using and why,

good story hope for moar

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>>7884559 Really? REALLY? That was pretty funny. :rainbowlaugh:

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