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I am a self proclaimed horror and dark fantasy fic writer. You want darkness, death, and despair? You've come to the right place. Also an eternal Twilight Sparkle and avid Lovecraft fan.


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We’re not in Equestria anymore, Pinkie.

And thuse the story continues

This seems like lots of fun!


it continues!!!!!

More badass mane 6 goodness.

Woohoo the continuation is here!

Svanhild didn't realize how terribly dangerous of bombs she just brought to her town.

The longer the better, so dont hild back and go wild :D.

The more she hung around them, the more she felt like there was something off .

Thats how every living being feels around a Blacklight Being kiddo, get used to it.

Go on, sounds goods so far. And story needs to be longer!

"Don't sweat it, Pinkie," Rainbow replied, "seriously, we all hate seeing you sad -- doesn't fit you, y'know?"

That's not the only reason. I think i'll stop there before I state the unnecessary.:ajbemused:

I'm quite sure I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to... :pinkiesmile:

They're already considered to be adorifying and she hasn't even seen any tentacles yet.

She looks perfectly happy to me. Just look at that big bright smile.

Okay, now YOU, i'm sure you're trolling. :ajbemused:

I'm sure he has no ideé what your talking about.

Oof, sorry Twi. As much as she was trying to help all of them, it seems like now they only have even more work to do. Great work on framing the friendship between them all, it feels very realistic and canon-like.

Thanks. :twilightsmile:

This story might be more action oriented than my other stories, but I still try to hold characterization and character development above all else.

In hindsight, they are now further from Sombra's and Luna's watchful eyes as they could get.

What is it with you and road trips?

Oh, this isn't a road trip, just a regular one. There's only one destination and it's not too far.

>on a different continent
>furthest away from their destination they could possibly be in this world
>not too far


Oh right, sorry, I was thinking of A Disparate Bond when I posted that. Yeah, I guess you could call it a road trip if you want to, but honestly you can't really have an epic adventure without a lot of travel, and that's what I aim to make this. Also they're not really gonna be traveling around in a vehicle the whole way there.

They'll... Eventually get somewhere. Even if neither them or us know where that is. Question though, I might be wrong, but I thought the Blacklight Virus didn't spread through contact, it was by blood and air? If that's true, then for one, they don't need to worry about the multitudes they killed. For a second, just being around others is enough to infect them.



The virus is highly contagious and can infect organisms through a multitude of means:

  • Physical Contact:If a non-infected person is bitten or scratched by anInfectedperson or aHunter, the virus can spread directly to the victim resulting in their infection.
  • Exposure:Coming into contact with anInfected Water Toweror aHivecan result in the infectious agents spreading to nearby humans.
  • Bodily Fluid Contact:Infectious bodily fluids and materials are capable of infection through open wounds.[2]
  • Injection:As demonstrated by theProject D-Code soldiers, the virus can be spread through direct application via injection.

I wasn't too sure on the details myself, but based on this, I think I've been a bit generous so far actually. Also keep in mind that Twilight still doesn't know exactly how it spreads -- she was more or less just trying to take a 'better safe than sorry' approach for all the good it'll do.

I've never play the game, but exactly how fast this Prototype Virus could spread anyway? I mean how much time it needs for the infected to display sympthom and die?

I think it took about two months for the outbreak to completely overtake Manhattan, but I don't know anymore than that. As for your second question, there's no specific answer I could find -- the only info being that the blacklight virus has a longer incubation period than the redlight virus. Since there's no specific timeframe I could find, I'm just gonna say that it varies by individual.

Seriously though, I have to stress again the fact that I'm not following how the virus worked in the game to the letter. I am taking liberties here and there for the sake of the story. However, just like in the game, some of the infected will die and many will mutate. And there will also be hives and the like later in the story.

After promising a 'get-to-know-the-strange-and-mysterious-ponies-from-a-far-away-land' party later, Pinkie had managed to finally get them all into the actual town itself.

"the town proper" would be less on a mouthful.

If the Mane 6 can control the mutated like a Changeling Queen and her hive... would that mean they can raise an army to fight Sombra on their own?

Eh, one more word and three more syllables is acceptable as far as I'm concerned.

Possibly, but I think that's getting ahead of ourselves just a bit. There's still a lot more story to go after all.

You're forgetting about one little detail the virus that the main character in the game is made up of is a different strand then the one that is causing the outbreak in the city.
it's Blacklight (Alex) vs Redlight (hunters) Blacklight just kills Redlight infects

You're right about that. I had forgotten that little detail, and I'm glad you reminded me. I would be freaking out about inconsistencies, but I don't plan my stories out ahead of time and the story is always subject to change from my original idea on a whim.

Thankfully I don't need to change anything I've written so far in either story. Heck, if anything, you bringing that up opened up a whole new slew of possibilities and ideas I hadn't considered before that I'll definitely be using in the future.

So thanks for that, man, I appreciate the heads up! :twilightsmile:

EDIT: I just remembered that, while Alex may have been up against the Redlight virus in the first game, the Blacklight virus does have variants that mutate instead of just kill later in the series (or else there wouldn't be Blacklight beings) and I'm not going by the games themselves anyway.


She knew she'd always care about her friends and would do anything to make them happy -- Voice or no -- but she also wanted to make everypony else happy too. She couldn't do that if she was stuck as some kind of emotionless killing machine -- a mere puppet dancing on the strings of that Tartarus forsaken Voice.

If she let the Voice control her, that's exactly what she would become.

This... sort of reminds me a bit of Tales from the Borderlands.
Why? Well...

"I am Ingmar Grim Talon, unofficial leader of this hamlet, and I most certainly have a few... questions for you all."

Oh. I'm sure nothing bad will happen

Rarity most likely used all of her magic and then some to hold down the giant magical construct, and she fainted in the process, just like Twilight had later. Unlike Twilight however, Rarity turned out just fine, her magic seemingly unaffected by her exertions.

I'm really curious as well. Magic exertion like that didn't sound like the one who represent the Element of Magic.

I don't quite get Twilight's concerns about infection. I mean...it doesn't matter if they're using weird tentacles or their fake pony hooves, they're still entirely constructed out of viruses... :rainbowlaugh:


When it comes to bodily contact, the virus isn't infectious unless the cells are ingested or invade through open wounds and the like. Just touching the skin/fur in their normal non tendril forms isn't enough to cause an infection.

As an addendum, anything touched by the six while they're in their regular forms is safe as long as they don't intentionally alter their normal forms to be harmful, like Pinkie with her fur and Silent Forest.

freindship is magic Twilight thats why you are weaker now

Wonder if they still are the elements.

Nice going, ponies. Here's to a now empty village.

Well nows there's nothing left to do other than kill them all, and then burn the whole village to the ground.

Welp, this will end in murder.

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