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I am a self proclaimed grimdark and dark fantasy fic writer. You want darkness, death, and despair? You've come to the right place. Also an eternal Twilight Sparkle fan.


Twilight Sparkle failed her entrance exam, and the consequences were far more deadly than anypony could've predicted.

Where many ponies would see this as a terrible tragedy, a creature only spoken of in the darkest of legends sees the poor filly's fate as an opportunity...

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Already off to a good start.

You will be mine. You will stay with me, train under me, learn the darkest and most arcane of the magical arts, and when the time is right... you shall release me from my prison.

I already get the feeling that I want a sequel for this.

"Oh yes, little Twilight," he explained, "you see, I didn't quite save you from death. You very much died in that classroom, and you took a good bit of the ponies with you... including your parents. "


"Rather than let you're prodigious talent for magic go to waste, I... well, I guess you could say I redirected the path your soul took," Grogar stopped a moment before trotting back over to his throne, "that bell around your neck? I'd take real good care of it, girl."

You hinting something? Am I supposed to read something between the lines here? Could you explain?

"That's what's left of you, filly," Grogar said, "I've bound your wayward soul to that bell, and by that bell are you bound to me in turn," he sat back down in his throne and gave the filly an appraising look, "while the bell cannot be destroyed by any mundane means, or most magical means for that matter, it is terribly susceptible to Light Magic."

OH MY CELESTIA! :rainbowlaugh: I WAS JOKING! (I write these as I read, so the joke in the last one was a complete coincidence)

"Shadow World?""

...Do I even have to say it? Or is it obligatory? ..... Fine!

"Child, this place makes Tartarus look like an amusement park," Grogar replied with a snort, "no, Twilight Sparkle, this place is far older, and you'd do well not to take it lightly."

Hmm... older than hell itself... nice! Sounds like a place I would like to work in :pinkiecrazy:

looking a bit further,

missing capital

"but I suppose I could indulge your curiosity a bit..."

And our

The filly decided then and there, that if she was going to be bonded to Grogar anyway, she might as well do everything she could to make the ram smile. She'd support him no matter what he intended to do, after all, he had spent so long trapped in this abysmal place.

Anything? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Like kill Celestia?

You know, not many people use Grogar. To be fair, he is and oooold villain, like, I got to know him via this story, (also the only one besides this that I've seen him in) and a lil bit of googling after that. I like this tho, is nice

Edit: Also, let's start a yt thing. FIRST!

Damn, that was quick. I wonder if all of us will do a crossover one day?

Oooooo, I haven't read a Grogar story yet, and I've enjoyed tales of Twilight's corruption before as well.
Definitely following this one! :twilightsmile:
Edit: Oh wait, it's complete.. Dammit I thought there would be more. :facehoof:

You got me a lil confuused there for a sec xD

Grogar’s definitely gviing off some Sidious vibes here.

Would be interesting to see you continue from here. :twilightsmile:


Sequel, please!

Mirvra #9 · 1 week ago · · ·

Oooooh o.o this one is deliciously corruption friendly :3 I could easily see this one continuing while showing Twlight falling further and further while Grogar's heart grows a few sizes xD

Any chance I can humble ask you to maybe write a bit more? I'd love to see your take on this story :3

Everything I could have hoped for and more, I can imagine Grogar as a mix of the old god Hades and Malthael. Dignified, reasonable, but a horrific enemy when crossed.


I actually imagine him ruthlessly punishing any Minion who dares to spread the unfounded rumor of the Dreaded Dark Lord Grogar reading bedtime stories to an unicorn filly. :twilightsmile:

Minion opens door to the living quarters to report on the latest terrible happenings, and sees Grogar sitting by her bed with a book and tiny glasses..
:twilightoops: Minion carefully closes the door, and creeps away. He doesn't need that in his unlife.

Like this comment if you want a sequel just as much as I do.

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