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I'm a man from California who likes to fight with swords and believe immortality is a curse not a gift. I will not let Twilight suffer that! Got to break the curse.


"I would rather share one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone." Arwen, Lord of the Rings.

This story is a rewritten and combined version of Luster Dawn Friendship Successor and Passing On Together. A fix fic for anyone who didn't like the finale which apparently broke the promise by Meghan McCarthy that Twilight would not outlive her friends. But the truth is that its up to us whether she does or not, Jim Miller said they don't know how long everyone lives including Twilight. That means they are leaving it up to us to decide for ourselves. The way I saw the finale there was a curse breaker option. It appeared to me that Twilight was training a successor in Luster Dawn so that she can give up her immortality. Great tests await Luster as the real Grogar returns and sets up a plan to conquer Equestria.

The main story in the Successor Verse. Sad label for the loss of loved ones and death in general. But also happy and fun times, and a bittersweet ending.

Authors Notes: This story uses a theory I developed gathering info through the mlp wiki rather than the widely believed theory that immortality is the ability of alicorns.

If you believe immortality is a gift you are entitled to your opinion, but please do not try to convince me of such. I'm trying to give people who don't want Twilight to suffer the curse of immortality an alternative.

Edited by Huk, Azurakeres, and ClownPrinceofCrime.

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Hopefully we'll get to see the rest of the chapters


You deleted these stories and combined them and posted again???:derpyderp2:

Yeah. I had a few reasons for this, check my blog posts.

They should come up soon, I will probably post another in a couple days. Need to look over it and have my editor check it.

Good chapter; liking it so far . Please continue with the story, I sense even better chapters to come.:scootangel:

Yes, it will cover what I think could have happened between the Ending of the End and the Last Problem as well as what came after. I had my own ideas of things that could have happened based on things I saw.

Unlike Starscream, I imagine Starcutter would be more competent and sound tougher.

And so almost begins 'The Last Problem'. But is Luster Dawn her current age like in the show? If so, then Flurry should be fluent in English by now. Either that or she never spoke much.

Luster is still a filly right now. And Flurry does speak english here. She is just very sad here.

what's the romance tag for? Starlight and Sunburst?

or someone with Luster Dawn?

Someone with Luster Dawn eventually. Though I've considered removing it as it might be a while.

That’s reasonable. If there’s no romance in it yet then no need for the romance tag

How about thriller than? We're going to get a bit of action here and there. Or sad? Hope you are liking it and thanks for the input.

i'm enjoying it so far. the Grogar tag actually drew me in because in the show DISCORD was actually pretending to be Grogar so I was interested in seeing him for real.

also, a thriller tag might be good.

That was actually the reason I decided to have him. I was kinda disappointed myself when he was an imposter, that was one of my three big disappointments of the series finale. First was Twilight outliving her friends, but I'm glad the writers left that up to us and the way I saw it, there was a way out. Looked like Twilight was training Luster to be her Successor so I figured why not have Luster face the real Grogar?

Is it? Cause we know Luster's about Twilight's age in 'The Last Problem'. And if she's still young in this fic, then I interpret it as it escalating quickly. Thanks for clearing it up.

You mean about the age Twilight was when she started her journey correct? Yeah the next chapter will skip ahead several years to when she's at that age.

The Last Problem, but it's a 40 minute special.

Well that's one way to explain why Celestia and Luna weren't in the finale, aside from the flashbacks. Course the real, and less depressing reason, is probably that Hasbro couldn't think of a way for them to appear, and it not feel like they just had to be there, and not serve a purpose.

And their deaths, more than anything else, is why you've lost me with this story.

Well I never expected to win you over anyway since I know you are for immortality and think Twilight focuses on the positive side of it.

Jim Miller said they deliberately left it vague for us to have fun with.

That actually had nothing to do with it for once. I knew that coming in that was coming. With how much you promote this story, I figured it wouldn't hurt.

I didn't think you'd kill Celestia and Luna. I was waiting to see how Luster being Twilight's successor was going to be justified in universe, becuase frankly there was nothing at all in The Last Problem that said she deserves it. To me anyway.

She was on the right track by the end at least. But still.

Well I have said as much in some of our discussions. I had that theory on their immortality coming from the sun and moon powers after all, and I did say they gave those to Twilight.

Well my plan is to have Luster face Grogar AFTER Twilight fails to defeat him. This will open up Twilights eyes to the truth, that her ability to protect Equestria will weaken just like Celestias over time as she loses more and more friends. Therefore she will have to pass the crown for the good of Equestria and let others continue her mission after she is gone. Just like she said in the battle with the trio.

Thanks for taking the time to read though.

The song that River Song sang in this chapter, what was it based off of?

Just something I came up with on my own. Or maybe a lot of little things.

Everything comes crumbling down.

Luna shook her head. “We're fine, Twilight. We've merely lost the last remnants of the power we passed on to you. Soon we ourselves will be passing on.”

Oh yeah That actually makes sense to be honest with you Once you pass your magic you lose that immortality dang 😢

Celestia shook her head. “Twilight, please try to understand. I've ruled for over a thousand years. In that time, I've watched many ponies that I grew to care about pass on. Students I taught at my School of Magic, friends that I would spend time with, servants who aided me. All ponies and other creatures I care about. I've been to more funerals than anypony. Life is a gift, but I've had my fill of it. Death is a natural part of life, and we must accept it. Immortality is a heavy burden, not a gift."

I can't imagine how it's like I will never able to handle that it will Tear me apart

Dang What a way to start out the story So I had to re read again but with new things As you said it before Anyway it was pretty sad to see them go but I guess that's what happens when they give up the power the age catch up to them But I guess they live their liars long enough Despite their Ups and Downs and for twilight She's really doesn't want this immortality It's sort of a curse to see your friends and family go and looks like starlight and sunburst got a kid so that's a happy news I wonder how things will go

“Uh-“ Trixie blushed as she looked up. “I kinda… uh… used a little magic boom as an alarm clock!”

Seriously Trixie come on :facehoof:

Starlight took a breath. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m worrying too much. Doing some Starlighting you know?”

Lol Looks like she made of herself a word as well lol love it

Luster waited until Trixie’s hoofsteps faded into the distance before jumping back down onto the crystal floor of the castle. She crept out into the hallways, to the front door and opened it with her magic. She saw the town of Ponyville ahead, the sun was warm on her coat as she headed not in the direction of town… but for the endless amounts of trees surrounding it. The Everfree forest.

“I’m going to find a monster in there and defeat it. Be a hero like my mother,” Luster said as she trotted off with a confident smile.

Oh boy Something tells me this is not gonna end well I mean look what happened with the CMC when they try to Go to the ever free forest

Ok so starlight is Having some nervous breakdown knowing what is going to happen to their daughter Because She want luster to be like her when she was young about the cutie marks But she needs to let her make her own Decision And I'm sure she will find a way to make a good choice and oh boy seeing shining armor and princess cadence getting killed really Breaks my heart so much specially for Flurry heart losing both of her parents 😔 any way I do like how Trixie Is taking her roll pretty seriously and thats cool

Her mane shined as though it had stars in it and flowed like running water or wind was being blown through it. Yet there was no breeze in the room.

Kinda reminds me of that joke in into the spider verse like noir lol

“This amulet allows other ponies besides myself to raise the sun and moon,” Princess Twilight explained. “Charge up as much magic as you can, and see how far you can get the sun to go.”

dang thats Even harder than hatching a dragon egg

Twilight sang a sad song that she had sung once before, after her brother’s wedding rehearsal, only this time it was true. “He was my Big Brother Best Friend… Forever. And now we’ll never do anything… together.”

Oh god the pain in my heart 💔😭

Rainbow Dash scoffed. “Those royal guards never seem to really get a job done. When have they ever saved Equestria? We were always the ones doing that, kind of makes having an army look useless.”

“We’re not kids!” Smolder retorted. “And we’ve done more than you guards ever have! For someponies who are supposed to be an army, you never really do much. The only time you ever did anything was when Cozy Glow took over the school and you blocked her off!”

ohh yeah That's a pretty good call out And it always happened every single time 😑

Ok so luster Finally got in to the school With flying colors which she did an amazing job but unfortunately that Victory it came crashing down After hearing the news about the death of shining armor and princess cadence Now they just had to find the killer Which the young six ( Which also I've been always Intrested to those kids ever since Their introduction in season 8 ) did it and finally defeated the rhino Once again Another victory crushing down because the Royal guard at least some have been corrupted and grogar is now returned

“You can count on me, Princess,” Starcutter said. “It will be in good hooves.”

Man I feel really felt bad for Flurry heart It's gonna be very tough for her but she's not alone Twilight and her friends include her family will be there for her and luster yeah i should see that coming she's gonna be like " Friends is not really that important" Type of person or pony But she'll be surprise once we get to the last problem

Twilight froze up. Her top student… was not interested in making friends!

Oh boy there it is

“Sorry, I’m too busy,” Luster said. “Got a lot of studying to do.”

I'm sensing some Déjà vu does anybody felt a déjà vu lol

“You won’t get away with this, Grogar! Princess Twilight will stop you just as she has stopped every other villain that came before, including him!” Starcutter gazed at Sombra.

oh so As I said that before on your last story or your old story this remind me of Star wars Revenge of the sith

“I swear,” Starcutter said. “I will not let any harm come to her or this Empire if I can prevent it somehow.”

So flurry heart Becomes the princess of the crystal Empire Kind of forget what happened when the crystal ponies become depressed like the 1st time we first saw them And apparently the diamond dogs stole them but thanks to Starcutter and flash They got the crystal heart but little they know sigh* Starcutter is mind Controlled and gorgar Resurrect king sombra now we have another problem But now twilight knows luster dawn problem And this is probly we are heading for that episode the last problem

She merely smiled calmly and flew over to Luster. It was time to share her wisdom. “Friendships take work, and there’s no guarantee they’ll last.”

Oh man it still hurts After my Graduation I sort of lost contact with my friends And I want to but I just don't know what to say but the thing yes I won't forget the things there we had despite our ups and downs

River Song smiled and got up from the desk. He approached Luster, speaking in an enthusiastic manner. “Well look no further! I have a feeling that you, Georgia, and I are gonna be great friends.”

Oh shoot river is a boy oops lol just like I mistaking Seabreeze a girl as well 😅


“Yay, new friend! New friend!” River Song exclaimed, padding her hooves to the ground excitedly.

Wait so Is river a boy or girl I don't want to be mistaking This character

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