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Grogar: the True Villain of MLP: The Dark Lord Of Tambelon, The True Spirit Of Disharmony, The Necromancer, The Deceiver, Lord of Chaos, Lich, The Demon of Tartarus, Dark Wizard, The Mad Emperor, Antichrist, Giver of Gifts, Reaper Of Souls, Dark Trickster.
He's been called by many names, titles given by those who tell stories to every creature both big and small to remind themselves and every essence of life of the one who must not be named. Grogar would care less about titles and be a proclaimed Lord of Darkness to most. In truth, it's the all the same to him, He knows that he's Pure Evil, but doesn't care. He doesn't even care that he's over the top psychotic. He knows that he does both atrocious and omnicidal acts which even Celestia couldn't imagine, he knows that he manipulated and deceived any ponies or creatures that was easy to control due to their weak emotions and ruined many lives because of it, He knows that he does this evil acts for his amusement and his desires for his pleasurable sadism, He knows in the deepest part of his mind that he will never be redeemed for what he's done; But He doesn't give a fuck, He chooses to be this way because he is in this world for one purpose: to let others know that he exist. to let Celestia and Luna know that he will always be there in their mind and dreams, to be a reminder of their past, their worst enemy. he's the fear that keeps them awake, the shadows in the wall, the monster that they become, the nightmare in their skull, He's everything that they will and ever be afraid of, everything that represents the very thing that they swore to fight against. To them, he's pure evil. He doesn't bother fighting against his persona, he embraced the darkness inside him, He loves to be feared, loves to do the horrific deeds personally, to be the Villain of their little story. Because being bad feels pretty good for an old goat. The old days were good to him, ponies to kill, ponies to torment and taunt, ponies to enslave all the things he does best. He even succeeded killing the original Alicorn rulers of Equestria and committed mass genocide against their race. But with one mistake that was inevitable to happen, their children survived... somehow. Off course just like that childrens book of the boy with the lightning scar on his forehead whose parents got killed by an overly cliche snake villain who's monologs are very irritating to listen to. He always thought that they would be a serious threat to him along with the elements of harmony. That also comes with an another mistake when he sent the windigos to corrupt the three tribes. And when thinking that he's won, the unexpected power of friendship defeated his crafty servants of disharmony. he underestimated the influential magic that is called "Friendship" just saying it makes him want to puke. So for many years being sealed in his dimensional prison he managed to sneak back into Equestria and put into effect every plan he his: the training of Tirek, the agonizing pains he caused to Sombra to not see the crystal fair ( which he has some part of thanks to him.) Corrupting Discord and Luna, pissing off Celestia. ( she nearly killed him too. Little Brat.) But with each of his plans somewhat succeeded, they failed to benefit him, even his contingency plan didn't fully came to fruition. Now he`s studying through the crystal mirror in his dark chamber of the six potential candidates that would finally overthrow him. He knows everything about them, their weakness and strengths, their loves and hates, their worst fears, or the darkest side of themselves, everything that he will use against them. all odds lining up to throw everything he has at them. He will make every pony of Equestria mourn and weep as the Mare 6 finally fails them all in the end. Grogar will be the one to killed Equestria, finished what he promised he would do in the first place, destroying their foundations and their beloved Harmony, what's left of it once he eradicated all of it. He would feed on the despair and misery of these unfortunate souls that will experience his wrath and will beg for death. Celestia will witness all of it along side her sister. She will be reduced into nothing, and nothing she shall be. A miserable and a broken princess, a ruler of a nation that never existed, goddess of nothing, impotence she will be. She will be the last essence of life that he will end, when every pony faded from existence, when all she loves faded, and when her spirits were crushed, when she has nothing left, then he will end her. Grogar couldn't stop thinking about Celestia, the time that they had together, the twisted fancies he has for her, He strangely misses her. He remembers how afraid she was of him and seeing her now and her seeing him would give him the satisfaction. But she grown strong and powerful the last time they fought, things will be interesting for him, if it goes according to plan. With everything now in preparation for: The Return Of Tambelon` His mind wander and ponder through on what he would do when he return, waiting for the big news to arrive by his evil power hungry assistant ( Bray The Donkey.) He sighs happily, it is very unusual that he's in the very best of moods. He said with pride and appreciation of himself."It`s good to be Evil." and then he started playing the violin which randomly appeared out of nowhere. after a momentum of seconds has passed, He started to sing.

Long Ring the Bells!!! :yay:

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Hail Lord Grogar, the greatest of the g1 villains! My story, Rats in the Belfry, seeks to show him off as a magnificent jerk while tying him in with FiM lore. Remember: Lord Grogar needs hands!

Love you guy's group. Al hail Grogar!


Indeed we shall... :pinkiecrazy:

I say we start spreading some "Grogar awareness"... Shall we?

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