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Welcome to the group celebrating the Father of Monsters, and his greatest foe! Or at least, that's what the legends say.

This group is for a collection of all stories featuring Grogar and Gusty the Great in a prominent role. Any version of either character works, as long as they are recognizable as one of the two.

Rules as thus:
1. Fimfiction rules apply, obviously. No NSFW images, no RP and the like.

2. Be respectful to each other. Grogar may be an unstoppable force of nature hellbent on conquering the world, but none of y'all are.

3. No linking directly to M-rated stories in threads or on the group page; embeds are fine.

4. Put your fic once into Main, once into whichever Rating applies, and into all relevant Genre folders.

5. Stories MUST feature Gusty and/or Grogar in a prominent role. Not necessarily the protagonist or villain, but as an important, persistent character.

6. Don't piss off admins; they have the final say.

7. No spamming threads or starting flame wars.

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