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I am a self proclaimed horror and dark fantasy fic writer. You want darkness, death, and despair? You've come to the right place. Also an eternal Twilight Sparkle and avid Lovecraft fan.


I have been branded a criminal for a crime I have no recollection of committing. The transgression of which I'm accused is evidently heinous enough that my friends, my family, and the rest of Equestria have turned against me. I want to say that I didn't do it, that it wasn't my fault, but I can't. The only thing I can say in my defense is that if the deed was truly done by my hoof, then it was done due to circumstances beyond my control.

I say this because I can't remember. I say this because I'm not allowed to remember. I say this because my mind is no longer my own. It belongs to the voice, you see. It crawled into my head one day—poured cruel and malicious words into my brain. I tried to fight it but it grew and grew and grew until was powerful enough to seep into my memories, my limbs, my magic. Now it won't let me go. It's taken my mind and body away from me. It does terrible things and hides the truth from me.

I am not mad, but under these circumstances what else can I do but plead insanity?

The events described take place before Season 1.

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You had my curiosity. Now you have my complete attention:rainbowderp:.

I can totally see the Lovecraft in here. Nice.

Shouldn't you work on completing your old stories before you start these new ones?

This is one is a short story that's almost complete and if I waited to complete all of my stories before I make a new one then you wouldn't get a new story from me for years probably. What's more, I haven't stopped working on my other stories. Furthermore, I actually did finish another story of mine recently.

As a programmer with about 20 personal projects going at the moment (and growing), I feel you.

Will there be dialogue in this story?

Very little. I'm writing this similarly to how I wrote It Sleeps Beneath Foal Mountain and I'm Sorry, Twilight.

That's... actually a good point. Not a bad way of thinking if you ask me.

Is that place designed to drive inmates insane?

Man, these sort of places give me the creeps. Feeling bad for the Twilypone.

What a shocking new story! Truly a sea of major ideas! Hopefully after all is been done unto itself Twilight gets a trip to Hawaii in part II. Don't worry... hopefully there arent any murders in this story! Excited to read onwards!

I hope the voice and her crime are explained eventually but given how serious it is i imagine the voice took control and murdered someone.

Kentucky fried Twipone.

Do not trust, not at all

Great Chapter!👍

This gave me Halloween (2018) vibes.

Condemn her to the infirmary...

Yeah, that was the inspiration for this story actually. After listening to that song about five billion times in a row I figured why not?

It's probably my favorite song, to be honest. I haven't come across any song able to invoke such an intense atmosphere of madness (or such an intense atmosphere of anything, really) like The Mind Electric; the only thing that even comes close is Pink Floyd's The Trial, but that relies on the build-up of the previous songs in the album to properly get into the headspace of the narrator and maximize empathy. In any case, it's a pleasant surprise to see such a reference in Fimfic of all places.

Oof! the only thing wrong with these stories is I can't BINGE them, a common problem on these sites where people have lives to live beyond their stories.

A cruel fate... falling to insanity to inevitably disappear. What is this mental opponent's end goal? Torment for its sake? Can't wait to find out onwards!

Such a violent treatment. All for nothing at all. A tragedy played out for our horror. Unable to stop reading onwards...

Can't feasibly describe how great this story is... just awe I guess! Excitedly reading onwards!

Oh a nugget of information to bounce around the head and to plea for release not unlike our purple pony. Hopefully what little we have wi!! explode into revelations! See you moving ever onwards!

The answer is probably "Not on purpose."

Eh. This resembles early-mid twentieth century asylum stories. The doctors there were usually trying to help, but the methods of the time leave something to be desired by our standards (and ours by the future's). I'm just waiting for the story to end with a lobotomy.

There's a weird fascination with insanity that drives me mad waiting for the next installment in this novel. Seeing the mind stretched thin over a thin veil of a failing system brought to its knees. I love even more how magic mixes with this. There's so many mind-boggling avenues the mystery pulls in strength undescribable! Going crazy over this ever onwards.

Putting my money on Moondancer or Sci-twi/Midnight Sparkle based on the glasses, the setting of a magical experiment. Will have to reread for more hints about the characterization of the voice, might get around to it.

When who you are is based in your memories... what happens to "you" when you lose them or even worse, happen upon others. Passing up waxing on poetically about the conscious I have to applaud how well written this descent into diabolical delusion is! Although it's impossible to say I have experience this truly does feel like a sane pony being put through the death throes of madness and falling apart at the seams. A tragedy as a captain burns in their ship unaware of where the fire started but all too familiar with the consequences. Keep up the great work onwards!

All her towers crumble down the flowers gasping under rubble
Shrieking in the hall of lull, her genius saves a thirst for trouble

Dang. I wish this was finished. I want to know the truth! What did she do? What experiment did she complete? And will that stupid doctor realize her own insanity before she breaks Twilight permanently?

Is this story dead? I was really enjoying it.

No, I just haven't gotten a chance to finish it yet.

I don’t even know how to begin to describe the feelings I feel right now.
Great story. I was emotionally invested the whole time.

Loved the Story!

You took your time, you didn't rush the descent into madness and it was masterful. I congratulate you, for writing something that gave me the same feeling I get reading lovecraft; like watching alien and seeing the xenomorph creep up on one of the crew members. You know what's going to happen and how it's going to end, but you can't look away, and when it's over you just feel unnerved.

Ah. Now we fall into one of the true horrors of institutionalized detention.

Even if Twilight never recovers, I wouldn’t be saddened if Silver Lining suffered a horrible death or well-deserved breaking of the mind.

Twilight Sparkle. Moon Dancer. Silver Lining. Bright Hope. Whisper Wind. Winter Roses. If that is the casualty list, then I am happy for the third name on there. After all, they pursued knowledge with the same reckless abandon that doomed the others. Serves them right.

Loved this story.

Lots of people do things and claim they were helping.

Spoilers for the story so far: The sudden onslaught of consciousness is truly a strange curse to behold. With a newly realized consciousness our Frankenstein crossed with the monster stumbles into the world a hated and despised thing. Fate is stacked against the poor thing, now living a life in the shadows. Maybe it’ll find a way to circumvent a lonely life, that remains to be seen. But if I had a nickel for a savior story where Twilight gets mentally hijacked I’d have two nickels which isn’t a lot but strange that it happened twice. if you’re seeing this comment just read this story. It’s great all the way through and a well written slow burn sort of story. Hoping ever to see more from you onwards.

the mind electric, i see...a most wonderful song.

So, is the story supposed to be related to "Life is Magic"? Also, where is Spike? And how is that Celestia did not check in her faithful student?

Well this is a predicament.

This sort of situation filled with despair and confusion is very interesting, makes my brain tingle.

Ah lovely. Some suffering of the highest order.

This is some high-grade mental disorder. Or, magical mental disorder, to be more specific.

Hmm... the plot thickens.
I mean the story, of course.

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