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hello. my name's No Moon. i hope you enjoy my stories.


Rainbow Dash is the first pony to venture into space! However, after losing control of the ship, and losing contact with her home base, she’s drifted out into unexplored territory, and has been lost.

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Daaaaaaaaaaaang! That ending,:pinkiegasp:!

Definitely has my headed spinning. Love it!
11/10, my friend.

Holy hay, what a twist:pinkiecrazy:

My, my, what an ending. The poor honse :(

What a twist. A truly dark story after all. I highly enjoyed it though.

Hmm. If I may theorise here: the lauch failure that sent Dash into coma gave her some kind of brain damage. While she was in coma, or, rather, towards the end of it, she began to develop dementia because of said damage. Hence why things began to disappear, her memory of her friends began to fade, and surroundings lose details, as well as her notes becoming blank. And this the same reason why the cards are blank as well; her brain fails to recognize things. And the reason she recognized everything after awakening? Pre-mortem clarity. At least that's what it feels to me.

Where'd you find that coverart?


dash moves too far from the game world, experiences LoD rendering, floating point and collision issues. todd's lies have taken another

I make all the cover art I use :]

In due time, Rainbow Dash won't feel so alone... It'll take time but she'll realize that rather instead of death, she is now one with the stars. Her soul shines bright and that darkness will never consume her.

Bittersweet but enlighening. :pinkiesad2:

That ending though.
I had feeling that that would happen, but the reveal was so beautifully crafted.

Well this is a very nice horror story.
I am not quite sure if it qualifies as cosmic horror, but it is a top-tier story for sure.

This gave me genuine chills, I haven't felt this way from a fic in a long long time. Very well done and beautifully written. I hope I don't wake up to this as a dream tonight o.o

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