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hello. my name's No Moon. i hope you enjoy my stories.


A monster near Ponyville is expecting her offspring, and she needs to find some food to prepare for their arrival.

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Oh I enjoyed this. Very creepy

The death and Gore tags usually scare me away, but for some reason the title realy drew me in. This was realy good. Glad I gave it a read, have a thumbs up and a favorite. I'm not surprised to see this got featured.

man, I wish there was a picture of Fluttershy!

phew, i thought it was derpy

For anyone that's curious, the title is basically a fancy way of saying "big ass centipede".... Well, technically a family/group of big ass centipedes, but you get the idea. Censored image below for the brave ones that wanna know how big some are.


This is my new favorite comment omg— I am sobbing lmfao

It's always the quiet ones I tells ya! :moustache:

Probably a lot of people already knew this from Pokémon's Scolipede, which as usual for fictional insects is even more ungodly huge.

This story was awesome!


Wait, did I do something wrong? Should I delete my comment?

Ithink they are commending you for finding the defintion / reference. And upset at the idea of centipedes being so big.

No no! Sorry, when I say “I’m sobbing” it means I’m crying-laughing because it’s so good. I love this comment because of the term “big ass centipede” is just such a funny way to describe it.


Ah, I see. I'm glad you enjoyed my humor, thank you.

very nicely written!

I need a sequel to this involving Twilight's visit to Fluttershy's Cottage and the later discovery of the eggs and the nest under the house! Pretty pleaseeee!

I did to haha. It would make sense for the house to be a mess because she can't see very well.

Pretty interesting story I must say. However, I am rather curious:
1-is Fluttershy this...thing from the start?
2-is she somehow possessed?

This fluttershy is quite big from the cover art

This was an eerie read, especially the part about her neck and chest splitting into a giant mouth.

Great job.

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