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This story is a sequel to An Apple Sleep Experiment

It’s been seven years since the great massacre, and ponies are still trying to cope in the aftermath. Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, and her friends (minus one obvious apple) are preparing for the annual memorial, when an unexpected castle guest threatens to disrupt the peace in Ponyville forever.

This is the OFFICIAL Sequel to my previous story "An Apple Sleep Experiment", both of which have audio/visual adaptations on Youtube! For the sequel, it will be in four parts, linked here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Yo what a way to start off the sequel can't wait to see the audio adaptation tomorrow and the next 3 parts so excited


Applejack's come back for retribution... and it looks like Twilight's long kept secret will finally come out:rainbowderp:.

Interesting! I wasn't expecting a sequel. Looking forward to how this goes. ^^

There's now a sequel.

Let's freakin' go. :rainbowdetermined2:

It was the evening before the festivities, and magic was ringing in the halls of the Castle of Friendship.

Huh, makes you wonder how she got that title after what she did to her other “friend” oh this will be good

Twilight let out a scream that would echo through every hallway in the castle. She pulled Starlight into her embrace, cradling her body against her chest like a mother coddling a child. Twilight was consumed in grief, letting no other emotion take precedence despite the severity of the situation around her. She didn’t have long to dwell in it, however, when she felt a large, heavy object slam into the back of her head, and the alicorn collapsed onto the floor.

The revenge of a friend so long locked in a darken cell where no light may reach her, her one friend that knew what caused this mare to become what she is, only for that to be revealed far too late as her student now dying in her hoofs,

For the applejack they knew died that day seven years ago, and she has come home for one thing


Considering how the door was reflecting Twilight's spells, it kinda makes me think that the Castle of Friendship itself was aiding Applejack.

Honesty will set you free... From this mortal coil.

TBH I just want to see applejack's revenge on twilight for what she done to her

And it’s all twilight’s fault. What’s funny is that Celestia might’ve shown some leniency to her.

I could have only imagined what a sequel to Apple Sleep Experiment would be and this first part FAR exceeded my expectations. Well done.

Twilight finally facing the consequences of her own actions feels so good! Maybe she shouldn't have told AJ who would replace her *wink*

I can't wait to read the next parts and hear the reading of it.

Edit: This reads like an Edgar Allan Poe story. And I may have called the big twist... I'll wait to see if I'm right 😉

When reading this it reminded me of this song imagining Applejack singing this and Twilight sparkle being the one that's going to be suffering


I fucking loved this! I can't wait for moreni always wanted a sequal to an apple sleep experiment. I cant wait to see everyone reacting to twlights lie.

While i did wacth the audio version instead of reading, i still gotta give props at this amazing start to the sequal and its story its trying to tell so far. My fav scene was with AppleJack just weaving Twilights attacks that shit was badass

Comment posted by Jacob blackard deleted Nov 1st, 2023

at a point, you think they'd stop doing apple sleep experiments. it never seems to end well. who funded this?

Ummm did you not properly read the chapter or listen to/watch the audio drama?

well, that is one way to kick off the sequel, and I am also hearing Losty read this story as I follow along.

I didn't know that there's 4 parts to this :twilightoops: oh well can't wait for more. And I love how the audio distorts too.

I doubt it. Who's gonna believe a crazy earth pony who broke into the Castle of Friendship and murdered Starlight Glimmer? The best Applejack can hope for is to kill Twilight before she's killed.

Valid point. We'll just have to see how the rest of the series goes - or if there will be a surprising twist.

A great start I was engaged throughout it all

This is great so far, Mag! Have a good day/night!

so what is this a sequel to? It doesn't seem to exist

This is a sequel to "apple sleep experiment" if its not on fimfic then its on YouTube for sure

So, Twilight resigned herself to an unspoken atonement, and guard over Ponyville like an immortal century.

did you mean "sentry"?

I was so excited when this came out.
Magpiepony is such an amazing writer.
Let's give her thanks for this.

✨✨✨WE NEED IT!!! ✨✨✨

Oh my god, do you know how hard it was to focus on my homework knowing this was out

ohhh crap. It's came back with a VENGEANCE

Twilight did that poor woman wrong. 😢

Both the original fic and it's sequel are so good! I look forward to more!

Happy Halloween. Applejack needs them all to understand it was Twilight's fault before they die.

RIP Starlight you were a good pony:raritycry:

Just finished reading the first story and oh boy was it a doozy, and I can tell the sequels gonna be an even bigger doozy:twilightoops: AJ's out for revenge and I can already tell who her next victim is gonna be now that shes out *cough Filthy Rich*

Also i wonder how the farms doing now that it's just Big Mac and granny taking over?

I honestly think Pinkie could take Applejack in a fight. If you think about it, Pinkie comes from a family of rock farmers. And, seeing as Maud can turn a rock into dust relatively quickly, I'd say Pinkie is stronger. Then, there's the possibility of Pinkie being related to the apples, which doubles her strength. We also can't forget that Pinkie is as fast as Rainbow on the ground and as unpredictable as Discord—not including her fourth-wall-breaking toon force powers. So, in normal circumstances, Pinkie beats Applejack.


You made very good points, but sadly. The author doesn't see it that way, and only let Pinkie save one. When she could have easily saved the other twin or even Mr. Carrot Cake if she wasn't holding back her strength. :applejackunsure: :facehoof:

That's messed up. However, this brings another inquiry to mind—Fluttershy vs Applejack. In normal circumstances, it's always Applejack. One good buck could take Fluttershy out of the fight. But, an enrage Fluttershy - utilizing her stare, strength, and speed. She might put up a decent fight.

Starting to think they're all going insane. Maybe Twilight gave everyone the taste of the sleepless potion? Would explain a lot of their behaviors in part one. I don't know, this is just a theory

Seems like AJ isn't setting out to kill her friends. No, she's setting out to ruin their lives, reputations, and probably even frame them for murders.

Of course, I'm waiting for the twist that all of the girls have actually been accidentally dosed with the Sleepless potion. There are some hints that point towards that being the case.

I think I see what's happening here... and I ain't sayin' a word. :ajsmug::pinkiecrazy:

It was odd to feel the words in her throat, but be unable to hear them. The fire, and the damage it was causing, had taken the place of the ringing and humming, but it was still too loud to be heard over. Pinkie grabbed Mr. Cake’s hooves that were still clutched tightly to the body of his wife. He shirked her away from him angrily, but she kept trying to drag him up. Pinkie could see the flames in her peripheral vision. They were seconds from consuming them all. It was then she realized she could no longer see Applejack, and assumed she had fled once the flames overtook the kitchen. It was a small mercy to be able to help her loved ones without a crazed mare simultaneously trying to kill them. As Pinkie struggled to get a response from Mr. Cake, she grew to realize she couldn’t waste more time on a pony that didn’t want to be saved. No, she had the twins to think about now. Pound was closest, and her hooves wrapped around his little waist, prying him from his mother. He thrashed wildly, beat his hooves against Pinkie Pie, and even bit down hard into her foreleg. She couldn’t afford to release him, though, and silently withstood his frenzied resistance. Pinkie and Pound were closest to the back door, and the encroaching blaze had not yet overtaken it. She bolted towards their freedom until shaky, sweaty hooves were forced to fumble with a lock. Pound’s thrashing was only making things more difficult, but Pinkie clasped him tighter to her chest. Finally, the door handle moved, and a rush of fresh air entered the kitchen as the door swung open wildly. The gust of wind it created picked up the powder of flour scattered about the kitchen, and the flames immediately took hold.

A resounding explosion followed after Pinkie’s getaway, sending her and Pound flying into the street behind the bakery. Pound finally had leverage over Pinkie, kicking her away from him as he bolted free of her grasp. Luckily, the foal was wise enough to run away from the fire, rather than attempt any futile effort to save those within it. Pinkie didn’t have the strength or mental capacity to follow after him. All she could do now was lay in the street and stare.

Geez, what a ungrateful brat! Pinkie was trying to save your damn life from the fire. Too bad Mr Cake just decided to give up on life and not help Pinkie save his kids.

It is tragic that his wife died, but you still have your kids to SAVE, geez!!!

Mrs. Cake will be so disappointed in him when they're in the afterlife.

P.S. So you just let poor Pumpkin to die!? I thought she was getting both of them!?

Sugarcube corner was completely alight, burning away all that she loved. Tears stung the burn on her cheek as she helplessly watched the fire’s destructive glow. She kept her eyes locked, transfixed, on the orange mare standing in the window of the bakery’s kitchen. Applejack hadn’t fled at all, she’d remained to watch the fallout. Flames were licking the sides of her fur, but she did not burn. The unholy demon was immune.

Okay, I am so confused. How and why the hell does Twilight's Sleepy Magic make Applejack "immune" to pain or seems indestructible!!!??

Comment posted by EliteRanger8317 deleted Nov 17th, 2023

Sugarcube corner was completely alight, burning away all that she loved. Tears stung the burn on her cheek as she helplessly watched the fire’s destructive glow. She kept her eyes locked, transfixed, on the orange mare standing in the window of the bakery’s kitchen. Applejack hadn’t fled at all, she’d remained to watch the fallout. Flames were licking the sides of her fur, but she did not burn. The unholy demon was immune.

She is becoming a dark god

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