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All that I touch seems to break in my hands, then it just bursts into flames.


Twilight always gets the same things at Sugarcube Corner, but there's something new and tremendously popular on the menu today! Everypony just loves it! The Green Tea Matcha Crueller may be a limited time only pastry... or maybe it will stay for a very, very long time.

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*New jmj upload*

*Story features Sugarcube Corner*



Thanks for reading. I'm very happy you've read so much of my stuff.

Pinkie is best pony. Even when it's Pinkie-her.

Very disturbing, especially when Twilight realizes she messed up. Reminds me of that fungus that zombifies ants.

Delinquency of the Mare: A study of Nightmare Moon.

Lucky Twilight gets to read titles like this.


Thanks, sir. I may have added the title of that book because I know a guy who would have appreciated it. :pinkiehappy:

Also, just pointing out something stupid. There's a movie called "Zombie Hunter Rika". It's a Japanese zombie movie. At one point a zombie is eating a guy and he keeps saying "Delicious! Delicious!" So it's become an inside joke. I was glad to use it as a title.

... Meh. The Last of Us did it better, and made more sense.

The Last of Us is also a glorified movie sold as a $60 game, whereas this story is free and doesn't require me to own a PlayStation to read it. What a crappy comparison.

This was very good, by the way! I feel it would have placed well had you reached the deadline, but them's the breaks and it happened to me too. Good job!


Lol. Obliterated. I now have no need to respond. I mean, I'd like to point out that Last of us also had 3 years of development and a professional writer. I wrote this in 4 hours. But, it's his opinion. Everyone has one.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

I'm not saying it's a horrible story, or badly written. But it's so painfully obvious, even if it wasn't on purpose, what the inspiration was. And it's real world counterpart.


I guess, man. Never played The Last of Us. Haven't owned a Sony system since the ps2. I looked it up after your comment so I could get some incite on it. It's your opinion but it's also wrong. But, you know, I get it. You get passionate about something you like and think someone is ripping it off. I respect that.

I was part of a contest once where the winner fully admitted to stealing his story from a famous classical piece of literature. Didn't even rename it other than to add "pony" to it. Thought that was really crappy.

How can Pinkie-me be best when

W͈̟̪̪̗̆̔̚E͓̲̹̥ͫ̏ͮ͆̒̂ͫ́ ͍̩̂̓̾̚Ä́̎̇ͯ͌͐R̻̈́ͤ̀E̝̥̼͇̲ͧ̏̓̌̍̽̎ ͔̗͂̇ͦL̚E͈͓̼̭̱̗͟G̶̜̲̺̰̯̤̣̃̀I̵̩̯͈ͧͤ̍̇O͒N̢͉͖̤


Pinkie-her is best vessel for the all-consuming fiber. It likes the floofiness of her mane. Replication is impossible.

I shouldn't have read this before eating.


If you begin having thoughts that are not your own, it's too late to seek help.

Creepy and gross, was pretty cool


Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.

While it is incredibly obvious from the start what is going to happen, I wouldn't call it necessarily a bad thing.
The dread just continues to creep in, and the descriptions are disturbingly putrid and repulsive. Furthermore, Twilight's loss of control was really well presented. This is a good little horror story which takes advantage of its interesting ideas. Really good job.


Thanks a lot. I usually have twist endings but recently I've just been writing what comes to mind. I didn't have a good twist for this story so I decided not to include one. This was a sortie into body horror. Twilight knows something is going on but it's simply too late to do anything about it. It's tame for body horror but it was quick and fun to write. Thank you for reading and the comment.

The funniest thing is how he thinks the story in Last of Us is actually original, and not part of a decades-old trope dating back to The Last Man on Earth back in 1964.

Ah yes, I remember this episode of SpongeBob. 😂


Thank you so much. You are awesome.

something tells me you're not a fan of matcha

Soylent Green is pony
Pony is Soylent Green!!

Author Interviewer

Prelude to Neighponese invasion of Equestria <:B


Glad you caught that little detail. I thought it was clever.

Just thought I'd say, since so many are saying they knew what would happen in the comments, that I didn't see that coming! Personally, I've not read a story where it utilizes plant horror (usually, it's parasites or disease)- I was happily surprised by the ending, and I found the whole story unique and creative (and creepy, too). Well done!


Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed it.

I wanted to write something body horror but not go into deep gore or death. I just wanted to show a descent into losing control of your own body and mind and the terror of that realization. Sort of like mental illness, but with a physical element. There's no twist at the end of this one. it's just a short, simple, story of losing one's self to external forces and the powerlessness of that metamorphosis. It's become my favorite story that I've written and I just went at it blindly in an attempt to get it finished for a contest. unfortunately, I was called into work and missed the deadline. I think it could have done well.

I watched a review of a video game a long time ago and I don't recall the name of it. It was an old fantasy game like Baldur's Gate and there was a section where miners had come across a kind of infectious plantlife that would kill the host with poisonous spores and then inhabit the body. In "Mutant Epoch" there's a kind of vine that does this as well. Anyway, I wanted to reduce it down to an intelligent hive-mind plant that reproduced through the same means except it didn't kill its victims, just erased who they were and used their living bodies as a kind of fertilizer.

You certainly achieved the feeling of powerlessly losing control, I can see why this one is your favorite! Being totally honest, I don't get actually creeped out by many stories anymore, but this one did it. The way you described how Twilight knew something was wrong, but couldn't stop it, was extremely well done. Being in the twilight zone (hah) of giving in, but still knowing it's doom, really adds to it in my opinion- I'd imagine she felt betrayed by her own body.

I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to finish it in time for the competition, I agree it would've done well! And again, I really like that the culprit was a plant; that, and the connectedness was a good touch! Individual ones would still be scary, but a hive that works together is much worse, and much more effective. So all in all (and once again), well done, I really did enjoy it!

Well crap. Didn't think that I'd get to see the origins of the Evergrowth. Ponykind is dead, now all we need to do to complete it is to have the Titan Aggramar land on the planet, imbue life into Grond, and order it to kick the Evergrowths' ass.


sips matcha bubble tea I dunno what Twilight ate, but it sure wasn't the goodness of matcha, lol.


Thanks for the comment. I, myself, love matcha as well. Twilight's a weirdo.

Pretty cool stuff, a lot more interesting than the standard guts-and-gore fare in a lot of the darker stories, on this site and elsewhere. And the thought of losing control of one's own mind is a lot more dread-inspiring, too, especially when you're helplessly aware of it


Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm happy you have read and enjoyed another one of my fics.

I really like body horror but have also been on a psychological horror kick lately. This is a blending of both. Twi is unable to stop the matcha-monster from infecting and controlling her body but it's a process. She gets to experience the decay of her self and brainwashing into just another matcha-mare while being acutely aware that it is happening.

So the thing about horror is that it's not all blood and guts. Don't get me wrong, it has a place and a function, but it is overdone. There's plenty of other aspects and this story was just one of them.

What gets me about this is it's probably my favorite short story that I have written and I went into it with only the idea of "A plant is going to take Twilight's body over" and nothing else. No prep, no plan, just a thought.

Is very much like The Stuff. Are you eating it, or is it eating you?


I Love you for knowing that. I have a Stuff poster in my living room. Chocolate Chip Charlie was the man.

I loved this story! Especially how we get a brief look of how this plant stuff just breaks the mind and body to decay in a hive mind like status. Ngl I had made a variation of zombies in a fantasy game I’m running and this story really has given me ideas for how these undead I made work. Basically just plants that take over the dying or corpses in a desert. Thank you again for the great story! :>

jmj #39 · May 25th · · ·

Glad you liked it. I how your game went well.

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