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I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my desk.

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*Happens to look at new story feed

*Sees a story by jmj

*Craps pants


8102692 Same. Shame its so late my eyes have gone blurry :ajsleepy:


8102692 Lol. Thanks, man. PM me.


8102721 Oh wow! How are you? I haven't heard from you in forever.

This would be a perfect creepypasta story for one of the narrators to read on youtube. Have you considered submitting it?

8102738 Havent heard from me? Dude youve been gone for so long I thought you died or something! Hah. I, oh... oh wow i just realized how long its been. Thats not a fun feeling...
Anyway! Im so happy to see you back here again! I'll admit ive fallen a bit out of love with ponies in the last... long while, but this place still feels like home. And with everyone coming and going from pony it seems, its good to see youre still around. Hopefully, right?


8102764 Thanks, that's actually the feel i was going for. It's a little different than my usual stuff. It's a lot less personal I guess. I have a friend on here who reads a lot of creepy pastas so he might like it. TheDizzyDan if you haven't seen him.


8102766 I never really left but I hadn't written anything in like 3 years ir something like that. I would come on and look around and leave. I'm glad you are still around too! PM me sometime if you want.

A nice dose of horror keeps the mind sane.

Will read when time permits.

Not sure why I never knew that you put out a new story.
Gonna get started immediately!


8115684 awesome,sir

You're back!! :pinkiehappy: I really hope you continue writing, this was awesome.


8137295 Thanks! Good to see you are still around.

Hey there! Great story!

I recently did a reading on your story! I hope you like it!


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I greatly enjoyed your reading of the story. I've been away a long while so i just saw this post.

Thanks so much, Mr. Dan! You rock, sir!

Two readings on one story?!?! I'm not worthy.

Author Interviewer

What I wanna know is, what the heck was that thing, and how did it know Applejack's name? <.<


Hello, PresentPerfect! Who truly knows what lurks the forests and riverbeds of the deepest night? Thanks for reading!

jmj #20 · March 13th · · ·

Good lord that was good. The voices thoroughly creeped me out. Thank you so much for the reading.

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