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All that I touch seems to break in my hands, then it just bursts into flames.


Down in the deep, dark bowels of Canterlot, Flash Sentry meets Twilight for the first time.

Featured from 10/3-10/5/21

Reading by Sparrow!

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You've truly ascended to another level, bossman. You're top tier in terms of storytelling, easy.

jmj #2 · Oct 2nd, 2021 · · ·

Thanks, sir. It was a fun story.

jmj #3 · Oct 2nd, 2021 · · ·


I love cosmic horror stories. This was relatively good too.


Thanks. I appreciate the read and comment. I wanted to expand more into Twilight but I did this as a challenge and part of that was to shoot for 1.5k. That didn't happen though. Still, kept it as short as I could.

So, she's basically a Shoggoth?


Something like that. More like an elder thing. Not something large enough to rival the great old ones but something heading that direction if given time and resources on which to feed.

Thanks for the read and comment.

It was good. It has the usual trope that keeps me from really getting into cosmic horror, but that's a personal problem, and here, I actually didn't mind it so much.

jmj #9 · Oct 4th, 2021 · · ·

OOH! Do tell. What trope are you talking about? The "They tried to enslave me, a god" thing? I'm interested because I'd like to be a little more different.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

The trope of there being absolutely zero chance of the protagonist facing the cosmic horror and winning.

The trope of "They tried to enslave me, a god" doesn't really bother me in and of itself. It's actually pretty powerful in that it can turn any story into a cautionary tale, but my interest tends to flag if the protagonist can't win; if I wanted to face down a cosmic horror against which I can never triumph, I can look at a calendar.

Like I said, it's strictly a personal problem.


Thank you for clarifying. I'd never really thought about it before but you are correct. It always ends with someone's mind shattering while looking upon a thing it just can't comprehend.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me briefly. I appreciate your input.

Like I said, I don't really mind it here. I think this is because when you really examine the story, the cosmic horror itself is the protagonist, and that always interests me at least a little bit.


It always ends with someone's mind shattering while looking upon a thing it just can't comprehend.

Ah yes, VCR user manuals. :trollestia:


Specifically the tracking feature.

Very nice. I may just have to use your creature for a game of d and d I'm planning.

11002263 Alondro comprehends the tracking feature... it doesn't end well.


I... AM... ALONDRO!! :pinkiecrazy:


Lol. Beautiful.


That sounds great! Let me know how it goes if you have the time!

This is new... a bit much, not gonna lie. I liked it, I think?


Thanks for the comment and read! I'm happy you Like? it!

worth it

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of horror, but one's gotta try something different once and a while, right? Good job on the elements. I got chills, thrills, and everything in between.

.....although I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

<<cue panic attack>>


Thanks. Super happy you enjoyed it.
It is very good to expand your boundaries. I've been a horror literature lover since I can remember. First book I ever bought was the scary stories set. Since then it's been my favourite genre. A lot of people write horror to be edgy, and good for them I guess, but I write it because it's what I enjoy. I am so happy you read this.

haha i actually meant it was worth it for flash to be brought into the fold to get with twilight lol, but reading the story was also very much worth it. When it comes to gore in horror I usually just tune it out or skip it, but this was engrossing the whole time.


I understand. The only gore was minor when Twilight exploded and Flash getting eaten was barely mentioned at all, but I thought I should include the tag just to be safe. I don't like when gore is used for gore's sake and provides nothing to the plot. Here, we see that Twilight is telling the truth and it offers Flash a way to live forever.

Thanks again.

Bless this piece of cosmic horror. Loved it!


Super happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for the read and comment.

Quartz only had one face: determined annoyance

I love this line.

Really good story.

jmj #29 · Nov 6th, 2021 · · 2 ·

I'll be honest. I don't like this story. It annoys me to no end that the stories I dedicate the smallest amount of time to do better than ones I agonize over. MFC: Relapse, for instance I wrote over a year and it did poorly and had a ton of downvotes. Hard As Diamond, I worked on for a month and really put time and effort into explaining what certain movements meant and why they did things they way they did as well as crafted (what I think) is a beautiful story of Diamond letting go of the past and the wrongs done to her by her father. Nobody likes that story.

I wrote this story in one day with no thought put into it whatsoever. My friend said "Write a horror story involving these two characters" and I immediately got the idea and began writing. Wrote it in one sitting including editing. Thought it kind of sucked. Boom. Feature box for 2 days. Only story I've ever had last that long and 1 of only 3 that have been featured.

Marble in the Mirror, What's Beneath, Cracked Cog, Changes, Dysmorphia, and Delicious! Delicious! were also single sitting, no thought stories. Dysmorphia was featured VERY briefly and Delicious is probably my favorite story I've written. What's Beneath has had 3 readings (thank you all so much, I do appreciate it) and did very well to not be featured but I HATE that story too.

But, a lot of people enjoyed them and that makes me happy. I write because I like to write even if i don't like what comes out. The fact that other people get enjoyment out of my stories is incidental but also very well regarded.

Once more, thank you for the reading and comments of so many stories I have written. I appreciate it very much.

I’m mainly into horror, and I think that horror has a much better effect when it isn’t dwelled upon. I’ve always found that explanation ruins the true fear, that of the unknown.

Sooo question here.

Considering the description of the path down, with the purple torchs and all, would i be right to assume that it was Sombra who first dug up this thing?


Could be. I didn't think that far ahead, honestly and it's set in Canterlot. but it's a possibility.

And the possibility would make a good amount of sense.
(Spoilers belowww)

-Celestia and Luna banishing Sombra: The creature overthrowing the ponies legitimate ruler and asserting it's control. Perhaps was it less Equestria vs Crystal Empire and more of a civilwar within ponykind
-The curse on the Crystal Empire: Him trying to protect the ponies inside it, or perhaps was there some intent with the parts of the creature trapped inside. Or perhaps was it more in-line with canon and it was simply him keeping his seat of power intact for his return.
-His intend to war against Equestria: His will to liberate Ponyland from Notponything.
-His brainwashing helmet: Remnant of his old means of control on the creature. He now uses the helmets to raise an army out of the creature itself, since real ponies have become a rarity.
-The Crystal Empire itself was perhaps just Ponyland's most far-off colony, and Sombra choose it as his new base thinking that the creature haven't fully reached it yet/It was more defensible?

Author Interviewer

wow, I did not see any of that coming :D


Glad it was unpredictable. Thank you for reading.

So Flash is now an eldritch being like Twilight?


Yes. Or... more accurately the same being but retaining his memories and personality.

“Hrmmm,” the older guard grumbled. It was a happy sound for him, not that anypony could actually tell. Flash, having spent the last several years working alongside Quartz, had learned what certain noises most resembled in normal pony conversation.

I love this detail. A little relatable thing.

Less like cosmic horror and more like speleologic horror

FlashLight but it's scary. Perfectly described this story.

Horrific and intriguing, I like it.


Thank you. I'm happy you enjoyed the story.

So he's not the real Flash just another flesh copy, a puppet with a copy of Flash's personality and Twilight is the puppeteer?

don't call it that 💀

If the Lovecraftian deity now identifies as her... doesn't that mean Twilight won.

To quote Pope Cerebus, "you can get what you want and still not be very happy."

Regardless, well spun yarn; hooves up.


Thanks! This one turned out really well!

I like to think of it like a puppet master taking through them

Y que tipo de horror es ese?

Eh, entonces la criatura suprema destrozo el cuerpo de flash para poder reformarlo en un nuevo cuerpo exactamente igual pero con la ventaja de tener una mayor longevidad para vivir juntos por siempre, algo realmente lindo si me lo preguntas, es una historia de terror cósmico y, amor?
Lo gracioso es que si flash se acuesta con alguna otra yegua técnicamente todavía se estaría follando a la misma criatura cósmica ya que seguramente ya controla gran parte de toda Equestria.

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