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Starlight Glimmer has never been very good at the whole 'friendship' thing. Her track record speaks for itself about her poor decision making in the past and all the heartache that has come from her mistakes. She is determined to do better with Twilight Sparkle and her new friends in Ponyville.

Except that Starlight is not very good at learning from her mistakes.

Written for the FiM Barcast's 'Halloween in April' Horror Contest

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whoops accidentally unfollowed trying to shelve this

This really skirted the 5k limit, eh? I enjoyed how action-packed this one was. There's been a lot of entries that rely on quieter horror thus far.

Well, damn. That’s all I really have to say. Thumbs up!

Hi there! Thanks for the entry, I'm looking forward to reading it.

Oh damn. That was far more than I had expected :O This was *really* good!

Nice! :pinkiehappy:
I mean, now I have no chance of any kind of winning :derpyderp2:
But still awsome! :rainbowkiss:

Recent instances wherein she had tried to fix problems with magic squirmed through her mind. Almost none of them had worked: not turning Sunburst into a colt; not mind-controlling her friends; not helping Pinkie Pie look for Gummy’ s parents in Alligator Swamp–

Wait, WHAT:twilightoops:?!?!


I'm not sure if I wanna know how that went down...if at all:rainbowderp:.

What a horrifically wonderful fic Scribbler, you creative monster you:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:!!!


I wonder what would happen if Twilight were to find out about this.

Who am I kidding, she'll just make a new Twilight.

Definitely wasn't Starlights fault here. There wasn't really anything she could do for Applejack here. And she did warn Rainbow not to jump in the way.

And how come I get the feeling that Twilight was probably doing the same thing? I would not be surprised if her original 5 friends were long dead before Starlight came around and the current ones were just clones.

Very Shou Tucker of Starlight, nice.

Story needs some smells. Gore and even burned gore everywhere and not a wisp of odor.

Starlight could not disagree. Applejack lay on her side, deep slashes along her spine from the Timberwolf’s upper fangs. Her stomach, however, was far worse. Her entire undercarriage glistened red, shards of ribs poking through at irregular intervals. Something like pink rope slithered free when she groaned. Starlight realised that one of her hind legs had been nearly detached at the hip, held on by only a few threads of skin and fur.

How big is this wound? Description suggests a stomach wound, but there are no ribs there. If her torso has been ripped open from chest to abdomen, she should be instantly dead from shock alone. Leg torn off too. The trauma is so massive that it’s hard to believe that she wasn’t just instantly killed, forcing Starlight to switch from healing spells to resurrection endeavors.

Now that I think about it. The description is misleading. There was no poor decision making. Applejack was too far gone by the time Starlight got there. And when she hesitated to heal, because she wasn't sure she could do any good, Rainbow kinda pushed her into it.

Then Rainbow has the nerve to call her a psycho after trying to help.

The cloning was a good decision. With the bonus of trying to make sure they don't do the same stupid decisions that got them killed to begin with. Like Applejack going after a dangerous creature alone without any backup.

Applejack would have been dead in the end anyway, whether Starlight was there or not.

That...was a thing...that happened. Ah, who am I kidding, this was a wonderfully grotesque story not exactly my go-to genre this time of the year, but I am definitely adding this to my horror collection shelf.

Damn, I always love 'The end justifies the means' Starlight, when she's already genuinely good at heart, but she's not afraid to stoop low into disturbing stuff to keep everyone around her happy. Technically, it's not her fault either, she's just trying to help.

Though, is no one going to talk about...

“What am I saying? I always warn you. You never listen. Maybe this time I got it right and the new Dash is more biddable. You know what they say; fifth time is the charm, right?”

...That? I do not dare imagine what happened all those time :applejackconfused: :rainbowderp:


As she replaced the lock, her stomach rumbled. She remembered the lost saddlebags and grumbled. Forfeiture of all that candy stung particularly. She resolved to go to Sugarcube Corner and see whether the extra generosity she had implanted into Pinkie IV could get her a free cookie.

I, uh... I think we know how it ended, at least :pinkiegasp:

I would not be surprised if Rainbow got herself killed time after time.

And poor Starlight unable to get that aspect out of her into to protect her from herself.

Which, again, makes me think Twilight was doing the same thing. :pinkiegasp:

Twilight: Starlight, what happened.

Starlight: Well, you see, um, Rainbow got herself killed.

Twilight: *sigh*. Again? :twilightangry2:

Starlight: yes....... Wait.... again?

Twilight: Yeah..... She always seems to do that.

Starlight: So... you're ok with the cloning???

Twilight: Why do you think she was still around after all these years? I think I was at Rainbow Dash #7 by the time we first visited your village. :twilightsheepish:

I was wondering if everyone had missed that. :raritywink:

I know I'm a bit late to this, but I fail to see how this is a good thing. Sure, if Starlight just cloned them and left it at that, I could see some benefit to it. But she's also warping the clones' personalities—not just to make them more cautious for next time, but to make them like her more (see Rainbow V's lowered distrust of Starlight and Pinkie IV's added generosity (which has no apparent benefits beyond "Free cupcakes for Starlight!")). Granted, it's a far more roundabout way of doing it, but it's basically exactly what she was doing in "Every Little Thing She Does"; she's effectively brainwashing them to better serve her.

Even if she was just adding "extra caution", it's still wrong. She hasn't brought Twilight's friends back from the dead—she’s outright replaced them with "better" versions. Their original personalities are gone forever. Whether she intended to or not, she’s stolen Twilight's friends—the ponies who literally made her who she was—from her.

Ironic, considering that's exactly what she was trying to do back when she was still a villain.

EDIT: To whoever downvoted both of my comments on this fic; I'm not angry (not in the slightest), but if you ever come back, could you maybe explain why you thought this comment was downvote-worthy? I don't understand why I'm the bad guy for treating the horror fic like a horror fic.

Squee! I love this comment.

Comment posted by ObabScribbler deleted Apr 25th, 2020

Except by the description, they all got themselves killed anyway through no fault of Starlight.

So it is a good thing. Starlight found a way to keep them going. And a little more caution is good as well. Plus there is nothing wrong with making them nicer, especially if they are going to be dicks to you when you try to be helpful. That just plain makes the world a better place,

I kinda want to justify the fact that, arguably, Rainbow got into the mess because she doesn't trust Starlight enough. From how she's acting, I believe Starlight altered the personalities to 'benefit her' is to purely prevent the further need of cloning and stop ponies from dying because they don't see her as a friend.

The Pinkie generosity part is the only one that's questionable, but who knows if it has something to do with her latest death? :pinkiesad2:

I really liked this one. Awesome job, Scribbler

This right here is why I love reading your darker stories. You manage to invoke a sense of dread that builds up slowly over time and sticks with you even after you've finished reading. Your portrayal of Starlight and her mindset was so on the nose it's actually scary. Bravo!

This is a very Rick Sanchez solution.

Author Interviewer

oh fuck D:

this was amazing

I loved it now I realize that I'm doing my dialogue wrong XD

“What the buck did you do?” Rainbow Dash demanded. “What the buck did you do you absolute psycho?”

Fuck off Rainbow Jesus

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