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Thanks! Looks like fun. :pinkiehappy:

Welcome to The Devil Made Me Do It!


Wow, what a backstory! Normally I'd lean toward the darker takes, but in this case I'm glad you went the comedy route.

I actually wrote a less family-friendly version a few years ago, like 2015-2016, before the show gave us any definitive cannon version of what Tartarus actually looked like. The attempt was a bit too much... more like a LOT too much. Imagine the movie, but replace Frank with Blueblood, Larry with Fancy, Julia with Fleur, and a visiting Rarity as Kirsty. And like... no punches pulled; an 80’s-style, comical levels of gorefest. Except I wrote it more to emulate the style of how Barker writes, which led to it being quite unironic. All in all, it took itself far too seriously, and hewed a little too close to the source material. It was relegated to the scrap heap with intentions of perhaps a future re-write.

When the season 10 bingo contest came up, and I saw my prompts, I was immediately reminded of my previous attempt, and resolved myself to come up with an idea far, far more palatable. I was glad that I was able to include more references to the movies and book while generating a storyline that was different from, yet thematically similar (I mean, as similar as something food-based and G-rated can get) to the original source material.

I don’t know why, but the stories I’ve created in response to the prompts for the season Bingo contests Shrink Laureate has been hosting have been enjoyable to write, in addition to being well received.


You're welcome! Tartarus Raiser was one of the better crossovers I've read. I could tell you put some thought into it.

  • Viewing 126 - 130 of 130
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