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You could have changed the world,
or at least one:
been a moon to divert our will,
and with only a few words
more than Her silence;
a sun too (does it exist?),
to shepherd the haze.

[a touch of water;
the merest film to remind
suffering, know-nothing
Dives of life,
who pondering the thousands of
ways there were to die,
and the only way not to,
concludes all hope was addiction,
and no drug, a cure]

you could have
you could have
you could have

said what couldn't be said and
turned the inside darkness out and
changed the world,
or at least one.

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I usually put something like (Source) and then link the word 'source' below art in that case.


You're welcome! I'll delete these soon. It's not fair to the artists not to credit them. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Thanks! Yeah, I think a site update might have gotten rid of that.


Huh, you used to be able to right click on them to get the source, but I see that's not working:



What are the sources of the art pieces on your page?

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