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In the Rainbow Factory there lives a foal. But she is not like the rest of the weaklings; she is not a failure.

Ever wondered how the Rainbow Factory would be different if Cozy Glow had made it there? I know I have.

Rated T for some mild descriptions of violence.

Winner of the Second Cozy Glow Contest

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Thank you for your entry! We look forward to reading it, and best of luck.

If anypony could have escaped their fate without strictly being a success, it'd be literal Satan Cozy Glow.

This was a fascinating look at Cozy Glow's mind. Honestly, she seemed less villainous in this to me than simply amoral, uncaring as opposed to actively malicious. She's the apotheosis of the Rainbow Factory, the end result of its logic (success is worthy of praise, failure is only worthy of extermination) made flesh. It's not that she hates all other ponies (most of those she hates, like Contrail and her mother, she has reasons, however warped, to hate), it's that she doesn't love them; they're things to her, tools as much as a wrench or her books. And the emphasis on her intelligence only made this more horrifying, emphasizing how her cruelty wasn't a dumb choice or a malicious one but an at least decently thought out one. She reasoned her way into recommending the execution of those on the lower levels, used reason and logic to decide that it was the best course of action. This makes her a thousand times more frightening than her show variant; it's one thing for a villain to inflict cruelty for the evulz, another for them simply to decide that letting people live is an inefficient way to go about things.

“Wait. You don’t want me to put me in with her.”

You've got an extra "me" there.

Why did Cozy Glow never appear in your Rainbow Factory trilogy?

Whoa: One story, two contests! Almost like a fork in chess ...

Wow, just wow. You've done so much honor to rainbow factory by writing this story. A winning fic for sure.

Even setting aside the competition, the story is wonderful (using long words, see?). You have covered so many interesting points like Cozy's backstory or pregnancy inside the facility.

An insight into a mind of a genius strategist is always welcome in my book. I find it scary how quickly Cozy abandons Gentle minutes after meeting a more useful asset, later even Hide is shocked.

You made Cozy look like a perfect character for the RF universe with all the Flock loyalty and superiority. She wants to rule, to command. With her abilities she is going to go far, to achieve her goal. Exploiting the Flock mentality for all it's worth, maybe even driving it into extinction. It never mattered to her, it was just the most efficient mean to her goals.

Good story! I liked it!

During my first readings of first two stories in RF series, I was interested, how problem of pregnancy inside Factory is solved, and what would happen if somepony gives a birth to foal. I once developed concept of the child of the factory myself.

Cozy Glow's character here is very interesting and catchy. Her dark and twisted mind is attracting. Her cunning manipulative skills work well here, in this universe. I can easily imagine how Factory could birth such a child. Indeed, the Child of the Factory itself...

A very good fic, congratulations. Any plan for a sequel?

Probably has something to do with how the first two-thirds of it predate her debut episode by a massive margin.

Comment posted by hoanganhm81 deleted Sep 17th, 2021

well... this is a let down for me because when I saw the pic for this story, i thought Cozy Glow is going to killed Rainbow Dash.

This is one of the best Cozy Glow characterizations I've ever seen and thank god for it.

The smile spread across Rainbow’s muzzle. Her teeth gleamed white. “You are a very interesting filly, Cozy Glow.”

I can't wait for the sequel raking place 2 decades later of their romance.

Whose to say that won't be the final outcome, in the end? Who can tell where her motivations will take her, and where her passions will lead? Who's to say that even the factory will satisfy her? So much...potential. :rainbowdetermined2:

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