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As the details surrounding the Canterlot Invasion don't add up, Twilight investigates the suspicious disappearance of a guard during the attack.

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Great story. This is a nice little treat to help me pass my time when I have nothing to do at school.

Very interesting head canon. I have always been curious if we would ever find out where Luna was during the attack.

You know too much!

this needs a sequel! twilight can't die!

Cover art is an edit by me, original can be found here.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped preread for me, Skeeter, Sagebrush, and everyone who gave me their opinions.

This fic is based off BronyCurious' fan made conspiracy theory detailed in the review he and Anthony C did of Canterlot Wedding.

3945370 i saw that video and by the title i automatically knew this was based off that and its a very good theory but i have to know what happened to twilight it cant just stop there

Interesting read If I do say so myself.

I have to admit that I couldn't put the pieces together until the very end. I know it probably never would see a sequel, but damn this would be a fun universe to read about.. Good job.

Oooo, that was a bit spooky.

Well that was about as awesome as a one-shot can be. :twilightsmile:

Weird... I never got the notice about this one...

Ah well. This was fun to help with, man.

LOVED the set up to the big reveal.

Submitted to Twilight's Library's Recommended folder. (I helped, I can't add direct.)

~Skeeter The Lurker

Since it relies on Nightmare Moon being able to fool the Elements in full flood, this seems like a really dubious theory. :trixieshiftleft:

Comment posted by LunaUsesCaps deleted Feb 15th, 2014

I have to ask, is the title from the phrase "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist?"

Yep. But don't tell anyone, or Keyser Söze will snatch you up.

YES. Can't wait to read. I'm really hoping this is what I think it is, because I've been waiting for this ever since the episode aired

She was banished to the moon a thousand years ago, by her sister, Princess Celestia.

*Punches the air*
I was right. I was so right. This is exactly what I thought it was. Thank you so much for writing this. This theory is so brilliant and has been my head cannon for so long. :twilightsheepish:

Saw your comment on the blog post and decided to stay silent so as not to ruin it :twilightsheepish:

3947313 I won't tell nopony nothing.

So, this is relevant

Skip to 28 minutes in for relevance

Haha long time ago i had similar guess that Luna is changeling or that all stuff is just some big test.

The beautiful part is...there's nothing to say the officer isn't right.

Or that it was planted so that they would be suspicious of luna in the aftermath and cause a paranoia gambit.


I both want to and don't want to know what happens to Twilight. GAH, the suspense. :flutterrage: Good story, nonetheless. :scootangel:

As soon as I saw Luna after figuring all that out, I would've telaported to Celestia's room and screamed, "Princess Celestia! You need to get your plot over here NOW!!!":twilightoops:
:pinkiehappy: loved this story. it makes the whole canterlot wedding make sense.

bland glare............ the story makes even less sense than that considering she owuld ahve no manner to organize the changelings for this attack. thosuand years of on the moon demonically possessed and all. and chrysalis is a seperate entity alltogether.

not to mention the reason she attacked celestia was a mixture of dmeonic possession and long standing jealousy and isolation. demonic possession was destroyed, and jealousy and isolation eased.

I knew right away from the title and description it was based off that review. It really is an interesting theory.

That... actually makes a lot of sense.

3948890 As does this. Actually, that would make for an interesting sequel/spinoff. What if Luna is innocent, but Twilight has become so convinced it's her that she ends up playing into Chrysalis' hooves? :twilightoops:

Fuck. This is awesome!

In fact, this conspiracy is so good and plausible that I think you could turn this into a book. Change the ponies for humans with magical powers and you are done.
Really good, congratulations.

I really like the some of the implied ideas one might get from this. Especially after Celestia's words to Twilight.

Luna is the constant rival to Celestia. She seeks to overthrow her sister in honorable combat. Using the strength of armies and playing to her own avenues of trickery and subterfuge, she will attempt, again and again, to test her sister's defenses. Celestia doesn't mind. Over the endless years, this is one of the games that have kept her sharp and alert. If she is overcome, she would be locked away, but she deserves no less. This game they play would keep her ponies strong and alert, and if Luna ever takes over, her little ponies would simply need to adapt to a new leader. They would be strong and safe, and Celestia would simply need to work her considerable mind in new, creative ways to come back into power.

better yet she also convinced Luna that twilight is guilty and now the two will try to stop the other one for the sake of equestria^^ (be it open combat or a pile of scemes)

This is the first story I've read in years that creeped me out. That includes non-pony stories. Excellent work. :rainbowdetermined2:

You all are aware this theory wasn't invented by the author, yes? It's purloined from Antony C and Bronycurious.

Changeling fail-safe contingency: Paranoia Agent.

Next chapter: "Once upon a time, there was a colt with a golden bat..."
Must not talk about him.
Must not think about him.


Oh, this one was glorious, devious, and filled with the perfect amount of intrigue. Admittedly, it was a little too easy to see the grand reveal, but that didn't stop me from loving it all the same. I'm feeling so much glee right now. So many words words to say, and most of them would be gibberish until I get control of myself. I loved it.

I say as much in a comment or two down below. Didn't want to put anything in the description for spoilerish reasons.

And then Twilight teleports to the throne room and reveals the whole plan. The end.

It's nice seeing the evil!Luna fanon resurrected after Luna Eclipsed's destruction of it.

Mein Gott, this was so BUCKING EPIC! Creative idea, perfect pacing, building tension. . . truly a masterpiece.


It isn't the originality or lack thereof. It's the ...

execution :pinkiecrazy:

Marvelous, simple marvelous. You kept me on edge throughout and the twist was masterfully done. The pacing was well done and the execution was flawless.

The best part is that it could fit perfectly into canon and to make a Dark fic that can do that without radically changing the content of the show by using an overabundance of gore is impressive given what floods the fandom.

So why don't you put it in an author's note?

A personal dislike for author's notes. I don't want anything on the page that isn't story. Used to be that oldest first was the default ordering system, so I'd snag first comment and use that. Woe, oh the times have changed. :raritycry:

Twilight's way of discovering the truth is far streched.
Writing about conspiracies can be pretty hard. :applejackconfused:

This was fun. There's nothing here to differentiate this from any other conspiracy thriller, but there's nothing noticeably wrong with anything here, either. As a small morsel of treasonous scheming, it was satisfying.

Holy sh*tting hell. :rainbowderp:

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was to convince the world she didn't exist."

-Tommy Oliver

Best review ever by the way, comedy sketch plus analysis.

The whole theory this story is based on has a few flaws, in my opinion. But what bugged me the most in this story was the opening line.

"You must learn, at times, not to pursue things too far," the Princess had told Twilight

To me, this really makes it sound like Celestia knows more than she's letting on. But if she knew that Luna was behind this whole thing, why is she ignoring it?

That entire part of the review—right down to the music—was a take on the ending to a movie called "The Usual Suspects".
Very good movie. Have watched it about six times.

This is quite possibly the single scariest story I have ever read...
Yea, I'm not gonna sleep tonight.

This should,continue. :pinkiehappy:

I mean such a tale like this deserves a second chapter or two. :twilightsmile:

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