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Far from the public eye, a battle against dark forces has raged for centuries. The time has come for a newly minted hero to do his part in the war. To win, however, he must learn much more than the warriors' craft.

Written as a spin-off of Garden of Roses and set in the Tenderverse, both creations of jmj. Also, dedicated to jmj.

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In future Equestria, justice has evolved since the time of the Royal Sisters and the Elements of Harmony. Interpretations of the law and customs have changed. Cozy Glow personally experiences one of these new customs.

Thanks as always to Pre-reader 63.546 for their expert and highly professional editing work.

Featured on EQD on 18 Jan 2022.
Now with an audio reading by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan!
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A Generation 5 origin story.

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Having learned much in the ways of friendship, the Young Six begin to feel sorry for Cozy Glow. After seeking the Tree of Harmony's advice, they come up with the perfect plan to save their former classmate from ridicule.

Entry for the Barcast's Halloween in April Horror Contest.

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Good parents want what's best for their children. It can be very difficult, however, when things don't go as planned.

Contains spoilers for School Raze (Season 8 finale).

Featured on 9 Sep 2018 (!)

Recommended reading for EQD's Villain Day 11/13/20

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Twilight makes a new scientific discovery that could change the course of history. With Spike at her side, she embarks on a quest to test her hypothesis, and do what no pony has ever done before.

(Set before season 8)

Special thanks to Pre-reader 63.546 for first-rate editing.

Featured on EQD 24 Sep 2018.

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Troubled youths like Sunset Shimmer and Trixie Lulamoon can end up on a dangerous path. They can fall through the cracks in the system, spiralling into a vicious cycle of self-destruction and crime. They can become a disgrace to their families, their school, and their Nation.

That's why Principal Celestia has asked Twilight Sparkle to return and find a way to set them back on the straight and narrow. Twilight, being the Princess of Friendship, knows exactly how to solve the problem.

They have to perform but one simple task ...

Review by Present Perfect

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Winter break is over, and the rolls of Celestia's private schools are being inked once again. The Princess makes a trip to Ponyville to ensure that Featherweight returns to Canterlot to obtain the education she believes he deserves.

Special thanks to Pre-reader 63.546 for proofreading, editing and providing general advice.

Featured on EQD on 18 Sep 2015.
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A young Princess Celestia helps her baby sister discover her true identity.

First winner of the Luna is the Best Pony group's Mini-feature contest!

Recommended reading for EQD's 2021 Luna Day!

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