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Good parents want what's best for their children. It can be very difficult, however, when things don't go as planned.

Contains spoilers for School Raze (Season 8 finale).

Featured on 9 Sep 2018 (!)

Chapters (2)
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Given how utterly sadistic Cozy Glow turned out to be, I'd be more surprised to find out she does have parents than if it turns out she was the result of some freak magical accident.

Cozy has no parents at least not in equestria. SHe is from somewere else. I bet she will out do queen Chrysalis as villain next season.


Very well written. I almost thought it was real at one point.

BTW, why is it labeled unfinished? Is there more?

So... we reform Starlight Glimmer -- y'know, that mare, the one who... oh, I dunno--MESSED WITH TIME ITSELF and FUCKED EQUESTRIA in doing so multiple times -- but, yep, let's lock this young foal - this child - in a cage. Nope. Only sadistic mares who alter time itself, and Chaos Gods who do far worse get reformed around here, not children who may or may not have been manipulated by a CENTAUR WHO WOULD LOVE NOTHING MORE THEN TO SEE EQUESTRIA FALL. Damn... what a thing to teach children, these days...


Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I'm working on the next chapter right now. Hope to have it out tonight.

9161755 Lack of evidence prevents starlight from being charged not to mention her childhood trauma while not perfect provides some credence to a not of sound mind defense considering it ponies,

Discord has never done anything out of pure malice and is generally just a pain in the butt, and it is cannon that Discord needs chaos to continue existing.

And Cozy contacted Tirek not the other way around.

9161755 As Agent J in "Men in Black" would say, "She's like 7 years old, those books are way too advanced for her! If you ask me, she's up to something. Or do I owe her an apology?" And yes, I would pay money to see Will Smith shoot Cozy Glow between the eyes.

Cozy Glow is a CHILD with knowledge and experience there is no plausible way she should possess. So, either she has a secret and isn't what she seems, or she's one of those really annoying child villain know-it-alls, and not one that we can take for the sake of comedy like Mandark from "Dexter's Lab".

I have no problem throwing the thing in Hell, because frankly, she doesn't act like a real child, and doesn't feel like a real child. She acts like somebody's bad OC child villain who knows everything she does because the writer wants her to be amazing. If we are ever given a backstory, I expect it will be even more ridiculous and incomplete than Starlight's. We now have a Sue in the works that tops even Starlight Sue herself.

9161725 The only thing that could work is she's some demon in the shape of a child that hasn't aged for centuries. Or is a pony trapped in an un-aging body, but lacking all the sympathetic attributes that worked for Baby Doll in "Batman the Animated Series".

I don't find her a good villain at all. She knows too much for a child, but we're given zero information about her. She's just a Villain Sue, who succeeds because, that's the script!

And what's worse, they spilled the beans on her too early. We've known she was bad for weeks now. This was the time to flesh her out somewhat, give her a backstory. We got nuthin.

Bad story structuring with a flimsy villain again. It's the PoS all over again. Only this time, they made the opposite mistake. The PoS never seemed like a threat because Starswirl drove it away on his own, then it hid out and was swiftly defeated. It never had the chance to demonstrate it was anything more than a generic boss-level monster waiting in a dungeon for the heroes... which is pretty much all it did.

In this case, Cozy achieved so much so easily... and we have no idea how the hell she knew anything because she's so young. We've got nothing to go on. How did a child contact Tirek? How can she know this much about magic? Even Twilight, who TRAINED WITH CELESTIA and Starlight Sue didn't know a fraction of this in foalhood. So, how does Cozy? Who is Cozy? Without a foundation for a child being both so educated in relevant knowledge and possessing such malevolence... it's doesn't feel plausible in the least.

Friendship corrupted her. Friendship can be use for evil. I’m just saying that not everything can be good forever

ooooooooooooooo cant wait for more heehee

9161808 Thumbs up for the MIB reference

I like that we don't know anything about her yet.
It makes her that much creepier.

And even though we were told she was evil early, I like that that was the only thing we knew.

And I love how delightfully insane and smart she turned out to really be.
Because of that combination, she went from being a character I wasn't sure how to feel about to my third favorite character of the series.


In this case, Cozy achieved so much so easily... and we have no idea how the hell she knew anything because she's so young. We've got nothing to go on. How did a child contact Tirek? How can she know this much about magic? Even Twilight, who TRAINED WITH CELESTIA and Starlight Sue didn't know a fraction of this in foalhood. So, how does Cozy? Who is Cozy? Without a foundation for a child being both so educated in relevant knowledge and possessing such malevolence... it's doesn't feel plausible in the least.

THIS! ALL OF THIS! Cozy Glow MAKES NO SENSE. I expected her to turn into someone/somepony ELSE. I thought, "oh, here we go, she's Chrysalis in disguise," but NO. She. Is. A. Foal. Foals / Children are NOT born evil. She wasn't just born one day and decided, "I'm going to do this; I'm going to take over Equestria."

So WHAT... THE FUCK... HAPPENED to make her like this?

I think it’s bizarre that they would lock her up like that. I would rather send her to Sunset in the human realm where there isn’t m... Oh right there’s magic there now.

But I do agree it did felt it was to early for Cozy to strike unless there’s a bigger plan happening behind the scenes. Sadly, I felt horrible for the parents because they probably never knew anything about this... Though the question is where does she live because it seems like she is from somewhere else.

I liked the formal method of writing out Cozy Glow's crimes and look forward to seeing what else is done with this. Also just a minor thing, but wouldn't it be prosecutors as opposed to plaintiffs since it's a criminal court?


Frankly, I saw her as little more than an expy of Darla Timple from Cats Don´t Dance

:fluttercry: I’ll brake her out! Who is with me?

What is with the Glimmer-haters inability to comprehend acceptance of wrongdoing and rehabilitation versus obstinance and refusal to reform?


:trollestia: As I am not a monster, she will be released from Taratarus within a month, but then put under constant supervision and of course ten years community service.

Forget the timelines! Nobody gave a darn about the timelines!

You're welcome for favoriting your story; it is well-written, realistic and I like that intro!

Hey, maybe the CMC should be added to the list of plaintiffs!

Cozy Glow didn't need friendship lessons. She needed a strait jacket, a padded room, and a therapist. And even then she probably wouldn't have gotten any better.

Because you think she's too young for such a punishment?

Yes and also Friendship is power duh! Who doesn’t want to have more friends then Twilight :rainbowdetermined2:

But she gained friendship through unethical means.

Oh goodie. Equestria practices torture.

And it's wonderful to blame the parents when the author of the letter made it quite clear she knows absolutely nothing about them.

Nice. I Wondered how a Child could come up with this. I either had said having Lost parents to a Magic accident.

They should, at the very least, write back to Celestia and Luna and tell them the doctors suggested she be sent to the Friendship School, and who runs that place. And then perhaps where the court can shove that "personal opinion" of theirs.

Isn't tartarus unfitting as Punishment for a Child? That was my First thought After seeing her fate.

I wanna read more about this.

Well while finale portray her as the most enigmatic and unsettling villain in franchise so far, I have a feeling that she will get some crappy backstory and reformation next season.
P.S. What I really didn't like in the episode, is that this world is fragile as house of cards - you can get read of all magic in three days with use of six no-name relics, not all of which even look like magical artifacts. This is really stupid.

Bureaucracy at it's finest

To the parents,


In all seriousness though, either her parents are incompetent beyond all reasoning or Cozy was VERY good at getting away with everything and looking like an angel to the majority.

I was mostly jarred by how suddenly it cut from her being apprehended to being dropped in Tartarus. No friendship lecture, not even an attempt to dig into any backstory or where she got her crazy "friendship = power" ideology like Starlight and Tempest got. Didn't look like they bothered with any kind of trial, much less consider an attempt at counseling and reformation, just jumped straight to dropping her off in hell.

And I mean, it's not like she's a god like entity with power that can't be contained in any other way. She doesn't even have magic! You're saying there's no mental hospital, or some kind of juvenile facility to put her in while she's given friendship counseling? Is this pegasus filly really such a security risk that nothing short of Tartarus can contain her?

This. Twilight and Equestria in general have a bad habit of leaving extremely powerful magic items just lying around in the open for anyone to find and use. I remember bringing this up back during the whole Starlight brainwashes her friends episode with the fact that Twilight apparently just has those spellbooks sitting out on the shelf for anyone to read through instead of locked away somewhere secure.

This whole plot was essentially the equivalent of a highly talented but unstable 12 year old nearly setting off a bunch of nukes as part of a plan to become class president (thinking that was somehow a stepping stone to real president). Yeah, there should definitely be some severe consequences (along with the attention of some mental health professionals), but there should be a lot more attention paid to how the hell a 12 year old got the nuclear codes, and who left them out on the counter.

Personally, either Cozy Glow is an orphan or had come from a really bad family situation. Because I don't think she has any parents who care about her.


Because Equestria doesn't have any more prisons, specially for underaged fillies.

The Magical artifacts were all described in-depth throught the season. There's the Helm of Yksler and the Crown of King Grover among others. And Cozy will not be getting a chance at reformation. I can tell you that much already. I can't be certain about BugMum, however.

In Every Little Thing She Does, Starlight achieves the brainwashing spell by mixing three spells from three seperate books in a very ambiguous way. Nopony could have predicted that a brainwashing spell could have been created with the grafting of three seemingly unrelated spells, and as far as we can see, Starlight and Sunburst are the only ones who know how to actually graft magic like that. Sunburst understands the spells more, and obviously that rubbed off on her. Your analogy about the 12-year-old getting access to the nuclear codes is completely ludicrous, and it shows your lack of critical thinking, despite this thinking being applied to a world where colourful cartoon ponies run around and defeat evil using the magic of friendship.
Now, I'm not defending this horribly flawed excuse for a character here, far from it. I'm just pointing out some rather shocking fallacies in your argument that I hope you can correct.

Pretty sad story, but it does answer a question most likely on a lot of fan's minds. Very well written too.

I highly doubt we have seen the last of Cozy. So my theory is that she will finally be reformed. And then if you feel like it, you might write a sequel about her and her parents finally being reunited.

Good shit, mate.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and favorites!

Except all three of those spells she combined had horrifyingly mind control themed names if you have any grasp of Latin roots. They translate to "compel trust", "oblige", and "persuade". None of which sound like spells that should be left out in the open for anyone to pick out and browse through. She mixed three similar spells together into one extra strong one.

And your completely unbacked assertion to the contrary, the analogy is completely apt. Cozy Glow's drain all magic -> Trap Mane 6 in Tartarus -> take over school -> something something take over Equestria because she's the best at friendship plan is ridiculous but makes sense from the perspective of a deranged child with no concept of the wider consequences beyond their immediate goal (like the wrecking of the entire economy, the disruption of night and day, etc.). The drain all magic ritual is only possible using several extremely powerful magical artifacts, which Twilight happens to leave just laying around in an unlocked open chest in her office. Yeah, she got some directions on how to put it all together from Tirek (she's able to communicate with him so easily is another question), but I'm saying people have fucked up if it's that easy to nearly wreck the entire world. I guess an even closer analogy would be a kid 3D printing her own nuke based on pattern easily obtained on the internet and arming it with a bunch of high grade plutonium found sitting in an unlocked cabinet at school.

And you know they were in an unlocked chest in the first place how? As much as the writers need to dumb down the show for kids, there's no evidence to prove that the chest was unlocked. Besides, it's in Twilights Office for a reason. A better analogy would be one of the people responsible for handling the launch codes betraying the country and launching the nukes regardless.

The fact that we see it in previous episodes sitting open in her office with the artifact haphazardly thrown in? Not to mention casually using them as items in a scavenger hunt. It indicates an incredibly lax attitude towards security regarding what are supposedly very important national treasures.

9161877 That was a perfect example of how a child villain would naturally be treated by anyone with common sense: the thing is NOT a child, it's something wearing the skin of a child! KILL IT WITH HATRED!!

9161878 But the problem is, not a single protagonist seemed to even notice that A CHILD HAS APPARENTLY REACHED THE TOP OF EVIL.

And no one bothered to ask questions?

That't just bad, friggin'. writing.

Again, I can point to "Gravity Falls" as to how to do a child villain RIGHT, with Lil' Gideon. He wasn't perfect. Bill used him and spit him out. But we SAW the evidence at just the right times, we SAW him being possessed and then deceived. And we saw him realize it when confronted with the truth.

Cozy Glow has NONE OF THIS. She's just a shell of a person.

9161969 Darla had the foibles of a child. We also had a backstory for her, and her experience from a young age in the movie industry.

What do we have for Cozy Glow to explain her knowing ANYTHING?

We have NOTHING. Nuff said.

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