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And all your friends will be there with smiles on their faces.


Grief can give you new perspective.
Anger can give you new strength.
Love and wisdom abide.

Written for the November 2016 Writeoffs, where it reached ninth place.

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I haven’t much to say about this piece; unlike some of my more abstruse works it doesn’t need much introduction to fans of MLP, and it can speak for itself.

Thanks to my fellow Writeoff authors for comments and criticism on the original draft, and to Trick Question for prereading this revision!

Brava! Great work!

until she felt almost felt the flames flickering in her mind as a new power grew in her heart.

Love it.

Thank you!

Thank you! Corrected.

Very nice! I'm glad I've found this gem of yours, and I hope to see more from you. ^^

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