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This story is a sequel to The Rainbow's Surprise

On the day of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's wedding, Princess Celestia left Twilight a message saying that she should prepare herself if something happens. The next morning, Twilight awakens to find that all of Ponyville has succumb to a blinding fog. She must now travel a monster-filled town in search for her teacher and friends and try to return Ponyville back to the way it was.

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It's great to see this up here! :rainbowkiss:

62k words total?:twilightblush:


And its not even close to being finished.

352439 I'm intrigued . . . disturbing as Silent Ponyville is, it's a well-thought-out series, and I'm glad to see you continuing in!

I have one thing I must ask Jake. Well it's more like a demand. ^.^ By god don't hurt the relationship between Dash and Fluttershy. Because with each story between those two makes my heart explode with emotions. Just don't hurt it is all I'm asking. ^.^'

Twilight...Rarity...NOOOOOO! :twilightangry2::raritydespair:

352439Well i'm glad. :3 Because reading fics 24/7 makes you well.... read more lol. I can read 100k words in a sitting.

I'm sure others can as well. But I like sharing my thoughts because I have nothing better to do. Now enjoy these Twilight Sparkles!!

Son of a~ Great Stuff!! :raritywink:

I just wanna say, your original story Silent Ponyville is what inspired me to start reading fics

Also this story is awesome, like the rest of your series. :pinkiehappy:

Dammit, just my luck to find this 8 minutes before I have to leave for class:twilightangry2:

holy shit this is intense!!!!


Ha, I have another 30 until I have to get going, but it will not suffice to read this. So this fic, along with a glass of good wine, has been postpone until I get back.

This deserved to be in the top 5 stories of the day for the moment.

holy shit i read where she got the image of spike and half shit myself....... dear god what is happening to this once holy place?..........

One of my few reasons to go to Deviant Art has just moved here!!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay::rainbowkiss::ajsmug::trollestia::moustache:
Now I shall import a running gag from the DA comments. Ahem...
JAKE YOU FUCKING MONSTER!!11!! :flutterrage::twilightangry2::pinkiecrazy::ajbemused:

oh no......... This cant end well for her........ come on spike you've got to find a way to help her......... because if you dont........... all hope may be lost..........

YES!! Third one's out, call me weird but i like this series.

no man come on:applecry:........ why did she leave spike with that dude?:fluttershysad: come on maaaaan:pinkiesad2:......... and if i saw one of those:applejackunsure:..... 'things' wanna know what i'd do to it if it tried to hurt someone i cared about:twilightangry2:? I'd put away my sword and rip its head off its shoulders with my bare hands.:twilightsmile: and also, please message me and tell me what game this is based on, if any at all, because i want it it sounds KICK ASS!!!

oh wow some real horror for once. we should consider a horror tag instead of grimdark

Pls the mane 6 don't die , the mane 6 don't die , the mane 6 don't die , the mane 6 don't die .PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:fluttershbad:

Awww shit!! Apocalypse hunter tahm! With side lesbo actions! *flicks tongue*

It's on FiM fiction finally? :yay:
I wonder if it's finally updated too.
Damn.Well can't wait for the next chapter.I'm interested to see if Rarity is really dead or not.

I saw this and literally squealed. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Love this crap! As morbid as it is.

Darn... dis gun b gud! :raritystarry:


A few comments:
- Commas. Learn to use them correctly.
- We've gotten to the end of the chapter, which began by saying it was a wedding between 2 of the mane 6, and we still haven't found out who they are. Not fair.
- The battle between Celestia & whatever it is appears over, but we don't know if Celestia survived. Ya gotta tell us that.
- Wordy. The characters say a lot of things that we already know they're thinking, or that we can easily guess they're thinking.


1. Of course I'm still learning, that's why I write fanfiction, to get better. These certainly aren't going to be perfect, but its still fun to just enjoy the ride.
2. This is a continuation in the series. The Rainbow's Surprise happened -right- before this. Plus if you don't know which two, it's in the description of the story.
3. No I don't. That's part of the point of the story. Read more than 1 chapter please lol
4. If the reader knows something but the characters in the story don't, it needs to be said. We can't have automatic assumptions going around. That said, my specialty is actually in character interaction, which is why working on Silent Ponyville helps me a lot since it focuses on atmosphere and mood more than it does two character talking to each other.

I certainly love critiques to improve, but these seemed a little redundant heh. Thanks anyway though =3

Thank you so much!
10 spikes for you good sir!

First she was like::twilightoops:
But then she was like::twilightangry2:
After she was like::raritycry:

352892 This goes for me too. It's also what made me get a dA account, just so I could read the alternate endings, and that in turn made me want to start doing art, and well... that turned out ok :twilightsmile:

Also, question for you, Mr. Author, which I fully expect you not to answer, but I shall ask regardless: will we see more FlutterDash once SP3 is over? I really enjoyed the in-between stories, almost as much as the main ones :pinkiesmile:


The answer to your question is!




Perhaps! We'll have to see once SP3 is over X3

:pinkiegasp: A response!

Woo it's not ruled out!
Thanking you :pinkiehappy:

im scared shit less and this is a MLP Fanfic :applejackunsure: or maybe its cause its 11 at night hmmmm either way scary stuff man try not to give out free heart attacks :moustache:

This is so....INTENSE!!! :pinkiegasp:

For some unfathomable reason, people seem intent on shipping Rainbow Dash with absolutely everything. I just don't get it.


Rainbow Dash and this toaster. My OTP!

354648 I'll stop trying to understand.

Me: Twilight.Don't you die on me.
Spike : I'll never forgive you if you die.
Rarity : TWILIGHT! *dies*
Fluttershy(probably) : No...
The rest of the mane 6 : Twilight...?Don't die on me!!!
Twilight : *Rises up from dead*i7.photobucket.com/albums/y280/houseofgas/uguu.png

I must say while your writing in SP1 was good it has gotten significantly better as the series progressed and the way you have been Twilight's moral anguish is extremely well done. I can't wait for more.

wane twi entered the 2ed room all i was thinking was "Witch!":twilightoops:

Yes! Finally Silent Hill is back! My addiction of ponies and Silent Hill will be fed for now.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

While reading this, i:
Have nearly crapped myself
Had a few,"da fuq?" moments.
One time of giggling
But mostly on the edge of my seat.


Oh God YES! Its dark, I've had the longest day, I have the house to myself, and there is a deep bank of fog rolling outside. You chose the perfect day to post this... Well, you posted it yesterday, but I slept through yesterday, so it doesn't count :derpytongue2:

here we go again... Twilight welcome to the other side:pinkiecrazy:

I read... while I play unfitting music.

Do you have to read this in order, like read the first one and the second one and then this, or it doesn't matter what order we read this?


Well, there's a bunch of fanon that's been developed over the course of everything I have posted in my gallery. To get the WHOLE picture its best to read everything. However, I personally don't think its 100% required to enjoy the story, so long as you can accept that when they say something happened that it did. (cause it did somewhere in the previous stories)

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