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When an immortal loves a mortal, there comes a day when they must inevitably part ways.

It's never easy having to say goodbye, but you'll always have the memories you made along the way.

Pre-Read by: I-A-M, Uria, SunnyDays

Submitted for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings

To anyone who has lost someone, I hope that their memories bring you happiness. Continue to live for them, and make every day a better one.

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Sunset is accused of spreading everyone’s secrets on a Mystable page calling itself Anon-a-Miss, losing all of her friends and reputation in the process.

But it seems the school forgot one thing.

Sunset Shimmer isn't one to be easily broken.

A story dearly inspired by wanting something different out of the Anon-a-Miss 'Genre' of fics. Many are wonderful stories, but at the end of the day, most tend to fall into the same couple of tropes with slight alterations, and many of those tropes are ones I'm not terribly fond of.

So with my ever present desire to take a well trod genre and flip it on its head, I present my own take on this story, and one I have not personally seen. So I hope I deliver on giving you something different from the others!

Pre-Read by the Wonderful and Loveable baes: Uria, the Sacred Beast and Sunny Days

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In over a thousand years of life, a lot of things can happen, especially when you're busy dealing with things happening to you in the present day.

So many stories left behind, so many details lost to time, and so little time to depict them all.

These are short stories that help flesh out the lore and characterization of the story in Aria's Archives, focusing on the past of the Sirens. The lives they lived, the kids they had, the good times, the bad times, and more.

All of these events are canon to the events in Aria's Archives but are not required to enjoy the blog, though reading the blog will help with the enjoyment of these stories. You can read the blog from the beginning here!

(Tags and Ratings may change as content is added to the story, but I will try to keep everything at least relatively SFW)

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It took some convincing, but Sunny Flare was finally able to get her girlfriend Sunset Shimmer to give her favorite game, Tales of Equestria, a chance. Now all of their friends play the game together and are having a lot of fun, but Sunny can't help but feel like she's a failure for not being able to keep up with the game's top-tier content and gear as a result.

Sunset Shimmer wants to make sure her girlfriend feels accomplished in everything she does, so she'll make absolutely sure that Sunny can get the weapon she's been dreaming of.

Written for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys!

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This story is a sequel to Silent Ponyville

Octavia is being tormented by horrific nightmares. No longer able to deal with them by herself, she seeks out the help of her sister.

After all, Pinkie had suffered from nightmares just like this, so she must know how to get rid of them. But will that have been the best decision when she finds herself alone in an abandoned, fog filled Ponyville?

Silent Ponyville 4 is a DIRECT sequel to Silent Ponyville . You do not have to have read Silent Ponyville 2 or 3 to understand this story as events from those stories are not referenced. Spoilers for Silent Ponyville if you don't read it first.

Significant Note: The Silent Ponyville Universe follows a pre-Season 2 headcanon that Pinkie Pie and Octavia were sisters (as Octavia's colors looked very similar to Marble Pie's as a filly). So sorry if that is confusing to newcomers to the story!

Audio Book Version Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbRIyRQZ9Iw

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Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are best friends. They have been best friends for as long as they could remember.

But something happened one day. Something that made Rainbow Dash realize just how important Fluttershy really was to her.

1st person perspective from the eyes of Rainbow Dash.

A personal headcanon story that I've been mulling around for a while about Equestria Girls, that I finally got to writing. And you can thank the FlutterDash group's 'Change' contest for inspiring me to finally get it down into words.

Warning: Contains themes of abuse

*Featured October 3rd, 2016* Thank you for the feature~ It always means a lot to me!

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Ever since the events of Camp Everfree, Twilight Sparkle hasn't been single. But she didn't end up in a relationship with Flash Sentry. This fact leaves Flash's emotions in a violent turmoil that he doesn't know how to deal with.

Perhaps the help of someone who was once close to him can help him come to terms with his emotions.

A one-shot idea based 100% on the previews for Legend of Everfree. I'm pretty certain Twilight isn't actually going to end up in a relationship by the end of the movie (call it writer's instincts I suppose) but a lot of people were already saying that they could see themselves liking the ship it presented. I'm pretty sure this fic will become pointless once the movie actually comes out, but until then I had the inspiration to write this.

(September 25 Edit): In a Post Legend of Everfree World: Wow, I can't believe how prophetic this fic became lol

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Today is the day. You've watched her, you've pined for her, you've cared about her, and you've loved her for longer than you can remember. You've longed to hold her in your arms, to caress her, to kiss her, to make her feel like the most important girl in the universe, and more importantly, to make her yours.

So with that in mind, you know that today has to be the day. Today will be the day you confess your love to Sunny Flare.

A gift fic to my friend Kul in appreciation for all the hard work he's done for me. They also did the art~

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Octavia returns to her apartment complex after having finished her concert tour with her band. She heads up to her small apartment looking forward to a comfortable night of rest and relaxation in her home.

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Spoilers for Silent Ponyville 1

Two years after Pinkie and Octavia left home, the Pies felt the house had grown too quiet and they missed raising their kids. So when they agreed to have another, they made sure to inform their daughters the moment they could meet her.

Years later, Pinkie is celebrating her baby sister's birthday when her baby sister asks her about their other sister, the sister she never had a chance to meet.

An experimental One-Shot about introducing Maud to the Silent Ponyville universe.

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