• Published 15th Aug 2019
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Role Reversal - SamRose

Accused of something she didn't do, Sunset does the only sensible thing to prove her innocence. Accept the accusations and flip them on their head.

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Winter in Canterlot had always been far too cold for its own good, and this one was turning into one of its coldest.

Sunset Shimmer slammed her apartment door closed, shivering as she brushed the last of the snow and ice off her shoulders. The lights of her high-rise apartment flickered on as she let out a cold sigh. A few steps led her to her heater, where a swift kick caused it to rattle to life. She rubbed her hands together and tugged her scarf a little tighter, waiting for the room to warm up as she turned and stared out the window.

She watched each speck of snow fall past the window, indicating that it was going to be another frozen night for North Canterlot, and she would have to pray that her heater survived the night.

A ping from her phone interrupted her thoughts and caused her to let out a groan. Digging into her pocket she pulled out the offending device and looked at the most recent update.

“Rainbow Dash nearly failed her test! What an idiot!”

“Like she’s the only one in school who gets bad grades…” Sunset grumbled underneath her breath, putting her phone away.

Anon-a-Miss was the terror of the school, threatening and harassing anyone they could get their hands on. It had started with her friends, and while they still seemed to be the ‘primary’ targets, most of CHS had been targeted in one post or another since then.

From bad hair days, to poor grades, to wearing the wrong outfit, to eating the wrong kind of food; it seemed that no secret too dumb or too small was safe from being uploaded for everyone in the school to mock and scorn.

The first waves of warm air washed over Sunset, letting her finally take off her scarf and slump against her couch to stare at the ceiling.

It had only been a couple of days since Anon-a-Miss had mysteriously showed up at school, and it had only taken two of those days for Sunset to be accused of being the one behind the website.

An almost laughable thought really, given that the secrets she’d had back in her hay day against the entire student body were so much worse than whatever petty gossip Anon-a-Miss was posting about.

But that wasn’t who she was anymore. She’d given up life as the queen bee of the school to have friends, to have a place in the school. Twilight Sparkle had seen to that.

Sunset had finally begun to trust the girls, even to the point of considering them as family. And then that family had tossed her aside. All because Anon-a-Miss was back to what Sunset Shimmer had been.

A bully.

She really didn’t have anyone else to blame but herself. If what she had wanted from the beginning was to be friends, she wouldn’t have spent years bullying the girls.

She wouldn’t have shoved Fluttershy into her locker, she wouldn’t have insulted Applejack to her face, she wouldn’t have destroyed Pinkie’s party decorations, she wouldn’t have sabotaged Rainbow’s soccer practices, and Rarity would’ve likely been Princess of the Spring Fling.

A long, groaning sigh escaped Sunset’s lips as her hand skimmed down her face. Just another day of her regretting the person she had decided to be for so long, and it having only hurt her in the long run. It cost her home, her power, and now,her friends.

“This never would’ve happened to the old Sunset Shimmer…” Sunset grumbled to herself.

That thought hung in the air for a moment longer than Sunset would’ve liked it to. It was out there and now it was floating around and she wanted to swat it away, but it persisted like a gnat.

Then it grew and took on its own form. Sunset’s face twisted, her nose wrinkled, her eyes squeezed shut, she pinched the bridge of her nose, and then out a long winding sigh as the realization was dawning upon her.

She was scheming.

And she liked what she was coming up with.

Sunset let out a grunt as she pushed herself up from the couch and made her way over to her computer, plopped down onto the seat and quickly booted it up. She went straight for the Anon-a-Miss page on MyStable and began to scour it for clues. Not for the first time either, but she was looking at it this time from a different perspective.

What if she had been the one posting these secrets? How would she be doing it?

Obviously things would be different, but the biggest difference was simply the scope of the secrets being revealed.

Not only would it have been impossible for her to have gathered all these secrets on her own, the pictures and videos were all from different angles and sources. The huge variety of sources meant that it was impossible for Anon-a-Miss to be any single person, and it only made sense if the content being posted wasn’t taken by Anon-a-Miss themselves.

In fact, the posts looked like they were being submitted to the website.

Submitted by the very victims the site was preying upon.

“Well now…” Sunset murmured under her breath at this revelation. “How did I miss that before…”

There was no obvious ‘Submit’ button on the MyStable page, and anyone who was posting secrets in the comments would be opening themselves to being flayed alive. But it was possible for people to send DMs to each other if they were on your friends list.

And a quick glance at Anon-a-Miss’s friends list showed that they were friends with nearly every single student in CHS.

“So that’s how it is, huh…” Sunset mumbled to herself, leaning against her desk as she tapped her fingers.

She sat there and she thought. And the more she thought, the more she realized she had more power to stop all of this than she had realized. She had options.

If the school wasn’t going to believe that she wasn’t Anon-a-Miss, then why fight that?

Sunset stood up from her computer and made her way to her improvised bedroom. She grabbed the journal to Princess Twilight and flipped to the most recent page, skipping past all the previous conversations the two had had about the Anon-a-Miss incident. She grabbed her pen, took a deep breath, then began to write.

“Dear Princess Twilight, Anon-a-Miss shows no sign of stopping or slowing down and no one is any closer to believing me when I say it isn’t me. So, I’ve decided to do something to fix the situation I find myself in. And I’m fairly certain you’re not going to like my plan, but I want to convince you of it, because I’m going to need your help to make it work…”

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