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Octavia returns to her apartment complex after having finished her concert tour with her band. She heads up to her small apartment looking forward to a comfortable night of rest and relaxation in her home.

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Oh, that title. You caught me at a terrible time. Gotta go. Still, that title...


Well played sir. Well played. But sadly this has to wait. I will read it in the near future though.

-sees title-
-sees author-

I get it.


I don't get scared in movies, or games, or books, or really anything anymore. I had childish and teen paranoia and fears at times, but that's natural. I remember the first time I saw the turn in that hallway and walked down that hall towards a buzzing radio. Each time the tenor changed, but one memory stuck out. Turn back the clock to the buzzing radio once more.

"Look behind you."

I froze. I was right against the radio.

"I said, look behind you."

And there's that terror lurking in the back of the mind. Each time through the loop, each encounter with the spirit, I grew more and more anxious. Here's the first sign of intelligence, of malevolence. It knows I am there. It's giving me a command in that damned place. Dare I turn around and comply, or do not and risk earning its wrath? It was one of the few times that genuinely scared me to my core.

You've seen me around, so you're aware I love the Silent Ponyville stories. I haven't played the Silent Hill games, but I do love PT. I had no idea what to expect here, but I liked seeing Octavia's tag. I'm fond of supporting characters, and with my love of PT, I was intrigued about where this would go.

I do have four primary qualms with this story. The first is that it is PT. Not PT-like, PT, and not necessarily in a good way. The teaser had its graphics helping it tell the story, and reading is not the same as experiencing. I find fault in this for being near identical to PT itself. The domestic abuse, looping hallway, Lisa, the message, the baby; it's exact in every way. I can't tell if the symbolism is for this story or Jarith in PT. There's taking little bits and expanding on them or changing some things to better suit the word at large, but this story is PT in every respect; it doesn't try to be its own thing.

Next is the slight dissonance in location.Silent Hill and Ponyville both have recognizable locations. As Octavia falls asleep, we see the world as a whole change as she just wakes up in another place. It bears some semblance of her place, but there's enough differences to give the impression its not. Part of the horror is seeing familiar things being twisted, the 'you go home and find out everything's been replaced with an exact copy' kind of horror. Here we have the excess bottles, the broadcasts, an unknown mare and filly; there's just enough to suggest it's not the same place. It becomes a sort of kidnapping/horror house type of place and not her own bastardized home.

Now as someone who's seen PT, it's predictable. That's what killed a lot of the tension for me; I knew what was going to happen. Granted, I did get some stirrings when the bathroom door opened and that damned radio said "Look behind you.", but I felt it all coming beat for beat.

It didn't feel like it meshed well because, lastly, I wasn't sure what Silent Hill was trying to say. Show Octavia what Pinkie went through? Possibly, but I've never seen the place show that kind of benevolence, or try to speak to someone unless they were present in the town itself. Part of the problem here was mentioned in the first complaint in that it was too much like PT. We're getting Jarith's version or events and not an Equestrian and Pinkie's version. I like the touch with the message above the door as it gave some semblance of purpose for the story to take place, but nothing else seemed to jell together. I don't get a sense of why Octavia was there.

But here are the pros. I like Octavia's narration. I got a real dark chuckle when Octavia realized that even death wasn't going to save her. There's something about that resignation that's darkly humorous, and strangely accurate; if you can't die, make a note about it and utilize it. I got the impression she was willing to make riskier ventures because she'd be brought right back to the room every time. I wished there was more talk about Pinkie and Octavia's feeling about her, but what was there I liked.

I'm also glad that there's some branching from the original "core" Silent Ponyville". No one want to see a dead horse beaten. I'm all for more mythos but I think what started with Pinkie's tale has had a nice, long run already. I endorse seeing these little side stories, these branching paths and the fallout of the Town That Takes All.

I hope I didn't sound too discouraging. I am pretty sure I am physically incapable of disliking Silent Ponyville-verse. I've been here since you were Heritagu and beyond. God, I don't even know when I subbed to you. you've just always been there.

And for everyone else, a parting gift.


I completely get you with "This is PT but ponies" because, it kind of is, but I did that partly on purpose, partly because I couldn't significantly change it. Not because I couldn't come up with original horrors for Octavia to face, no those are coming, it's just that the horrors that PT presented were so close in line with what I already have planned, that they work perfectly with their subtle changes to fit Octavia's nightmares.

Really, it's in "what is different" for Octavia here more than it is "This is just PT". I'd go into more detail as to why, but I intended this to merely be the first Nightmare Octavia experiences, before we end up diving into the true sequel. A taste of what's to come, and more importantly, "I'm going to come back to this franchise with fresh ideas".

And one of the ideas I've had that has been developing, is just going back to the Pie family and seeing things from a different perspective, with some surprises I don't think people will see coming. So I wouldn't just look past this fic entirely just for "Having the same scares" as PT does, because I assure you, every single things Octavia saw and experienced is going to come back to haunt her in the full fic. And what I always love when I do a SPv story, is having people see those clues and piece it all together.

Thank you for being a fan, and thank you for supporting me all this time! Criticism and appreciate are both part in parcel of what drives me to do better, and having fans like you is what I live to write for ^_^

There are quite a few thing that I would like to say, bit seeing as how this is only the teaser all I'm going to say is that I have high hopes for SPv4 and congratulations on keeping this series alive for 5 years.
Oh and I noticed something, why do they always carry the lantern with their teeth when there's a gap behind theit teeth where it could easly fit?


Because I never considered the idea of them holding the lantern in their mouths where the bits would be held in their mouths lol. Horse anatomy, how does that work? (If otherwise stated I tend to think they have human-like anatomy, like teeth going all the way back in their jaw instead of having that gap lol)

Don't worry about it. It's not like I'm demanding perfection or expecting that you know everything that there is to know, I just like to point out little oddities that I sometimes notice. Though I must admit that I do find the thought of a horse having more human like teeth to be a bit...peculiar. (by which I mean horrifying)

Man.. amazing.

P.T. is one of my favorite things. I mean, it doesn't beat out kittens or puppies or whatever, but when I'm bored-and-want-to-watch-youtube, I love searching around to find people I"ve never watched play P.T. for the first time. endless entertainment XD

This was glorious to read. The perfect tension. The perfect respect given to the fear. The perfect nod to the game, while remaining unique.


It's time to reread Silent Ponyville, I think. But first, I've got to watch the rest of the show that i havn't seen yet. I'm sure SP doesn't have many spoilers for me, but after I read one of the fics that got me into ponyfics... I surely won't be able to stop there. <3

Thank you for this! I look forward to more... whenever that happens <3

You should put a sad tag on this cause there are a few moments in here where it really pulls at the heart strings.

Lime bit huh? Is there anywhere i can find a drawing or a picture of her?

I love the fact that the thing in the sink is a filly head instead of a fetus (that's much better).

Also I think Konami is having a really hard time getting there shit together so I don't think we will be getting an other game for quite a while so may I recommend a story suggestion or two? If you ever get bored on a rainy day or something you should take a look at some source material such as Silent Hill: Origins . If that's too hard (and I can understand why it would be) what about Silent Hill: Shattered Memories? Just some suggestions i thought would be cool. You can do whatever you want.

Great story B.T.W. :moustache:


I can see why you might think this one needs a sad tag, though I don't think this particular fic needs it. I will, agree however, that the full fic does need it heh. When it comes to Silent Ponyville, it's gotta hit you in the feels.

There is currently no drawing of Lime Bit as I just intended for her to be an old-woman OC really. Just someone whose taking care of the apartment complex for the last of her days heh.

Also whenever I write a Silent Ponyville fic, I played a Silent Hill game prior to writing for inspiration. I played Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3 in order as I wrote SPv 1, 2, and 3, and tried to draw parallels to the games with the fics. With 4, I'll likely play a Silent Hill game, though I'm definitely going to go off more in my own direction than try to draw too many parallels to it this time

7389885 Okay that's cool.

Keep up the good work.

I haven't read it yet but... Nuuuu!! I was write a sequel to Silent Ponyville 3 and wanted badly to publishing!! Now what do I gona doooo?! (Oh, over the top drama!)

No, but, sereusly, I have in mind a maximun of three or four fics. One currently in writing prosses and the other two with a global vision of what I planed to them.


Sorry to damper any plans for fics, I certainly didn't mean to XD

Do keep in mind though that most fics not written by me are generally considered 'dubious canon' as to whether or not they actually happened in the SPv universe (Reunion really being the only exception to this), and that I don't take any ownership over the idea of 'Silent Hill crossed with MLP' so really anyone can do the crossover if they so wish.

If you did intend to make direct sequels, then yeah that probably would run counter to ideas I have for the universe, but I hope you can rework the fics in a way that allows you to write them anyway.

Ah! no matter. I will still doing it anyways.
Hopefully the changes will not be grate, at a level to throw all the fanfics plans.
Still, I'll waiting for a new Silent Poniville of yours :)

Ah that was pleasantly bone chilling. Something about reading it rather than seeing makes me enjoy it all the more for some reason. At first when I realized it was P.T. with ponies I thought it would soften the blow seeing as I've already played it and sufficiently freaked out. But something about someone like Octavia going through this, just made me shudder still even knowing what was coming. Truth be told I wondered if you were going to kill her with the whole "look behind you trick". That bitch got me as well.

So you are going to be making a Silent Ponyville 4. That makes me very happy. Aside from you this gem here along with another good author by the name of KitsuneRisu, I don't have much in the realm of pony horror.

So it's confirmed Octavia is going to be taking the reigns with this one eh? If that's so, I honestly can't wait to see how Pinkie reacts to this. Oh boy the waiting is gonna kill me now.

With 4, I'll likely play a Silent Hill game

Just don't play Downpour, trust me.

Well I'm more than ready for your next one!

Bravo! This was a really good horror fic! I have seen and played P.T. myself, so i was actually expecting quite a bit of the events that happened within this storyline. Still, you did an excellent job of conveying Octavia's fear throughout everything, though there were times I felt her fear wasn't quite strong enough and wasn't emphasized as much as it could be, especially with opportunities for some moments of psychological breaks like when her neck was broken. THAT was intense how you wrote that.

I like how you brought back the fan-popular backstory that Octavia was the sister of Pinkie Pie, thus giving this story a different edge than what I'm used to in Octavia tales. Inkatessa Octavia Pie is a brilliant name. :) I feel so bad for Blinkie...

I really like how you did the repetition and played upon Octavia's intelligence where she was able to figure out how to interpret what was happening. I really did like seeing one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite video game...teasers. :P

I felt like some of the horror could be a bit more played out. My absolute FAVORITE part where you played out the terror was when Octavia discovers the filly's head in the bathroom sink. I expected her to see something like that, but when you described it, there was this visceral feel to the imagery that really hit home.

I think maybe the reason why I keep suggesting for more elaboration on this horror moments is because when you write from a game that has a set environment and sequence of events, I think the mind switches from coming up with deeper description like you normally would and goes into a more "reporting" phase where you're remembering what the game was like and trying to write that out like a reporter covering an event.

You did a great job setting up the environment. It really felt creepy, especially with the suggestions of events like the beer bottles all over the place. I would love to see how you do your description in other horror stories :)

I really like the implication you gave at the end as the reader is left to think of how Octavia sleepwalked ALL THE WAY DOWNSTAIRS and not only that, apparently screamed while she was there. The idea that she would move around the hotel in a dreamlike state is rather creepy.

I love the change of expectation of Pinkie's letter, where the cheerful bright outside of it is contradicted by the ominous interior letter. Such meaning there. :) I also like the suggestions you planted throughout the story that talked about how Octavia was slowly remembering what had happened in her past with her family. Very sad, but wonderfully done.

You did a fantastic job! Wonderful writing and very immersive story! An excellent P.T. homage. :)

Can't help but notice the 3 red circles you got there too as scene breaks:

fav and upvote!


Well the whole thing with Octavia being Pinkie's sister thing was because this is canon to Silent Ponyville 1, where Octavia is Pinkie's sister in that fic. And I wrote that fic between Seasons 1 and 2, so I decided to keep in continuity with my fics rather than alter it too much to keep up with modern continuity hehe.

Also yeah, I probably could have emphasized a lot more horror moments, but the entire point of this fic was to tease at the return of my Silent Hill crossover fics with Silent Ponyville 4 coming in the future. I'm really glad you liked it, I love getting comments like yours as they're the whole reason I love to write too! So I hope if you liked this you'll return for that fic too :twilightsmile:

Also yeah, the moment I realized I could use the three red circles as a page break, I couldn't not :pinkiecrazy:


Oh wow! It took me a bit to realize you were the writer of Silent Ponyville! I haven't seen that fic in years! I remember seeing it featured on EQD. Wow, I have to read it. I was too nervous back then to read it cause I'm such a fan of Silent Hill that I know what horrors have to await any pony who goes there.

But now that I'm writing my own horror fics, I'm finally in the right state of mind to check it out. I adore Silent Hill and ponies, so this is perfect.

And happy 5th anniversary to Silent Ponyville as well! :D

I thought of something. This could totally just be in my head, but the impression I got in SP3 was that Celestia's past is what was fueling what happened in the previous two stories, and Twilight facing it head-on basically defeated it.

So, I guess that's wrong? Or is what's happening here a whole new thing? Or would the answer be too much of a spoiler for SP4? =P

There was definitely some confusion as to what was going on in SP3. My original intention was that there was a force under Ponyville made from the souls of those who had died due to Celestia's wrath that was malignant and wanted to drag more people into it's folds, so they latched on to those who were weak and grew more powerful overtime. The Mind Delve spell was just a shortcut.

I've since changed that though. The power under Ponyville still existed, but how it came to exist has changed and it's not the only source for how ponies get into the Otherworld. It was more like an express elevator if anything. When Celestia came to Ponyville, it latched on to Celestia and used her immense power to consume the town in the Otherworld. SP4 will be quite a bit different but also very familiar in that regard heh.

7435873 Okay, I wasn't technically wrong then. Thanks for clearing that up ^.^

So the Darkness of the town rises again, with a new victim and old ties, new techniques and old shall both appear I'm guessing. Heheheh, Sure, I'll bite, Looking forward to where this goes next, cause a monster like you, never truly changes.

Octavia's our own Norman Reedus.

Color me impressed.

I have no idea how I missed this, I had no idea this existed until Chapter 17 mentioned it in a blog post. This was very well done, and confirms what I had always sort of expected, that the forces behind Silent Ponyville were not done. As of now, my only real gripe is Octavia's first name. It's not bad or anything, I just prefer Octavia being her first name.
I never got to play P.T. back when it was a thing, I made the unfortunate decision to purchase an Xbox One instead of a PS4, so seeing it re imagined like this is rather interesting. I truly believe that the Silent Hill series lives on in its fans, and this is proof of that.
Also bonus points for using the same imagery of the character walking alone in the foggy streets as shown in the Silent Hills trailer. Only thing missing was a Norman Reedus reveal.


Well, Inkantesssa is just one of those names that's from a super old (like start of the FiM old) headcanon about Octavia being Pinkie's sister. So to make the Pacman naming convention work, I had to give them all names that could be shortened into their joke names.

Inkantessa is Inky, and Bellamena is Blinky lol

Best way to read this series is with Ultra Dark and Monospace font, in my opinion.

Also I think the shittiest thing about the whole P.T. situation is that they announced the game's cancelation on APRIL FUCKING FIRST.

Nobody realized it wasn't a joke until the next day...

7940913 Funny story, back when I first read Silent Ponyville I didn't know much about the fandom, I actually read Silent Ponyville before I watched the show for the first time, so I always assumed Octavia really was Pinkie's sister.

7941309 That's actually almost the exact same thing that happened to me... I'm not really a big brony honestly, just a huge horror and Silent Hill nerd who kind of got into this fanbase because of the talented writers on this site...

A bit too similar to the source material for my liking, but I've already read your explanation for that, and I've been following this series for too long to let that stop me now. Bring on SP4. I'm sure it will be a much welcome distraction while we all wait for Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus.

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