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In over a thousand years of life, a lot of things can happen, especially when you're busy dealing with things happening to you in the present day.

So many stories left behind, so many details lost to time, and so little time to depict them all.

These are short stories that help flesh out the lore and characterization of the story in Aria's Archives, focusing on the past of the Sirens. The lives they lived, the kids they had, the good times, the bad times, and more.

All of these events are canon to the events in Aria's Archives but are not required to enjoy the blog, though reading the blog will help with the enjoyment of these stories. You can read the blog from the beginning here!

(Tags and Ratings may change as content is added to the story, but I will try to keep everything at least relatively SFW)

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Huh. So we have Adagio to blame. Good to know.

Congrats! You get a like.


Isn't raising Sonata already the same as being a parent?


Sonata is not a good mother.


Well, that's pretty sad.

It's really nice getting to see the Siren Kiddo Cousins interact in these shorts! The historical and parental aspect of the sirens in your comic is one of my favorite parts!

“I uuuhhh... I don't actually know how to have kids.” Sonata chuckled in embarrassment.

I've imagined once or twice the thought of Sonata having exactly that issue and coming to Adagio for clarification, so seeing it coming up here was a nice surprise :twilightsmile:

Oh this is gonna be a fun read i can already tell

And that people... is why Immortality is a fucking curse.

This is really interesting so far.

And reading the children of Aria bios. I find it interesting that since Witching Hour is this world’s Mary Shelley. It would be cool if there is a short chapter from Witching’s POV reading her novel to either friends/family and then she sees a hooded figure outside her house in a dark stormy night only for the figure to run away. The figure being Aria seeing her now grown up Daughter she abandoned.

Oof. I hope that was water water that spilled...

Welp. No siren is perfect.

For a moment there I thought things were going to go south fast...

Man, that's gotta suck!

half right its not full immortality as they can be killed but yeah even this form sucks


To me, it is only a curse if only YOU enjoy it, while you watch everyone else die.

Still, this was pretty moving.

Wait, complete?

I don't know when/if I'll update with more short stories, been kind of swamped with other stories and works. So I went ahead and marked it complete, but if I do write more down the road (which is a strong possibility), then I'll just toss them on here anyway.

But as is, all the stories are stand alone anyway, so they should be able to be enjoyed as they are heh

Finally got around to reading this. And I'm for sure keeping it in my Tracking; even if it's "Completed". There's always a chance more will be on the way. :raritywink:

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