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It took some convincing, but Sunny Flare was finally able to get her girlfriend Sunset Shimmer to give her favorite game, Tales of Equestria, a chance. Now all of their friends play the game together and are having a lot of fun, but Sunny can't help but feel like she's a failure for not being able to keep up with the game's top-tier content and gear as a result.

Sunset Shimmer wants to make sure her girlfriend feels accomplished in everything she does, so she'll make absolutely sure that Sunny can get the weapon she's been dreaming of.

Written for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys!

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Comments ( 8 )

Do the Dazzlings actually appear in this story, or was the Siren Gem in the picture a coincidence?

:rainbowkiss: That was adorable and awesome and I really just can't with the amount of squee going on in my body right now!! :pinkiehappy:

(My only real regret is not finding a good way to somehow pun about them both being named after the Sun)

That, my guy, is a solid and justified regret...

They technically appear, but are not actually 'characters' in the story. Also the Siren Gemstone is a key plot point in the story.

Glad you liked it! It was a lot of fun to write :twilightsmile:

It shall forever haunt me. Maybe if there's ever a sequel someday I'll think of it then lol

I am filled with gamer girl nerdgasms. The inner nerd girl is satisfied greatly.


Does giving up your gem to gift someone else their Best in Slot count as a marriage proposal?

:pinkiegasp: It isn't but it TOTALLY should be!

And you know a lot of MMOs have wedding options built into their games... I suppose I know what I could do if I ever do a sequel then!


Please do.

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