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This story is a sequel to Silent Ponyville

Octavia is being tormented by horrific nightmares. No longer able to deal with them by herself, she seeks out the help of her sister.

After all, Pinkie had suffered from nightmares just like this, so she must know how to get rid of them. But will that have been the best decision when she finds herself alone in an abandoned, fog filled Ponyville?

Silent Ponyville 4 is a DIRECT sequel to Silent Ponyville . You do not have to have read Silent Ponyville 2 or 3 to understand this story as events from those stories are not referenced. Spoilers for Silent Ponyville if you don't read it first.

Significant Note: The Silent Ponyville Universe follows a pre-Season 2 headcanon that Pinkie Pie and Octavia were sisters (as Octavia's colors looked very similar to Marble Pie's as a filly). So sorry if that is confusing to newcomers to the story!

Audio Book Version Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbRIyRQZ9Iw

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*sees new Silent Ponyville story, instant faves*

*cue fangirl screeching*


I was literally just talking about this series like 2 minutes ago when this came out.

*confused screeching and pressing of track and favorite* You just had to release this on Halloween :^) Hyped to follow the new story! All the Silent Ponyville stories have been absolutely fantastic!

Oh! This is going to be good, can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:
Also, the fact that there is now a pony version of Pyramid Head is amazing in itself! Yay! :yay:

Ok, I'm sticking around for this one. This is gonna be good... *grins*

4 realzies? It's back?

Well now.

I love the recreation of Silent Hill 1's intro here with the alleyway. It was amazing in the game and it's amazing here.

ooohohoho yes :)
this is gonna be good

Happy Halloween indeed

Jesus, it's time to ride this train again.

Time to return to the Town That Takes All.

I am wondering what Octavia has done or scene to warrant being called to the town.

So is this gonna be like http://silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Silent_Hill_4:_The_Room
or something else entirely? If the ladder then, will there be multiple endings?

Holy hell dude, writing another one?

Excited af.

Great start to what I know will be an excellent story. Listened to the audio reading, and it was fantastic. Can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:

You have fantastic timing, I have been really wanting to read another one of these!
And now it’s with Octavia! I can’t wait to see how this continues.

...oh-ho, what have we here? A new Silent Ponyville? With a description hinting at some improvements, too.

I shall be watching this. And when/if it is completed, I will be sure to read and judge it against the originals. :trixieshiftright:

I'll be relying on the dramatic reading for this. But I'll be sure to give the credit here as if this were the original source (because it is).:derpytongue2:

Im smelling than this story take place at the same time as the events in Silent Ponyville 3. Am I worng?

Also, another Pyramid head ripoff? Realy?
Good begining though.


How did I miss this. Oh well, lets get this party started.

Wohoo it is baaack!

Great to see a new Silent Ponyville story from Samrose and its Octavia this time. What did she do to earn an visit to Silent Ponyville. Whatever it may be it's going to be another hell of ride. Time to count up your sins.:pinkiecrazy:

Maybe she forgot to pay for flowers she stole from Roseluck?

I can't wait for the next chapter of this story


Oh fuck now i'm going to be waiting impatiently for each chapter like SP3.

Fuckin'. Worth. It.

Welcome back, dude. :3

By Celestia and Luna's Non-Canon Mother ... this is awe~some! Even though Silent Ponyville: Reunion is my firm favourite of your series to date I am super curious to find out what is plaguing our dear Octi ... is it The Colt or some other awful trauma? :pinkiegasp: well I can't wait to find out! ... I'm awful I know :pinkiehappy:

Awesome as always and I'll see you ~next time~

Always a Fan ^_^

interesting how are you going to make use of the other npc's from silent hill 2 i look forward to what you write if you need a name for once of the npc's you can use mine "twisted dreams" if you need names keep up the good work i look forward to you next chapter. also tell guite seranade he is an awesome narrator and i'm one or his biggest fans

I was waiting for that whole back and forth of not wanting to use the little dream spell again. But the poor girl is already here. Damn, was not expecting that but I'm already in love. Didn't take her long to decipher the walkie but then she's a smart mare. Let's get this show on the road man i'm ultra hype for it.

Since she's already here I'm already cooking up some theories but I'll chill till more is written.

Good to read these stories again.

The fact that this version of the radio belonged to Pinkie and that in some way Pinkie was somehow able to send Octavia some help reminds me of a let's play of Silent Hill 3 I watched. In one of the parts, one of the players stated that not 100% of the powers that be in Silent Hill are inherently hostile, as it would be beyond coincidence to have every protagonist to find the radio, map, weapon, etc.

Finally another chapter and it was worth the wait. Not a bad chapter a griping tale filled with murder and mystery. An interesting read so for and this chapter is great and I can't wait for the others great job keep up the good work.

No, it would have had to have been intentional. Like buying a candy outside the movie theater and then smuggling it in.

Yay! New Chapter Thanks :twilightsmile:

As I read the note to Pinkie, I was thinking "prostitute stuff," but really looking back, it could just be her party planning services.

Although I think it would make the story more interesting if it was illicit. I saw that "Sex" tag.


Oh... maybe she intentionally forgot to pay Roseluck? :twistnerd:

Interesting so far, I'm curious to see how this sequel is linked -or not- with the third chapter, since it also starts in a entirely different way from SP 1 an 2 if I remeber correctly. Poor Octavia surely didn't expect any of that after that train ride.
Keep it up!

All the different story's of Silent Ponyville, the're all great. Do you happen to have enough money to buy the rights to silent hill? Because you would handle it better than konami is... You know.....


Sorry.... Just needed to get that out.

I'm still beleave that this story take plase at the same time that SP3.
Still not giant dragon zombie, but that can mean nothing because Jake states that everyone experience the town diferently. In SP3 Applejack never encountered any monster when the town dawn inmerse in the fog.
So yeah, apart for the fact that this fic is heavy referencing Sillent Hill 2 (the game that doom the franchise from Homecoming on onward to be the same tale with diferent paint) this was a good read.


Wait...nightmares...why isn't Luna stepping in?

This series was written before Luna was shown to be able to interfere in dreams

Hooray,good to see your still moving forward.

Oh man, so we're actually getting bosses this time around. Poor Octavia, guess that's what happens though when you get the fourth installment and all the previous experience that comes with it.

So happy to see another chapter of this come out, I didn't think you'd be dropping it so readily. You take care of you and use all the time you need. We'll be right here ready for the next chapter to drop.

Glad your back hope you get everything sorted out since this is the last silent hill anything I can enjoy (stupid konami)

This was a good chapter. i liked the part where the house Octavia was in was changing with each progress she made and her reaction when she finally made it outside only to notice it was dark. i'm guessing that because it's now dark it will get progressively more dangerous for her before it gets better. Good job on this chapter and i can't wait for the next one

Question is this following game timelines or different games ! used for effect

I'm watching, or listening to the reading on YouTube. LOVE IT!!!! So good, sucked right into the story. And the YouTube reading is great, love the images and sound effects.

Great chapter man.

*poke* Are you ok?

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