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Spoilers for Silent Ponyville 1

Two years after Pinkie and Octavia left home, the Pies felt the house had grown too quiet and they missed raising their kids. So when they agreed to have another, they made sure to inform their daughters the moment they could meet her.

Years later, Pinkie is celebrating her baby sister's birthday when her baby sister asks her about their other sister, the sister she never had a chance to meet.

An experimental One-Shot about introducing Maud to the Silent Ponyville universe.

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Oh I'm intrigued, but I'll have to read this tomorrow after work... Sleep now

Ok, I say have her cannon to your Silent ponyville stories! I'd love to see more of her in them... Her reaction to the horror would be interesting knowing how she shows little to no emotion, it would mostly internal dialogue for her which is ok for me.


I doubt I'd have her actually go through a Silent Ponyville herself, but rather be a support character in the lives of Pinkie and Octavia. However, the entire reason I ask if people would be okay with this IS because it's a retcon. And I know some people hate retcons and others are okay with them.

So yeah, having Maud around would just be a tiny retcon to have the character around rather than she changes anything super significant.

Early on, I thought you'd changed Octavia's name, but I'm glad you didn't. Tho I'm not sure how anyone could have gotten Octavia from Inkantessa, but whatever =P

It's kind of funny. At the end of the day, the one sister being Octavia is really just kind of a fun detail, but for me, it's always been a big part of Silent Ponyville canon--I'd be disappointed if it changed, even if it's obviously not consistent with the show.


Oh, Octavia is her middle name! Inkantessa Octavia Pie. I guess I didn't make that super clear in this story, but that is my headcanon name for her in the SPv universe ^_^

7354927 Could be that I just missed it. Either way, as long as she's still Octavia, that's all I care about XD

7354710 well I for one am ok with retcon's, I mean look I read DC and Marvel so I better be ok with it! also its not that big of a retcon.
if you ever do more for that SPv universe I would read it, even if its got nothing to do with the other realm!
id like to see more Octavia and or Maud in future stories...

damn Octavia is one of my favorites... why do I want to see her go and experience silent hill... wait... where is Vinyl Scratch in this universe?
maybe you can have her deal with it? Keep in mind the Silent hill games did not go in chronological order, so if the other world is gone then maybe place her story before that happened? also if you need an idea of why she is there then... Idk knowing her in the fandom here , there is an unlimited amount of things that could have happened to her in the past. she has always been looked at as a wild one... or maybe you wont make her wild?
that is... I don't remember if you even have her in your universe yet, been so long from the last time I read some of them...


Maud makes everything better. Make her canon. Do it. DO IT.


Vinyl doesn't have a specific place in the SPv universe. I also know that her and Octavia probably don't know each other very well here, as that was something I'd decided well back in SPv1, before I knew the fandom wanted them together forever. So for the sake of continuity, they don't know each other and Vinyl is probably just living in Ponyville.

That could change in the future, but we'll have to wait and see. I've got ideas a brewing for the SPv universe, it's just a matter of if I go through with them or not heh.

7355446 alright, whatever you say boss! I'll be waiting.

Keep her around. She doesn't really change anything important and it could be interesting seeing how she would react to this spooky stuff. She would probably terrify the other world :rainbowlaugh:

I love the Silent Ponyville-verse. It was the second MLP story I read and what got me both into the fandom and writing again. Knowing this, I am fully aware I am biased towards changes to the story.


I don't really like this story.

Small things first. When exactly does it take place? I know that there is an annotation that says present day, but even something like that isn't enough clarification in this set of circumstance. Is it present day in the show? Where SP3 left off? SP1? I'm not really sure.

Next, Maud's not used all that well here. Granted, I don't know how to use her in any situation, so there's that. I like her because she's like me: she cannot be paid to give a shit about anything. That lack of empathy doesn't help her case here, and it's further hampered by not much else being done with her. She asks what happened to Bellamina, and it's a valid question, but she's not quite as developed as she could be to invoke any feels. I liked that she was lied to by her parents, but it feels the only thing she has going for her is that she's in the show, and so she's in the subfanon.

Stemming off of that last bit and the most sever con to this story: it's not a story. It doesn't say anything, doesn't ask the reader to believe or change any ideas or ideals, or try to invoke any tangible form of emotional connection. The only reason it exists is to pose the idea that Maud can be a part of the subfanon. That's all well and good, but nothing else is done with that idea. I don't feel any sense of fallout here. Silent Hill is a place of redemption and punishment. Pinkie may very well have come to terms with what she has seen and done, but I don't get any sense of fallout from her experience. It's not affecting Maud or the world in any way here. This is a story that is saying nothing. I'm not against having Maud, if you'd like a clear definition of that statement, but I don't like how she's used here.

That's my opinion on the matter. For the next matter...

If you are planning further installments, well, Olmec, where do I go?


Seriously, I'll eat that shit up like peanut butter and chocolate. I do recommend staying away from the primary characters so far like the princesses and the element bearers, but I'd be all for the symbolism and horror once again. Trixie locked in her cart from the inside. The next poor bastard to have to talk to Darkarts. There's so many possibilities, but after SIlent Ponyville 3, I feel that the horror and mystique will be diminished. The Town That Takes All is now a known quantity, and the classic trope that there is nothing more terrifying than the unknown is in effect here.

Sorry if I came off as too negative--I really do love Silent Ponyville. I do endorse more content from you. In short, I don't mind the retcon, I'd love to hear more stories, but for this particular instance, I don't think Maud was used all that well. Tally ho!


Oh certainly not! I mean, literally the entire story is pretty much what you said. A little pile of basically nothing. It exists PURELY to be like "Okay, if I was going to introduce Maud to the Silent Ponyville universe, this is generally the niche she would fit in. Her personality hasn't changed, but her age has and she's no longer the big sister, but the younger sister."

She gets a little interaction with her sisters, she gets to know what happened back then, and that's about it. Pretty much the ENTIRE REASON I made the fic in the first place was just to be like "Heeeey, would people be cool with this small addition to the over-all story? Yes? No? Maybe?" It's really not a story in and of itself, so I completely get you getting nothing out of it, because there's NOTHING here xD

It's literally "Is it okay if I add Maud to Silent Ponyville? In a non intrusive way because she IS a retcon but a tiny one?" and the first person I pitched the idea to said "I'd prefer not to have the retcon, but it's your story" so I was like "Well shit maybe that sentiment might be reflected in others, I need to double check this before I do anything more with the franchise" and that's about it!

So far the reaction has been "Yeah I'd be cool with this" which is what I'm okay with. This isn't a full-fledged continuation of the SPv universe by any means, it's literally just a small slice of an idea I had to make a small change to it for if/when I do get back to it heh. If I DO do anything more with SPv, I will say it'll be after I finished with Fate/EQG though. I'm terrible at doing big fanfics concurrently and making Fate/EQG has been a dream of mine since as early as making SPv, so right now it's that stories time to shine heh

Building on the universe is very well and good though her suddenly appearing would be a bit out there. Though I suppose that's the whole point of a minor ret-con. Honestly I'm trying to remember when it was established that Pinkie's sister was Octavia (It's been so long since I read these. I might just run by 1 and 2 again cause why the heck not). Either way, the inclusion of Maud could add a few interesting extra excerpts so i say go for it.


Yeah, the 'appearing out of nowhere' thing was what I was worried about, and what at least one other person was worried about too, which was why I was testing the waters of it with this fic. Reception has been relatively positive though, and even the 'It seems odd' comes off as 'Not that distracting', so I'll probably have her around in mentioning or something, or if I do another side story in the universe I can have her mentioned heh.

As for when it was established Octavia was Pinkie's sister, it was in chapter 1 of SPv1, when Pinkie was discussing when the dreams started with Twilight heh. It's such an old headcanon, but I still love it, even if it's so non-canon at this point.

It amuses me how sharply canon and the SPverse diverged. Marble and Limestone have different names, one of them was merged with an entirely unrelated character because of old fanon, the other was murdered as a child instead of growing into adulthood, their personalities are different, and the sisters are all born in a different order too. Canon messes with older fanfics all the time, but it's actually incredible how different the two versions of the Pie family ended up being. The SPverse version was almost totally unrecognisable to me, going back to this series after it's been so long since I read SP1.

It really doesn't help that I kind of genuinely hate the canon Pie sisters that aren't Maud too. Maud is amazing and I love her, it was the entire reason I tried to fit her into SPv canon in the first place.

Marble Pie is just Fluttershy 2.0, completely unoriginal, and the way her hair parts makes no sense and looks terrible. If they had at least NOT given her that dumb hair stripe down the middle I would've been more okay with it, but they did and it looks AWFUL.

Limestone Pie is straight up a bitch who I can't stand, and I hate her hair EVEN MORE than Marble's. I don't understand AT ALL what was wrong with their old hairstyles that they couldn't just slightly modify them to be longer, or more distinct, while still keeping that 'We are a family that looks the same' thing going on. It wouldn't have ruined the characters cause it sure as hell made them just as memorable and caring without making them radically ugly. I don't even understand how they got Maud right AND got Marble and Limestone so wrong.

So in the end, I just love the fanon of Octavia being Pinkie's sister, and the girls having the names of the Pacman ghosts, and just how I ended up treating them in SPv. After all, the original fic was written with the intent of it fitting nice enough into canon that people could optionally choose to believe it was canon or not, and up until Season 5 when they actually showed up heh. So SPv is just an AU and I prefer it that way heh

Where does this fit into Silent Ponyville?

Huh.....wonder how this would play out in the twist ending where Pinkie was actually Bellamina. Regardless nice addition to the lore!

I'm all for having Maud be canon in the SPv universe, this was an enjoyable read, and I look forward to reading your future works.

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