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Octavia: Prodigy. Virtuoso. Artist.

And, no matter how much she wants to deny it, Pie.

I miss you. Please come home. I'll be waiting for you.

Originally written for Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Grounds #3.

Cover art swiped from Spittfire Art.

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This was nice. Really, really nice. Sadly, I can upvote only once. Oh, well...

Yes. It's a deep, emotional sort of fic.
And yes, you really feel for Octy by the end. As she's clearly kinda broken and alone, unlike Pinkie. And yet still so hopeful and cheered by Pinks.

But that doesn't mean the best part of the fic isn't still Pinkie's letter-writing ability. That opening paragraph is most excellent. And it really, really comes through as Pinkie. Even the parts where it gets more serious. :twilightsmile:

It certainly a good idea. I liked the fic. Would be interesting to see more

I really liked this fic and I hope it gets a sequel. I'd really like to see some interaction betweeb Tavi & Pinkie; as well as Vinyl's reaction to Octavia's family.

Ive alwaya noticed that one of pinkies sisters looked like octavia, it was just never confirmed!

Cool. Glad to see people picking up on the idea. I also have a story about this though it's more comedy. If any one is interested in reading it it's called Octavia Pie.

I like the consept and the story is good... Did not like how Vinyl was made out to be a druggy... But... yeah...

3805021 I agree this story needs a sequel! If for no other reason than to see V's reaction to Pinkie being Tavi's sister. :rainbowlaugh:

I think the story ended quite well. A Sequel would nice if done right but i do not feel it is necessary.

I enjoyed reading your story! In fact, I featured it in a blog post of mine. It's not much, but I hope it'll get you a couple of extra views. Keep up the good work! :pinkiesmile:

Much obliged! I'm glad you liked the story, and I hope you enjoy what's coming next!

(The rating change, by the way, was erring on the side of caution, due to Vinyl's preference for hard living and naughty language.)

Ah, that explains it. Well, Vinyl Scratch is hardly a good role model for younglings.

you know you could actually make a great story out of this if you wanted to because i sure would be interested in seeing what their parents reaction to her being home would be

Damn you! Th..this isn't an end! This is...-cries-

Very well done. Honestly this isn't as common as you think. I'm going to put this up as one of my favorite fics, along side the fic that talks about the third Pie sister who ran away from home to find Ze Magics

:fluttercry: Sniff THE FEELZ!!!

“Remember when I asked you to tell me how magic worked, and you said that it was 'a unicorn thing,' and that I wouldn't understand?”


“It's an earth pony thing. You wouldn't understand.”

Best line. /story
Can only go downhill from here.

Oh fine, I'll read more.

The squeal of joy that erupted from her very nearly knocked Vinyl off her hooves.

“Inkie!!!” she shrieked, flinging her forelegs around Octavia's neck and all but tackling her to the ground. Her straight mane positively exploded outward into a mess of thick, pink, poofy curls. “It's you! It's you! It's you it's you it's you it's you it's you!!!”

Oh god, that's cute. Painfully so.

Also, Pinkie is the only one allowed to use more than one exclamation mark. Well known fact.

“It's you! It's really you! Oh my gosh I can't believe... [snip 10k words] ...you're here!!!”

Holy hell.

Gummy he's the best pet ever some ponies think he's kind of weird but really he's just shy and they act like they've never seen an alligator before I mean Fluttershy keeps a freaking bear in her house but do you hear anypony complain no of course you don't

Totally the hidden gem of all that blather. I love it when Pinkie gets surly and snappish.

It began as a soft whimper of a sound, somewhere in the back of Octavia's throat.

Random quote to show that whole section.
That build up to the cry. The slow collapse. It's beautifully heart-wrenching. :fluttercry:
I really couldn't have imagined a more emotional resolution to things. It was so simple, but so perfect.

I wow, I truly loved this fic. It was so amazing and touching and I'll admit I cried! I love Octavia being Pinkie's sister and hate it never took off with the fandom. Your writing is top notch and just a pleasure to read. <y only complaint is that this is only two chapters! I'd of loved to have seen this go on and is more of Octavia reconnecting with her family, as well as Vinyls reaction to all of them. Nevertheless, this is going right to my favs!

I thought this was very good. I also spotted the Spaceballs and Chowder references.:raritycry:

Yay! Gave the 100 thumbs up

I've always liked the idea of Octavia being one of Pinkie's sisters... well, when I found the resemblance between them, that is!:twilightblush:

Kudos to you for writing this!:twilightsmile:

This is art... I've been meaning to read it for months... So glad I did, and I'm not surprised it has no dislikes.

Have a like, a fav, and a ribbon:

That was intense!
Great Story, though I missed Maud.

Just found this, love both chapters....I keep hitting like, why did it only go up once?!?! * mashes the Like button relentlessly*


Ah, this was so well executed! Makes me miss the times when the whole "Octavia is Pinkie's sister" headcanon was in full effect.

Author Interviewer

>yfw Hearthbreakers nullifies your story's premise but canonizes "the Pie Family eats rocks" :V

Did not end where I expected it to, but I'm glad: it means I didn't have to suffer through Vinyl reenacting Meet the Parents. Also, I like "Ingrid" as a full name. I get the sense "Inkie" was all a younger sister -- perhaps Pinkie herself -- could actually say of it when young. One of those nicknames that you get stuck with for the rest of your life because kids will be kids. :)

everything about that i love

The ponies I live with are the Cakes! (Isn't that funny!?) They own the bakery, Sugarcube Corner! They're REALLY nice, and they let me do pretty much whatever I want in the kitchen after I promised not to bake anything with dynamite again! I was sure that Pinkie Pie's Dynamite Donuts (“They put a real BANG in dessert!”) would be a best-seller, but I guess they didn't think so...

SHE WHAT!!!!!!!!!?

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