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Sometimes you come up with a setting for a story, a setting you really like the premise of. It has all the elements that you'd look for in a story you'd want to read, and you're ready to get invested in that idea. There's just one problem.

There's no story that goes with that setting.

That is what this compilation of stories is. Stories I wrote a prologue, maybe even a chapter or two of, but either have no idea what kind of a story I would want to tell with them, or where they would go in the future. I like the ideas enough that I wanted to share them, but want to let people know ahead of time that I'm not sure if anything will come of them either. Heck, If I get enough feedback I might even be able to be inspired to turn them into full stories, or if someone else has a decent idea for a fic based off of one of these premises, I might even let them use it for themselves.

With that said, those of you who still want to read a weird set of settings like this, I hope you enjoy what there is to be had.

Also all of them involve Sunset Shimmer, because I'm a little obsessed.

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Comments ( 11 )

Ok, this right here would be the best story ever if ever fully written! :pinkiehappy:

And then Joshy came and told her she can be part of The Game.:twilightsmile:
This one is sad, but is was good.


I really want this story to be a reality, man. This hits me in all the sad spots

I do like this story idea, it's a different way she could gone to Crystal Prep.
I have some ideas to suggest, Try to send as soon as possible maybe will help you continue it I hope.

now thise story would be awlsome, if you can can you countinul thise story

kid twilight gets lost finds sunset shimmer try to get back but cant, now this is a 1 of a kind story I love it. suck on what happens to twilight though but that the twist of the story. still love it thogh

now thise story would be awlsome, if you can can you countinul thise story

Ha, ha. Twilight doesn't know what a nudity taboo is.

I bet Celestia had a laugh about this :trollestia:

I just found this! It's dark, but I really think it's capable of a pretty great ending that could be both happy and sad ;3;
Are you going to continue this? I am so intrigued and it felt like such a shame to just leave it this way.
I would be happy to help in any way I can. But if you're not willing or don't have time to continue, that's fine too. ;v;

I put it on my "Read Later" list, but I've already given it a like because HOLY CRAP that's relatable.

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