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This story is a sequel to A Passing Through Kamen Rider: Movie Max the First: Sunset Over Zero

A lot has changed for Sunset Shimmer since her high school days. She's opened up a Private Investigation firm. Granted, she mostly takes on small time fare like following cheating spouses and looking into insurance fraud. But lately, a much bigger case has fallen into her lap. One involving dark forces that seem to be acting towards some larger goal. Lucky for her, she might just be enough of a gumshoe to stick this case out and take on anything they can throw at her.

This story is related to A Passing Through Kamen Rider. Reading it is not required.

Featuring co-author: shagohad12

Credit for new coverart goes to Malunis. Be sure to check them out.

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This story is related to A Passing Through Kamen Rider. Reading it is not required.

Really? How so?

This story is related to A Passing Through Kamen Rider. Reading it is not required.

Pardon me but, why do I have questions then?

It's set in the same universe.

Within the walls of a brick and mortar shop labeled Setting Sun Private Investigations, a young woman checked and double checked paperwork while feigning ignorance of her ineffective A/C.

But at least she could half boil an egg in the office.

Shoving one of the long, thin shavings into her mouth she savored the taste.

Well, at least we know she is good in oral exams :raritywink:

“That is my name,” the newcomer responded, voice even. “I’m tempted to ask if you’ve been fulfilling the stereotype of your occupation, if you have to ask who I am.”

I can so see the black and white here :rainbowlaugh:

I hope you remember where that is. You didn’t stay long, Sunset.


"No, my research lately has been more about the occult. Old superstitions, sacred grounds, rituals, demonology and even cryptids."


Sunset glanced down at her other necklace, the red feather seeming to absorb the sunlight. "Oh yeah, that. I've never really fought in that suit so I sometimes forget this thing is something more than jewelry."

Hmh, that is one way of looking at it.

Sunset narrowed her eyes, before taking a deep breath. "Sugar, you never saw experienced Riders in action before. The suit isn't something to break out at the drop of a hat. It's for fighting things that friendship lasers and speeches can't put down."

This is really getting interesting.

He was in a sharp suit and a tan tie patterned with black diamonds on it. Black hair was gelled back in a way that was stylish without looking wet or greasy. His features were angled, almost like his head was trying to form a diamond shape to match his tie and his pale eyes almost appeared yellow depending how the light hit him.

Yeah, why do I get this vibe from the guy?


“Of course, of course. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. We merely have to pen a contract the two of you can agree on. I wouldn’t want you two agreeing to... unfair terms.”

So, are we dealing with demons?

Ok, I'm intrigued where this is going.

She suddenly had the feeling that once she truly woke the power up, it would be like the myth of Pandora's box.

See what you did there.

Pulling the device close to her chest, she opened it, prismatic light pouring out. "Friendship." The light poured over Sunset, obscuring her from view.

Reminds me, I have to watch that again.

Magic. It burned through her clothes, through her skin, into her very bones. So much. Too Much. Much like when she put on Princess Twilight’s crown, she felt it begin to twist and warp. Something formed over her head, forcing her to stare out at the crumbling world through lenses. The rest of her body followed suit, the magic solidifying into armor.

Huh, so this is how this was formed. I think I get the gist of it now.

Examining herself, she found that her chest had a "V" of red and yellow feathers that went down to a point at her waist. Along the underside of her arms were more and gave her the appearance of having wings. She was now wearing a belt, the buckle in the shape of a yellow sun with a red bird at its center. Her boots now had a flame pattern on them and a heel in the shape of a bird's talon. Hands scrambling to her face, she felt out the helmet. The mouth area was shaped like a beak, though it pointed downward and barely rose away from the helmet. Finally, at the forehead, twin feathers swept backwards and almost formed a crown of her own.

Interesting design.

He made a point to state that it had a third helix.


Perhaps she would like to look over the contract herself?

Why not?

Anguis hissed, his body trembling. Jerking his head, a lump began to travel up his throat. Much too large for his mouth, his lower jaw fell away. The majority of a snakehead slid from his jawless mouth, hissing in fury. His right hand twisted and convulsed, the fingers elongating. They lengthened into snake tails which coiled around each other in a spiral. As the tips touched, they united into a massive rattlesnake rattle.

Pleasant, so we are dealing with body-horror? I like it!

Pulling the feather off her necklace, Sunset flourished it like a skilled fencer. "I dunno, I'll tell you if I feel like I'm about to face that." Putting the feather to her forehead, she once again felt the rush of magic. Fire cloaked her body, forcing Anguis to back away. The sound of an eagle screeching filled the room as the flames died and Sunset was left in her armor.

Huh, no Henshin? lame!

A hulking form slammed into her, bringing her to the ground. One of Anguis’s bodyguards straddled her body, an expression of pain etched onto his features. With a sickening sound akin to tearing paper, his body ripped through his skin. A plainative ‘baa’ passed his lps, his form expanding and growing until it had become a goat-like monstrosity.

I'm really liking the body horror.

When she sat on her bike, flames covered it and caused her to panic for a moment. When they died down, her bike had undergone its own transformation. Folded in wings went along the side of her bike and when she revved the engine she could hear far more power behind it. The kicker was the new orange windshield and the headlight area was now in the shape of a stylized bird head.

Transforming bikes? Yep, I like those.

“I don’t want to hear it!” Shining Armor snapped, grabbing her by the front of her shirt. “I don’t want you bringing more of that goddamn magic here! Are we clear?”

Shining Armor is a grump to Kamen Riders :rainbowlaugh: Some things never change.

You're better off thinking of this story as an SMT version of Kamen Rider. A lot of the more superfluous fat will be trimmed from it.

However, several online groups have taken to calling her Fenix.

Aren't they clever?

“A relatively complete guide on demons that ancient scholars and alchemists were known to summon,” Sugar answered, leafing through the pages. “But I think you should see this.” Settling on a page, she pointed to a familiar symbol. “His name was Botis.”

Huh, Demon 101 basically.

“I’ll be your assistant,” Sugarcoat said, gesturing to some open space by the door. “You’ll need someone who knows about these types of things.”

Huh, Sugarcoat? Neat.

“Nah, Ah don’t watch. Too much depressin’ stuff on there nowadays.”

While I kinda agree, hiding from it isn't better.

Sunset groaned, running a hand through her hair. “Are you asking to make a theme song for me or something?” She whispered, looking around the fairly busy store.

Ok, I fucking love this!

“Is it possible that Lemon is even more energetic ten years after high school? How does she do it?”

Ah yes, Lemon is great.

Her latest article was about a drug deal, before it even happened. We asked her how she did it, but dodged the question. I’m worried she’s gotten tied up in something, but the police didn’t find anything in a preliminary search.


“The hell is a thrush demon? That just a walking tongue covered in fungus?”

Hopefully, you don't have to fight that.

Shining Armor has an interesting idea about what constitutes reasonable suspicion and probable cause, but it's nice to see n one is buying his spiel.

These backstory revelations are well-woven.

Just keep in mind, Canterlot's got a history of magic shenanigans that they're all hush hush about. Can you blame him for those strange ideas?

He used 'this person is good at reporting' and the word of some drug dealers to get a warent tk search someone for something that is not techically illegal.


Applejack greeted her with a bright smile and a tip of her hat. “We ain’t seen each other in months and the first thing ya ask is iffin’ I saved ya some booze.”

So, everything's normal then?

"Hey Big Mac," Sunset returned, cracking open her beer. "How're the wife and kids?"


Next thing you know you'll be putting a shotgun on the table while talking to the first boy she brings home.

Seems to run in the family. looks over to another fic

“Thinkin’ of poppin’ the question,” AJ replied happily. “Been savin’ up fer a ring and Sweetie Belle’s been helpin’ me plan a big proposal. Ah might be simple, but Rares loves big gestures.”

Huh, demons and AJ and Rarity marrying? You stole Ruin's notes or what?

Shining Armor savored a deep breath of nicotine, letting the smoke escape his nostrils. “Hm? Did you say something?”


Scoop held Sunset in a tight gaze before rushing to her feet. Holding her arm out, she brandished a taser. "Don't come near me. You even blink funny and I'll scream my head off, got it?"

Shocking revelations.

Cracking her knuckles, Sunset made her way into the building. She stopped in the lobby, looking over the room listings in the hopes of finding her demon. It occurred to her that she should have asked what name he’d have been checked in as.


The nearby window broke, several streaking forms pouring into the room and swarming Sunset. Warped caws echoed off the walls, sharp needle-like beaks struck at her armor. Sunset waved her arms, trying to knock away the rats with wings.

Birdamic, staring Sunset Shimmer.

“In fact, I’ll send you along right now!” The wings flapped taking her into the air. Once she rose up high above him, she dove down, poising her leg for a kick, fire erupting around her foot.

Ah, there is the Rider Kick.

Sighing in relief, she didn't even take a moment to examine the symbol, she needed to get back to her bike before cops could swarm the area. As the adrenaline ebbed, the pain in her shoulder throbbed into existence.

Huh, who left this gun here?

Coming to a stop, Sugarcoat’s voice faded out into an indistinct whine. Staying upright became a challenge, one Sunset had become too tired to overcome. Weakly kicking the kickstand into place, she fell off her bike and onto the parking lot.

That could have gone better.

So, question, is the Cross of Fire in effect for this? Because until now, I can't see it.

I haven't really read anything of Ruin's but the EQG writers have more or less confirmed that RariJack is canon in EQG. As for the Cross of Fire, no. It is not in affect for this story.


I haven't really read anything of Ruin's but the EQG writers have more or less confirmed that RariJack is canon in EQG.

That was more a joke aimed at Thunder, he got it.

As for the Cross of Fire, no. It is not in affect for this story.

Huh... Ok then... Though if I'm honest, it's one of the most important aspects of Kamen Rider and in some way persists in most seasons, the only three that would come to mind where that isn't the case would be Hibiki, but they went with a Ying and Yang role for the heroes and monsters there so it's there in a way and Super One and X Rider, both having powers, not from the evil organizations, they were still targeted by them for it, but in every other part of the series it's a huge part of the idea. Without it, a huge part of Rider kinda is missing...

I don't really think so. And even then, there are a few riders who, logically, shouldn't be affected by it at all like Agito and Fourze.

Agito was empowered by the Overlord of Light who was previously an Ell of the Overlord of Darkness.

And Fourze, as well as the Zodiarts, are powered by Cosmic Energy making their power the same.

Fourze and the Zodiarts both created their powers based off the Core Switch, which in and of itself is not evil. So no, Fourze would be immune because his power source is not evil.

They still use the same power. The Cross of Fire still applies. The entire point of it is that power itself isn't good or evil but the way it's used is, so yes Fourze is an excellent example.

Either way, it doesn't apply to this story.

She grabbed it and greedily drank from it. The water inside was room temperature, but she didn't care.

Is actually far better for you anyway than cold water.

"However, videos have been found that put Fenix on the scene. Including one that show her fending off sword strikes seemingly appearing from a cloud of birds."

And now Fluttershy is gonna find out... Great.

"Good because I'm pretty sure my insurance is not gonna like covering this and I'm gonna need the money," Sunset replied with a sheepish grin.

The Amerikan healthcare system, a fucking disgrace.

Rubbing her neck, Sunset chuckled weakly. “Yeah well, when you have a small stock pile of gold coins, it helps a lot.”

Where the fuck did she get those?

"Hey, Spike, good to hear your voice," Sunset greeted, letting her jacket drape over her lap. "How are you?"

“I’m doing well. Gabby and I just got back from apartment browsing.”


Huh, human Spike? Ok

“I’ve got a blanket and hospital gown on,” Sunset answered. “What? Did you think I was gonna host a nudist party in here as soon as I woke up?”

I know A sunset that would totally do that.

And Twi's disappearance had nothing to do with magic!

Oh? She's not dead? Interesting. Hmh... You know, since this is somehow connected to APTKR, I think I know where this is going.

“Isn’t a missing pet beneath us?” Sugarcoat asked. “We have hit a certain... standard.”

Never work under Akiko then, she'll shove this on you regardless.

"Okay, but if he offers me a puzzle box or monkey's paw I'm bailing on you."

We have such sights to show you!

“The scanner is for ghosts,” Ray dismissed, waving his hand. “I’d have to completely redesign it if I wanted to have it detect demons. However, I might be able to make some new aura goggles for you. Something to see the divine spark, perhaps?”

Was the detector build by a certain Akari or what?

“The Goddess could not bring herself to harm her creations, so she empowered a mortal to do so. The greatest of the angels, the Light-Bringing, was felled by the champion, and the angels were placed in what we know as Hell. The Goddess wept, having blamed herself for cursing her angels so. She wept for so long, and so hard, that she crumbled away to dust.”

Should have drunken her daily water and this wouldn't have happened.

Nothing from APTKR has any bearing on this stories plot. This is just the EQG world connected to APTKR's Equestria.


Nothing from APTKR has any bearing on this stories plot. This is just the EQG world connected to APTKR's Equestria.

So, we have a Twilight disappearing in a dimensional anomaly and this is not connected to the Rider that deals with dimensional stuff? Talk about a wasted opportunity if you ask me.

...when did we say this Sci-Twi's disappearance had anything to do with dimensional anomalies?

She disappeared during the Friendship Games, right?

No, she vanished about a year ago, Friendship Games was five years ago. How would she and Sunset been in a relationship if she disappeared during Friendship Games?


Most talk about Twilight and magic, in general, was about the Friendship Games and until now and we didn't get a lot on her disappearance yet. I just assumed the two were conected.

Well that bird is going to be served on Thanksgiving.

She could eat a peach for hours.

Alright, less than a page in and you got me.

Well Shining Armor hasn’t forgiven Sunset for what she did. I wonder how that effected Sci-Twi and Sunset’s relationship?

Shining Armor is mad at Sunset over Sci-Twi's disappearance itself.

I missed this, glad to see another chapter. And can't wait for the next chapter(s)!

you know, since you probably seen Helluva Boss, make Stolas super chill. Like he won't be an enemy, but he'll be there.

He may or may not have a "henchman" named Blitzo (O is silent.)

Great chapter! It’s always nice to see another chapter of this story come out, talk about a pleasant surprise!

With an opening like that, Sunset couldn't resist. Smirking she said, "Nah, but I was pretty good at satisfying something else."

Oh my~

"So an out of date pet food? That's definitely bizarre. You don't happen to remember where you bought it, do you?"

If it starts feeling like an adventure, you took the wrong turn at Interdimensional Albuquerque.

Okay, found his personal site and Bookface profile.

Ok, I haven't heard that version yet. Kudos!

“Hello there~ You must be like, Bramble!”


“Well, she said it was a half man, half horse,”

Now, the question is, a centaur or reverse centaur. I kinda hope for reverse :rainbowlaugh:

“So what’s our baddy this week?”

I see what you did there.

All the animals besides Winona burst to life, rushing out towards Sunset. Their bodies morphed, exaggerating their fangs and claws. Eyes widening, Sunset bolted towards the exit, still not willing to transform so close to the now demonic pets.

There is only one thing I can say here: "Who let the dogs out!?"

Her skirt changed, one side riding up her left leg while the right leg was nearly covered by the now feather-like design. Her arms and torso gained a feather pattern the whole thing looking like muscles in the right light. A long plume of a feather shot out from the top of her helmet, flanked by two smaller almost triangular feathers. The lenses of her helmet became more almond shaped slanting to give her a predatory glare. The entire ensemble was a deep blue, the feathers accented with a multitude of colors.

Neat design.

Pressing the symbol on her belt, now depicting a wolf-headed bird, water propelled Sunset upward. The water remained behind, turning to ice and locking the centaur in place. Positioning herself for a kick, water coiled around her leg, turning to a deadly spike as another water jet sent her careening back towards Buer. In an instant, she made contact, spearing her foe through the heart.


Sunset sneered in disgust. How could creatures so divine stoop to such things? Bramble was just a kid. She knew exactly why the goddess locked them all away. Kneeling down, she held a hand out. "It's okay, you don't have to worry about him anymore."

Aww, sweet.

“Nebula Breeze,”

Neat name!

Like the pacemaker specially designed to be MRI safe.

Oh, that's a cool invention.

There was a huff on the other side of the line, irritation plain in her voice. "Oh, fine and dandy. Just been enjoyin' retirement while my little girl was apparently in the hospital with a stab wound."

It was just one, at two I'd get worried.

you were the one that named a horse Captain Clippity afterall.


Ray spread his arms out, finger brushing against various artifacts. “All of this. You spend so much time here, you almost know as much about the shop as I do. Perhaps not about the things in it.”

That feels like a death flag here... Just a hunch.

Water powers are so easy to play around with. Plus, couldn't resist making the weapon a harpoon gun. :twilightsmile:

Harpoon gun, or trident, always a great choice.

Needs more Tolbins Spirit Guide. :rainbowwild:

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