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As a wise man once said, "Let's kill da ho. Beetch!!!"



This story is a sequel to A Passing Through Kamen Rider

Twilight's coronation has come and gone and the crown weighs heavy upon her head. Or it would if
it hadn't been stolen by a figure from Princess Celestia's past. Now it's up to Wyatt, Twilight, Spike and Daring Do are on the case to bring it back. But with a mysterious benefactor on Sunset's side, the task may not be as simple as grabbing it and going home in the time it takes to say, "Henshin!"

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Comments ( 2 )

Hoo boy, this is gonna escalate fast.

Also I imagine there might be more brain explosions than usual if Rider powers are shown as well as magic.

I can’t wait until Sunset gets her backlash. Hopefully Sunset will find her redemption.

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