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This story is a sequel to A Passing Through Kamen Rider

Twilight's coronation has come and gone and the crown weighs heavy upon her head. Or it would if
it hadn't been stolen by a figure from Princess Celestia's past. Now it's up to Wyatt, Twilight, Spike and Daring Do to get on the case to bring it back. But with a mysterious benefactor on Sunset's side, the task may not be as simple as grabbing it and going home in the time it takes to say, "Henshin!"

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 20 )

Hoo boy, this is gonna escalate fast.

Also I imagine there might be more brain explosions than usual if Rider powers are shown as well as magic.

I can’t wait until Sunset gets her backlash. Hopefully Sunset will find her redemption.

Hey, hey. I got it. What if... Starlight's Den-O? Or better she's Zi O?

Whelp time to wait and see what happens next.

Can't wait for volume 2.

What were your thoughts about this side story?

Thought it was pretty good. Not as good as the 1st book, imo, but good.
I...was frankly on Wyatt's side the whole time. It would've been easier to just have him turn into Kabuto, get the crown and leave. Unless I'm missing something that made it more practical at the time to do Twilight's plan. (I know they ended up helping in the end, but they didn't know that in the first chapter. Again, maybe I'm missing something. I am an idiot after all, lol.)
I like how you're further teasing and foreshadowing things to come here, like what exactly Somber's plans are with Violent Emotion Decade.
I gotta admit, I find it pretty hilarious how you guys just brushed off Flash.
I like how you had Snails grow as character here instead of just playing him off as just another dumb boy.
Overall, I had less fun with this than book 1, but it wasn't bad. I enjoyed it.

They went with Twilight's plan because Twilight talked him into it.

Yeah I got that, but I'm still unsure how that was more practical from their point of view.

It wasn't, it's just that Twilight convinced him to go with it.

Yeah, it's just the story seemed to present it as Wyatt being the wrong one here when he was the more sensible.
That's the way I saw it, anyway. Can't wait for book 2.

It was the more practical solution, but not the true moral victory. Twilight wanted to help Sunset along with herself.

(Ah, the legend himself appears!)
And they couldn't do it after taking the crown back first?

Twilight wanted to show Sunset she could win the right way. No cheating, just rallying people around her.

Ooookay. Doesn't seem all that sensible to me.
Personally, I think in these types of situations, there should be a mix of being practical and achieving the true moral victory.
This however, didn't really strike that balance. At least, in my opinion.
I do appreciate you responding to criticism in such a polite and respectable manner, though. A lot of people tend to not take criticism very well when they don't agree with it, and I'm glad you ain't like those people. 😉

S'all good. I wouldn't improve if I thought my work was flawless and shrank away from all criticism.

And I have great respect for you for that.
I cannot wait for book 2 of Passing Through Kamen Rider. Good luck!

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