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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.



Some time has passed since the end of the Friendship Games, and Twilight Sparkle is still adjusting, but it's nothing that Sunset can't help her with. However, something seems off when Twilight starts to have dreams. Dreams of a library with infinite books, and of a masked warrior who fought against monsters.

It is soon revealed that these were not dreams but premonitions, the power of the Earth has give birth to the creations known as Gaia Memories, and in order stop those who would use their power to hurt others, Sunset and Twilight will have to work together to stop it. With knowledge in hand, Twilight will equip Sunset with the tools needed to fight this menace, Sunset Shimmer will become Kamen Rider Unicorn!

"Time to restore harmony!"


This is a crossover of the Japanese Tokukatsu type TV series, Kamen Rider W

Apparently it has a TV Tropes page, go figure. Thanks whoever did it!

New cover art is fan art from pyropyre

And here's the theme song, Brave Phoenix

Made this to help with reading: Kamen Rider Unicorn Reading Order

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............... bro when were you telling me you were a fellow KAMEN RIDER FAN?!

Color me impressed. Looking forward to more. Also looking for anyone to do a illustration on Unicorn's rider design? I do commissions.

I like it so far.
Can't wait to see more of this.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8316984 You know after rereading that tag, I decided to remove it. Won't be any edgier then your typical Kamen Rider story from the TV series.

unleash the magic she had stored a device she invented

1. Unleash the magic she had stored within a device she invented.

Well, I'm certainly interested. They said that 25 memories appeared from the breach, which kinda implies that Starlight already had the (E) Memory before this. Speaking of that, since the Unicorn Memory was classified as T2, I'm assuming there's going to be one memory for each letter? If so, then (B), (E), (F), (H), (I), (L) and (U) Memories have been found, which leaves 19 left.

Aurora Borealis”, right, like that explains that thing that flew to me
Shining you’re sister has a friend over
It could’ve killed you as fast as thing was flying
with a white raptor that can through blade boomerangs
responding to it by putting on a fierce look and bearing his fangs
with Spike bearing fangs and claws, ready to fight
and I’ll personally escort them to the site,

1. Missed your opening quotation mark.
2. Your.
3. As fast as that thing was flying.
4. Throw.
5. Baring.
6. Baring.
7. Accidental paragraphing here.

every article of clothing that came up, and the image of Sunset’s…assists

1. Assets.

Oh, dear god. Shining Armor, you better not do what I know you are thinking about.

OK, honestly, I am enjoying this fic. And I will keep up with new updates. But I recommend Sunset find a fighting instructor. Sooner or later, she will face an opponent with skill.

A fantastic start so far. Though I question why Party Favor of all people has the LUNA Gaia Memory when not only it barely relates to the character, but honestly something like JESTER or JOKER,(no not that one), would match better with him.

If it was for plot reasons or just the illusion based abilities, it would have made more sense for a changeling based drive user to provide that role. Like maybe a human EQG Thorax, for instance?

Anyways still this is shaping to be a great story so far.

8318436 I tried that actually, failed. It didn't go as well as planned in my head to have each letter show each Memory, so I decided to have the letters represent a different segment in the story. Each T2 Memory will appear, but it might not be to the letter of the current chapter. :twilightsheepish:

8321550 Well, I thought about that, but consider this.

Kamen Rider OOOs had been captured by guerilla fighters during his trip to Africa, one could argue the ordeal made him toughen up to learn martial arts later on after he became a wanderer.

Kamen Rider W was a Private Eye, and with the business they're in, it could be argued that his fighting style was developed through all his detective work, considering possible street fights and what he probably learned from Kamen Rider Skull.

Kamen Rider Drive, well, he's a cop and most cops have some form of hand to hand combat training.

Kamen Rider Wizard, his fighting style with his sword is akin to that of Fencing. Whether he learned this after he took control of his Phantom or if he already was a fencer, not sure.

But there are others who haven't had combat training, and learn as their battles rage on through their respective series. Gaim, Fourze, Ghost, Ex-Aid, and Decade.

“Sure do!” Pinkie reached into her backpack and pulled out a gadget with a long handle, a square module connected at the end, with two long, wing-like prongs that had running LED lights on the edges. There was a screen on the module which rose and fell depending on where she pointed it. “It’s guaranteed to find weird supernatural stuff! Or ghosts, I never really read the instructions.”

Who you gonna call?

Looks like the school wants there money back for the damages
I don’t even think my family
The pink Dopant once agains lobbed orbs of light

1. Their.
2. Extra apostrophe here.
3. Again.


Kamen Rider W was one of my favorite Riders. As a fan of it, and Riders in general, I can honestly say you're doing it justice. I eagerly look forward to the next episode.


The Mysterious Phenomenon Institute, based out of Daitenku Temple?

anyone who could spot something amiss, it would someone familiar with student body
the device shimmered infused itself into her neck disappearing completely
Vice Principal Luna set it up a safe to make sure that
In Unicorn balled up her right fist, charged it with magical energy
saw Sunny Flare’s hand in this events as an act of betrayal

1. Anyone who could spot something amiss, it would be someone familiar with the student body.
2. The device shimmered then infused itself into her neck disappearing completely.
3. Vice Principal Luna set it up as a safe way to make sure that.
4. Extra In.
5. Event.

Later in afternoon all seven girls arrived
somehow she wind only served to lift her up off the ground

1. Later in the afternoon.
2. The.


Calling it now. And I have a pretty good idea who the culprit is...

I'm thinking more along the lines of earths sunset with the <gene> memory how else could she have made a pretty much bullet proof layer of glass over the pool or and I quote

Sunset glanced about and spotted the door that led to the pool, she dashed towards the door but for some reason, found the door completely sealed. There were no seams at all, as if the wall grew around the door itself.

as if the wall grew around the door.

And In the show the gene donpant turned a few potted plants in to a wall to stop people from leaving his horrible movie.

Huh, I didn't think of that. Still means it could be just about anyone, since the Gene Dopant could also shapeshift.

Oh right, I hadn't thought of that part :twilightblush:, so yeah I could be just about any any one with a agenda against her.

Really, truely loving this, but I do hope we might get some cameos from Shotaro and Phillip, or even Officer Terui. Even as minor mentoring parts or even by a bit of world hopping thanks to Decade.

Did the real Ms. Harshwhinny turn back to normal?

8392237 No, she went on to teach looking like Sunset :trollestia:


The effects had worn off after being separated from its user for a period of time.

Ms. Harshwhinny asked, her eyes bulging from her skull.
It’s triangular head looked up as
The Kamen Rider dashed towards the ice

1. Extra quotation mark.
2. Its.
3. Extra The.

You’re parents are probably worrying about you

1. Your.

I'm vastly curious as to what favour she's gonna ask of Sunset... possible comedic ties later? Hmm...

So we're going into near canon territory with the Money Dopant.

Love it, especially when you have someone like Gladmane the Con Artist as the antagonist in this set.

Saw title. Thought it said mumen rider was disappoint.


Sugarcoat's father is scum for trying to trade her. How's she going to feel when she learns that?

Comment posted by Michael_Ravencroft deleted Sep 3rd, 2017

Joker sounds more useful than it was on the show.

8405531 After doing research on the Joker Memory, it's been described as a booster. Enhancing reflexes, strength, and power. But I also decided to give it a bit of flare.


Which I loved!
Now I wonder what Sunny can do with 'Queen.' Hope she decides to use it someday.

“Ugh, what is wrong with me?!”

Sugarcoat: "Nothing. You're just gay."

That aside, another good chapter. Gladmane goes down, Sunset gets a new power-up, and all is right with the world. Except for the Dopant crisis. And probably a lot of other stuff.

One less problem to worry about, at least.

Don’t do that, you’re parents and brother love you
back and forth, ever combination she could possibly think of
with his special chips which will counted as equal betting
But then, flash of turquoise light
I ending this now, Gladmane

1. Your.
2. Every.
3. With his special chips which will be counted as equal betting.
4. But then, a flash of turquoise light.
5. I'm.


Fucking Svengallop.

I love the robot animals. Especially Dillo.

SCU? Does this mean Shining will become Accel?



Yeah he's a grade A douche. :ajbemused:

Thanks, I had been struggling with figuring out the particular animal robots, since W had four or five of them that they used for their Memory Break attacks.

Eh, not exactly. I have something special in mind for that Memory, along with another underrated Gaia Memory.

8409758 Oh there will be some retribution coming. :pinkiecrazy:

8409845 OH, Oh my sides, that link! Ha, ha! Okay, just for that, expect it soon. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm impressed. You really are on a roll here! I love it! Great Job on Kamen Rider Unicorn. BTW, have you any chance to have the police try to get more involved in these 'Special Crimes'?

That was an amazing ending for this chapter/episode. I liked the choice of music for Kamen Rider Unicorn song. I can actually hear Rara singing the songs.

Thank gods Svengallop got taken down but I wish Sunset got the Puppeteer Memory. I love seeing/reading the heroes getting new powers and forms. I hope Sunset gets a Rider ally at her fight against the Dopant and mysterious organisation PhoeEXE.

Great read. Thank you.

On the phone, the girls were bearing witness to a Dopant attack. The creature looked to be made of wood, with an X shaped plank on its back, the creature had blue lederhosen and gloved hands. The Dopant had a long wooden nose, and sharpened wood teeth, and dark circles with eyes that bobbled about. The image of this new Dopant made all three girls cringe, it looked like a demonic puppet from a horror movie.

Puppetmon? When did you get here?

The bike transformed into is supped up form
In a matter of seconds there as a great explosion from behind
Maybe you’re attack was so super powerful that it
Puppeteer, makes since

1. Its.
2. Was.
3. Your.
4. Sense.

My prediction for this chapter was that Sven was gonna use Rara as a shield and Sunset would get Trigger to beat the douchebag. But this was also good, not letting DIllo fall behind. Definitely a great chapter.

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