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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.



Tree Hugger, some called her a eco-warrior, an environmentalist, and a high hippie. But they did not know the real Tree Hugger, a girl who risked life and limb for the preservation of animals and nature.

Unfortunately, she risked too much....

But nature has a will of its own, it desires a protector, a guardian. The Green has chosen...

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Someone's seen Justice League Dark?

7997606 I got it, but still need to see it since I've been busy with stuff xD

7997611 It's pretty good, Constantine's good in that movie.

7997615 Good to here... Also, this

They’ll reject you’ll lose them forever
carefully began to left Tree Hugger’s body onto

1. They'll reject you and you'll lose them forever.
2. Lift.

do not waste your life for there’s
Tree Hugger's eyes shined read as she spoke

1. Theirs.
2. Red.

“Say, Shy-Shy, how’s your little bro doing?”

Fluttershy sighed heavily. “Zephyr Breeze? Well…he’s doing…alright, I guess.”

“He has such a free spirit, and that slight bit of stubble he’s got really gives him a mature look,” said Tree Hugger as she inched closer to the door.

Fluttershy raised an eyebrow. “Well…free spirit I suppose is a good term, but…‘mature’…” Fluttershy intentionally left that open, not necessarily wanting to belittle or bad mouth her little brother, however she did know him well.

“Not to say he couldn’t do with some proper motivation, and maybeeeeee…” Tree Hugger quickly reached for the doorknob and opened the door swiftly.

The result ended with a tall, lanky, young man tumbling forward until he hit Fluttershy’s bed. His hair was a sandy blonde, with a mint green complexion, and slight stubble on his face.

“A little work on the stealth and privacy,” Tree Hugger finished.

Zephyr, now upside down, turned his gaze to the pair of pale yellow feet now standing before him. He followed them all the way up until he was staring at the very perturbed face of his big sister. “Heh…Heh…heya Flutter Brutter…what’s up?”

Fluttershy growled and stomped on the floor as she shouted, “ZEPHYR BREEZE!”

Ah, Zephyr Breeze. The one person who can actually push his sister's buttons without trying.

“Chiron, Pan, Nymph, you made it, righteous,” said Tree Hugger.

“Demeter, early as usual,” said Chiron.

Ah, nice reference to Greek Mythology. Nymph just seems a touch too general, though. Chiron, Demeter and Pan are all prominent Greek entities, to varying extents, but Nymph?

So is this going to be apart of the firestorm story or a completely separate story line?

7997668 7997646 Thank you for pointing that out Sans. I have corrected it. :twilightsmile:

7998319 Yeah and I understand, but the Nymph's are elementals, Water Nymph, Wood Nymph. For the theme I thought it was implied, my bad. :twilightblush:

8000237 Some things are connected through the universes, Tree Hugger has a thing for Fluttershy, but the Tree Hugger in Firestorm Crisis is different. She draws her magic from the Earth, the energies and such. However (Swamp Thing) Tree Hugger is one with nature, and through The Green, the life force of nature itself. So while some things are the same, others aren't.

7998319 well nymph is a lot more accurate than chiron
Charon is a centaur who trains demigods
Pan is a god of the wild
Demeter is the goddess of agriculture
And nyphms are nature spirets, piss one off and you won't get what you need from them

BD out

If Tree Hugger became the guardian of the Green (Swamp Thing) due to her love of plants, would Fluttershy become the guardian of the Red (Animal Man) due to her love of animals. Or, in order to relate this to the Swamp Thing stories, will Fluttershy do something stupid years later involving demonic summoning and eventually become the equivalent of John Constantine, seeing as how, in the comics, Constantine and Swamp Thing both share a kinship?

8094714 Fluttershy's involvement will be more prominent in the later story arc involving both her and Etrigan. And one other.

Sombra as Constantin....... meh... i can live with that.

But the rest of the story..... WOAH!!!!

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