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This story is a sequel to Kamen Rider Unicorn

Sunset Shimmer has become burnt out after constant battles with Dopants and managing any magical mishaps that spring up. So after much deliberation, Sunset has decided to return to her home for a week long vacation.

However, evil doesn't take a vacation, and it springs up in Equestria. The organization known as Shocker, has set its sights on Equestria and threatens all that is good in the magical land. Fortunately, help appears in the form of the "Destroyer of Worlds", Kamen Rider Decade.

But what is Shocker's objective? Why have they targeted Equestria? Sunset Shimmer shall be tested like never before, against foes she has never encountered, see how her metal will be tested in Kamen Rider Unicorn's first movie debut!

Takes place during Kamen Rider Unicorn chapter Initiation

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Ambassador Hell walked down the halls of his lair, the Combatmen saluting him as he passed by. It took some time for him to adjust to his dragon form, but it was going to take him a little longer to accept the pony forms of his henchmen. For years he had been planning the rebirth of Shocker, but each time Shocker rose up, Kamen Riders would appear to take it down. So, Ambassador Hell thought of a different method, regrow Shocker in a different world, a different universe, and from there they would grow ever more powerful. For when the Kamen Riders, and in the unfortunate event, the Super Sentai, found out they would be powerless to stop them. No miracles would save them, not once they have taken the ultimate magic of this land.

OH, please. PLEASE tell me we are going to get a Super Sentai crossover involving Kamen Rider Unicorn at some point!

So shocker was able to turn this Cerberus into the one from Hercules and kingdom hearts. They're not only evil, but now they're stealing things from another continuity, is there no end to their madness.

Ugh! Decade... Sorry pal, I am not reading this one.

On top of that, there somebody or a group of people
Hey, you’re past does not define you
Don’t worry, I’m used it
Not say that these mares don’t either
I hope to have another visit from you, Princess, and you two armored one

1. There's.
2. Your.
3. Don't worry, I'm used to it.
4. Not to say that these mares don't either.
5. Too.

This is off to a great start & I love that Starlight & Trixie are a couple, that makes for some great comedy & awkward moments for everyone else.

P.S. Nice tease of Princess Twilight & Sunset might having feelings for one another :pinkiehappy:

Her mind did wander onto something else, that of another alicorn, a lavender colored alicorn. Thinking of Princess Twilight put a smile on Sunset’s face, and made her heart thump a bit harder. Sunset quickly dismissed that thought, but then the face of the Twilight Sparkle of her world came into her mind, and yet again the thump came back. “Stupid Rainbow Dash putting thoughts in my head! I don’t feel that way for Princess Twilight or Twilight! I don’t…they’re…they’re my friends! And I can’t like them like that, right?”

That paragraph gives me hope that Sunset will no doubt end up with either The Princess Twilight or with Sci-Twi thus creating a love triangle in the future.... Okay I'll admit that was overthinking by a lot but a guy can dream right?

their made from nothing and from nothing they return
was a load off her conscious
each one lead by monsters

1. They're.
2. Conscience.
3. Led.

Hoo boy, seems Wizard's nemeses are back...

8591160 I checked them from my phone browser, and my home computer, and they're showing up fine. I don't know what to tell ya?

8589882 It's al good, I don't expect you to. Decade was the first Kamen Rider series I watched, along with W. They both hold a special place in my memories so it only made sense to cross them over. But again, it's cool.

8590978 I had to, those two as friends is great, as a romantic couple they're even better. And yeah, gotta have my SunLight in there somewhere, right? :twilightsmile:

I see, thanks for understanding.
Decade was the third Kamen Rider series I watched. I started with Den-O and then wacthed Kiva, then my friend -who initially introduced me to the Kamen Rider series- told me I should skip Decade and watch W.

...Obviously I didn't listen to him and watched Decade.:ajsleepy: I couldn't finish it.:ajbemused: To me Decade was that bad -I even consider him to be the second worst Kamen Rider- and every crossover I see him makes me cringe.

But despite all that, I give you my best wishes with this story and hope to see more of your work in the future. :twilightsmile:

unfurled her right wing to wraparound Sunset’s body
Oh I’m sure their doing something
You’re booth awaits
the the with your namesake over there is a Zodiart
The Unicorn Zodiart raised it sword in preparation
I didn’t my first kiss to start like this

1. Forgot your spacing.
2. They're.
3. Your.
4. One.
5. Its.
6. I didn't want my first kiss to be like this.

Goddamnit, this had so much Sunlight teasing, my heart can't take me anymore! Let them kiss and become a couple! They deserve each other! And poor sweet Sci-Twi is gonna heartbroken when Princess Twilight wins Sunset's heart! :fluttercry:

P.S. Yes! Sunset is now Kamen Rider Wizard!

MORE UNICORN RIDER STORY! YEEEEEEEEE! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
A few nitpicky inconsistencies with Decade: His belt doesn't say things when opening it, his finisher is "Final Attack Ride", and the color is more of a yellow to distinguish from the salmon pink of the rest.

I've said this to people before, and I'll say it over and over again until the day I die: Decade got the short end of the stick. It was a really good premise, but it just released in too many parts. They took too long to really get the ball rolling. Keeping it short and to-the-point would have been so much better. I could rant on for HOURS about this, but the short version is better.

That is not Decade's problem. Slow pace isn't this series problem, that much I can tell you.

8594073 Ugh, I hate myself f9r that! And I went over the footage of Decade, and you are correct. He's quick with those cards and I missed it when he put in and opened the driver. I will correct the color, and make sure the next chapter is correct.

My apologies.

Okay, there were more problems than just that. But I still believe that's the main problem. A story too spread out and too awkwardly paced before actually getting to the good part.

It's okay. Like I said, real nitpicky stuff there. It's great, otherwise.

:twilightoops:... well... crap
Epic cliffhanger aside interesting seeing Unicorn and Decade's team work and interesting seeing Sunset having some conflict over which Twilight she likes more should lead to some interesting drama

Holy shit.... They lost the fight... And lost Scootaloo in the process... That Shadow coward take advantage when Sunset & Decade were tried from their 3 on 2 fight!

Beit for their innocence and pure soul
You’re from a world where here is a human counterpart
They eyes of everypony followed the Wonderbolts
There no sturdy clouds around them
most were blow away from the explosion
at least they knew that she couldn’t fly yet and would just be joining her in death
quickly erected a barriers around themselves
but due to the speed, it they weren’t able to get

1. Forgot your spacing.
2. There.
3. The.
4. There was no sturdy clouds around them.
5. Blown. L
6. Umm... Shouldn't?
7. Extra A.
8. Extra It.

Ok. That Mecha Unicorn thing was AWESOME!

Shadow acted like a smart villain. He let the heroes tire themselves out fighting weaker opponents, then he made his move.

You say smart, but I say Vince McMahon

I think we're gonna need some more riders, I vote for OOO, Wizard, Gaim, and EX-Aid.

WOW. This is getting good! That right was :rainbowkiss:SO! AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

That's kinda Shadow Moon's MO. He lets his opponents tire themselves out with the mooks before striking. Even for a good guy this is a smart way to fight when facing life or death. Why tire yourself out when you can strike when the other guy is down?
I vote for DiEnd. That way we get all the Riders summoned.

Oh, before I forget, I you should meet somepony
The closest thing I can describe it too is a wish granter
I think they’re knocked, but they’re pretty banged up
each one from the world known a Helheim
Like in Los Pegasu, this group pulled with them a large metal spire
Orion and Perseus focused their power into their swung

1. I think you should meet somepony.
2. To.
3. I think they're knocked out.
4. As.
5. Pegasus.
6. Swing.

This is going to be good! Can't wait for the final battle!
For this chapter it was nice seeing Sunset reconcile with Celestia and seeing Equstria's protectors not just the Mane 6 active. Sunset and Sunburst as siblings should be interesting and the appearance of the veteran Riders was epic.
I think my favourite had to be Meteor and Beast teaming up since they have to vastly different powers and fighting styles plus Meteor's newest admirer got a chuckle out of me Luna does seem to be his type.
Though I have to ask where are W, Drive, Ghost and Ex-Aid?

My favorite Kamen Rider is Decade out of all the Kamen Riders

so, only, Heisei Era Riders? i would think this kind of thing would be right up the ally of Showa Era Riders

Birth, Proto-Birth, Aqua, Meteor, Beast, Ryugen, Zangetsu, Gridon, Bravo, Knuckle. ON TOP of OOO, Fourze, Wizard, and Gaim.


So many Kamen Riders in one place (kinda) I've lost count! Let the war begin!

This has kind of been mentioned already, but the user of Durian Arms is Bravo, not 'Durian' Nitpicks aside, *ahem*

MOAR! :pinkiecrazy:

:fluttercry: why must you be so cruel to leave us on a cliffhanger like that.

W is not in this because I'd rather she not meet her predecessors...at least not yet. :trollestia:
Drive is not in here due to the fact that I haven't yet finished all of Drive and am planning on it soon.
Ex-Aid, honestly I've started that, I'm trying to get past that funky armor design, but I'm just going to have to if I plan anything else that includes him.
Ghost, well, I have something special for him.:trollestia:

And you'd be right, but Neo-Heisei Riders are closer to Sunset's age and more her speed. And by speed I mean have had to gone through lessons of friendship and self-discovery, for the most part.

Damn right it is. :rainbowdetermined2:

Fixed, this is why writing a story while working at your job can make you forget small things like this. But it's the only way I can write this stuff. But thanks to you my loyal fans, these little mistakes can be found and corrected. :twilightsmile:

Oh no sad flutters, next chapter will be up in the next hour from this comment. :pinkiehappy:

Sunset turned around and looked into the watery eyes of Twilight Sparkle, her mind briefly flashed and overlaid the likeness of the Twilight from the other world, an image that made Sunset’s heart hurt more.

That paragraph showa that despite all those romantic moments Sunset had with Princess Twilight, she still see the Twilight she (may) actually truly love & care for the most.

This action was a Glorious chapter & we're not at the true finale yet! Luna, Beast, & Meteor showdown was great, the Veteran Kamen Riders (unfortunately) reuniting with their arch-enemies once again & Sunset finally unlocking her final form was an incredible read!

The pegasus stallion out a yellow ripcord and inserted it into the Switch
However, they’re agitation for the current situation faded as they relaxed a bit
but I’m loving with this body is doing for my powers
to get read of the other power that might be able
took aim and fired a four energy rounds
“No, there’s only two of them, if we fight together we can win!”[/ b]
We’re in the way here.”[/ b]
and after a minute the spotted their opening and galloped for it

1. The pagasus stallion pulled out a yellow ripcord.
2. Their.
3. What.
4. Rid.
5. Extra A.
6. Broken caption.
7. Broken caption.
8. They.

and yet, Ichigo would know the most about Shocker, being the first,

No problem. Also, I'd like to blame you for getting me into the Rider series. Halfway with Wizard but finished with W.

8604923 Ha, ha, I'll take that blame. And with this post, this is the last of the edits for now. Again, thanks. :twilightsmile:

8615982 Sorry, they shall not be making an appearance this story. Maybe...possibly...:rainbowderp:


Kouta, you might have won if you were using your final form!

Also, this is amazing. Damn.

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