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I'm an MLP/Sci-Fi crossover writer. 'Nuff said. My stories seek to answer but these three, simple questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC5QT6CWiSM


A villain twice defeated returns again, this time building power through stealing magic. Can Twilight resist the temptation of forbidden power?

Alternate ending to "EqG: Friendship Games"; Kamen Rider Gaim crossover, Henshin One-Shot. Indented View format suggested for best experience.

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Comments ( 12 )

Awesome story

I say this could be continued into Legend of Everfree, with Twilight becoming Mars again during the climax and removing the Helheim Infection from the big bad.

I LOVE it!!!!
Nice work! Can we expect more from the future?
I am referring to more One-Shots, not a sequel, not that I wouldn't like one!

This is the first henshin one-shot I've read, now it's gonna be hard to enjoy any other one.

Okay, in order:


Hmm, that actually gives me a different idea…

If all goes well, there could be 2 more Henshin One-Shots this year among other stuff, but we'll see.

Um…in…what manner…exactly? Having difficulty deciphering this wording.

Well what I mean is that this is a really good one-shot, make others seem worse by comparison.

Ah, that was one of the things I thought it could be, but the wording was…"hazy". Thanks.

Yeah I could have worded the first comment better.:twilightblush:

This story was really cool!

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