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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.


Earth, the year is 2065. After a wave monsters from space invaded in what has been dubbed the "First Incursion", the world created a organization to stop these vile creatures called S. M. I. L. E. (Space Monster Interception League of Earth). To train the next generation of defenders, SMILE Academy was created, and it is here that they will be imparted with the knowledge and skill to fend off any hostile threat. However, an evil has set its sights on Earth, and wishes to initiate a Second Incursion.

But all hope is not lost, for one student, Sunset Shimmer, has the power to repel this extraterrestrial threat. Using her otherworldly device, the StaRaizer, Sunset will set out on her journey as Ultrawoman Aster! Now, if only she could remember how and why she has this power...

A story of discovery, of battle, friendship, and possibly love? It's time for the universe's newest Ultra Warrior to take the stage!

"Release the light within me!"


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The nerdy girl shuttered. “That word is like taboo to me, besides
The base a had domes structures built around it
but thankfully there were no casualties. After All the Goliath and Gungirs headed back to their standby positions

1. Shuddered.
2. Extra A.
3. Extra capitalisation.

Rainbow Dash was tan skinned girl with short and spikey rainbow-colored hair
[ i]Dammit, I have to pin him down, and I’m running out of time…crap!
but it seemed Zetton wasn’t completely done just yet. “Stubborn monster aren’t ‘cha?! Guess it’s time for the finale!”

1. Rainbow Dash was a tan skinned girl.
2. Broken tag.
3. Not coloured.

“You really want to create a counter measure team centered around that girl? Tia, we still don’t know who or what she really is! For all we know, she could be a far bigger threat than the Space Beasts themselves!” Luna argued.

“That may very well be the case.”


“But, that is precisely why I believe that a circle of friends, of comrades, can make all the difference in the world.”

Luna sighed as she joined her big sister, gazing at the rising moon together. “But a group of first years…?”

“A group of exceptionally talented first years.”

GO GO POWE- Oh wait, wrong series. Still, might as well put the song here for nostalgia's sake.

Well. I hope to see some fanart so we get a clear pic of Aster. Also, I am guessing Sunset is from O-50.

First Kamen Rider, now Ultra. You've got my attention. I look forward to seeing more of this.

I haven't watched the last few Ultra series, but do they announce their attacks now? Last time I watched an Ultra series, they were mute in their giant states.

Oho, the big bad surfaces.

Allies have started to gather, and friendships start to be forged. Just accept it Sunset. You're going to have friends, and you're eventually going to enjoy it.

We get team building exercises involving timber wolves. Sharing trust and secrets among friends. Zecora being cryptic and wise. And lots of innuendos. This was fun. I look forward to more down the line.

The Ultra series has been a favorite of mine since I was ten years old. So glad you’re doing this story!

..... you just gonna do Zetton like that huh?


I don't know much about Ultra, but after your work on Kamen Rider Unicorn I'm eager to see where this is going.

Phantom Zone? Don't they need to worry about Kryptonian criminals?

How's a forest stop alien monsters?

Twilight will make good on that offer of friends with benefits later.

So this is the power of Aster! An original Ultra or based on a preexisting one?


That Phase Space thing sure is a convenient way to have them wreck the city every episode and it's fine the next week.

They hire aliens? Are aliens allowed as students? Some of them live here too, after all.

Rainbow and AJ, huh? As humans I usually assume it's Rarity and Aj, but I'm fine with it.

Should everyone already know Aster's name?

And who is this mystery villain? The only Ultra villain I know of is Belial, so it's...probably not him?

Oh nothing much just Ultraman's version of DESTROYAH!


So Rainbow's half-alien? That's interesting. What's the secret behind AJ's strength?

“Thank her! I’ll freakin’ make out with her for this! Let’s go!”

I think AJ would have something to say about that. As would Sunset.

What's Zecora up to?

The forest is creepy. I'm getting a slight Helheim vibe.

So, I'm guessing Sunset'll get a new form for each set of friends? Though now I wonder if she can mix and match, or that's it.


There are Ultras who aren't from the land of light?

The Ultraman Multiverse is vast.

M78, U40 and O-50 are those with different origins.

Gaia and Agul are Earth origin Ultramen.


Amazing. The only Ultra show I've ever watched is the anime on Netflix, and I'm aware that's an AU.


Yeah, so my theory is that Sunset is similar to Orb, Rosso, and Blu. She was a human from that planet, managed to reach Hero's Peak and got chosen to be an Ultra Warrior but lost her memories.

It's bcoz her transformation uses two Ultra Powers - like Gai - and uses Crystals - like Blu and Rosso.

A mountain on O-50 with a large glowing halo at the peak. The one who reaches the peak is said to be worthy of the power of a hero. Of course, reaching it is not enough as proven by Juggler and Gai. Juggler reached it first but he was passed over for Gai who became Ultraman Orb.

So, it has something to do with overcoming the challenges and possessing the proper qualities of a hero. Although, I'm just theorizing based on Sunset's transformation into Aster and her devices.


I'm guessing Juggler wasn't happy about that


Nope, he wasn't. In the prequel, Ultraman Orb the Origin he was an ally. But then he became bitter and jealous of his friend.

But then from a villain he became an ally again.

9792962>>9793034 To answer yours and everyone else's, yes, Aster is an original Ultra I created, the transformation. She does take some inspiration from Orb and Rube (Rosso & Blu). And yes, she will get a new Ultra Coin for each set of friends.

9792639 Hope you enjoy it! And the more recent Heisei Era Ultras do call out their attacks. Along with newest Reiwa Ultraman, Taiga.

9792792 Thanks, hope I'll do it justice!:pinkiehappy:

Sunset Shimmer climbed up the mountain. She had braved against the winds, exhaustion, and the elements.

She had to get to the peak. Ever since she had a dream about it, she knew she had to reach it. Many had tried but only few succeeded. She wanted to be one of the few to succeed.

It was said those that reached the Warrior’s Peak could gain great power and she would claim that power for herself.

She soon reached the peak and found the large ring of light that hovered over it.

“The Ring of Light,” Sunset spoke and she reached to. All of a sudden, it blinded her with a flash and then she looked down at her hand as she saw the StaRaizer form. “Is this my new power?”

She received the coins which fell into her hand, the Ultraman and Ultraman Ginga. Following the Ring of Light’s will, she inserted the coins into the StaRaizer and became enveloped in light.

When the light subsided...she had transformed.

And then the light spirited away to a galaxy far, far away.

It was the only monster the original Ultraman fought that he had lost against. Zetton is the first thing in the history of the Ultra Franchise to kill an Ultra. Yes, it is a very big deal.

Like Hopelight said, Zetton is extremely dangerous and Powerful. Like nearing Superboss level for a villain. Probably the Frieza or Kid Buu of the Ultraman series compared to the original hero without any power up gimmicks to turn the tide for once meaning evil won if temporarily that a hard to find special was made to resolve it.



Huh. Well, one way to look at it is the Big Bad decided to break tradition and send one of the most powerful and infamous monsters in the franchise rather than just sending one slightly stronger MOTW after another after Sunset to demonstrate he takes her seriously.


Now you guys should know me better than that, let the story unfold and you'll see... :pinkiecrazy:


Oh my. The Tree of Harmony is the Phantom Zone emitter?

I suspect sabotage.

Good chapter. I almost suspected that the Space Beasts somehow sabotaged the Phantom Zone projector as a means to figure out Aster's time limit and recharge time. But the ToH needing a Sparkly recharge works too.

Next is what I believe is the Blue form made from one of the four blue Ultramen. Fluttershy grants Cosmos, and Pinkie I believe would grant Blu or Agul. So a water/healing form which hasn’t been seen yet to my knowledge.


They’re habitat is being threatened by an atmospheric
her legs loosing strength as continued to thrash
They’re eyes allow them to scan every small detail of another being
they’re shells are black as night
So, what do say?” Pinkie asked.
Sunset finished off two more by delivering a flying kick to its chest
Gomora roared, it’s mind dead set on destroying the perpetrators
I thought it was taking you bit when they were questioning you. Was that the reason why?
Tch, thinks he’s so tough just because he killed and Ultra once

1. Their.
2. Losing.
3. Their.
4. Their.
5. So, what do you say?
6. Extra apostrophe.
7. Its.
8. Abit.
9. An.

“Ah don’t worry about it, Sunset. If we were, the author would go into a detailed explanation of us undressing, washing our bodies, and getting into the suits. At best he’ll cut us off now or else he’d have to give this an ‘M’ rating.”

Darn it Pinkie.

“I can attest that I am unequivocally, homo sapien,” said Twilight.

“Hey, I knew it! Welcome to the club Twi!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

Applejack face palmed. “Not homosexual, homo sapien, it’s the fancy way of sayin she’s human too.”

Though, not mutually exclusive.

So, the plot thickens. And we get our answer as to how the tree's connection to the projector got messed up.


That's a BIG preserve. And I like the concept of it!

Nude form-fitting hazard outfits. Nothing sexy about that. At all.

I liked this version of Ocellus! A shame she couldn't stick around, maybe transfer to the academy. Now I'm wondering about the other Students...

So Flutters is a five-tailed alien wolf? Did not see that coming.

Did alien criminals often become giants in Ultraman, alongside giant monsters? Guess that makes sense. Can't expect Ultras to fight normal-sized crooks.

So Rainbow and Fluttershy are the only non-humans? (Other than whatever Sunset is) Darn.

Wasn't expecting the horned guy to be Sombra. So that WASN'T Zetton. (Sure you didn't throw that in because of complaints he was beaten too soon?) That leaves the question of the shadow and the girl...Cozy Glow?

Oh dear, more tokasatsu. Unfortunately I won't be familiarizing myself with the source material here as I'm still deep into Kamen Rider thanks to Unicorn (Space... is awesome!!).

I'm curious to find out if Sunset is a native or whether this is a full MLP crossover and she's still an Equestrian. And if so what shenanigans ensued that she became an Ultra after coming through the portal.

Glad Ocellus has found a place with the girls. And acceptance among the humans.

Looks like Aster's got her work cut out for herself if there are more of those brain-control bugs around.


Hooray, Ocellus is staying!

Given other Ultras clearly exist, has anyone told Sunset about them? Or reached out to them to see if they know more about Sunset?

Cool and.... I'm not sure how I feel about the whole reveal at the end.

Evil Lyra.... did not see that coming. Also jealous Twilight?

Y'know, as a biologist and a conservationist, I actually have a bit of sympathy for Xalex. The issue is that he's dealing with sentients, and taking them against their wills.

Surprising that Sunny knows how to play the guitar, but not unwelcome.

Okay, I can fly two people down, and then I can comeback for another
She brought the ship close to where the Goliath tanks were, sitting it down as gently as she could

1. Come back, two words in this case.
2. Isn't Setting better in this case?

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