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Many thought Chrysalis was defeated after being banished from Equestria by Princess Cadence and Shining Armor.

They were wrong.

As preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration are being put underway, Chrysalis returns to attack Canterlot. However, this time she brings along some new allies: Foundation X and an army of Kaijin.

The Kaijin prove too much for the Princesses and the Elements of Harmony to defeat. In order to defeat Chrysalis and her army of Kaijin, Princesses Twilight, Celestia, and Luna must summon five champions to aid in their battle.

Five champions who stand for peace, justice, and who will protect the lives of the innocent and strike down evil wherever it may rise.

Five Kamen Riders.

Original Idea by BronyRanger and FriendofBronies

Story written by BladeSpark and Michael Ravencroft

This is a collaboration between myself, BronyRanger, and FriendofBronies. All rights belong to their original owners.

Hope you all enjoy.


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...and once again I think, "why doesn't anyone ever just call on Kabuto when Changelings happen?" :rainbowderp:

Ah well. Followed for Foundation X. Entertain me!

Dang are you going to add the new kiwami arms gaim has. From the cover art and recent episodes I think it will be best to have him at full power here.good start and if those six are going to be going to equestria than I would like to see how this develops. Yes I'm counting Phillip. You are going to summon them in their final forms right that way shotaro won't be forced into kamen rider joker for this.

Comment posted by Kamen rider yokai deleted Jun 4th, 2014

4497343 No Kiwame Arms, for two reasons.

First, it translates into Extreme. Now, since the plan is for the final battle to have the Riders in their Super Modes, Kiwame Arms would be kind of redundant in the same battle as Double Cyclone-Joker Xtreme.

Second, the plan is for the Secondary Riders to show up to help out at some point, and even before Kiwame Arms made its debut, Baron had obtained the power of Lemon Energy Arms. Having him in that form would kind of overshadow some of the others.

Therefore, Gaim probably won't be going beyond Kachidoki Arms.

Now, count up your typos!

Guard, implement anti-invasion plan 759, NOW!”

Should be guards, plural.

“Yeah, but that was all spur of the moment stuff. This is something that's planned and precise. I cant' afford to mess it up,” Twilight said, her anxiety starting to show.

Move the comma between the n and t.

Before twilight could respond,

Capitalize Twilight.

As twilight read, her eyes turned to pinpricks and she immediately rolled the scroll back up.

Same as above.

Applejack used her hind legs too buck changelings into walls,

One o too many, there.

Spike was trying his best to stay out of the Mane Six's way

One space too many.

Chrysalis patted the creature on the head and said “Good work Hellhound”.

Move the period inside the quotation marks.

What I meant to say was the 'we' will take over this world,


However, you're changelings


You're supposed to be one of the rulers of Equestria and you just left you're subjects to..to....

See above.

“Twilight, as you know you and you're friends are connected to the Elements.

This Running Gag is starting to get a little old.

You yourself traveled to one when Sunset Shimmer stole your Element”.

Again, period inside the quotation marks.

Sorry for going Grammar Nazi on you, but this is a story that I have a personal stake in.


I've been waiting for this, and now it's finally here! Now, let's ride!

EDIT: Given the current situation, I'd say this song fits the mood perfectly.

It begins, and it shall be glorious


Of course Philip will summoned to Equestria with Shotaro. After all, the latter can't transform into Double without the former.


I think I can give 2 more reasons for why Kachidoki Arms will be used in place of Kiwami Arms:
1. The Final Forms of Double-Wizard each have their own unique colors (CycloneJokerXtreme is green, white, & black, Putotyra Combo is purple, Cosmic States is blue, and Infinity Style is silver). Gaim's Kiwami Arms shares the exact same primary color as Wizard's Infinity Style, the Rider who came just before him. Kachidoki Arms, on the other hand, has orange as its default color.
2. Gaim's predecessors each have a personal weapon for their respective Final Forms (Double's CycloneJokerXtreme has the Prism Bicker, OOO's Putotyra Combo has the Medagabryu, Fourze's Cosmic States has the Barizun Sword, and Wizard's Infinity Style has the AxCalibur). His Kiwami Arms may have the ability to summon any of the Arms Weapons, but it doesn't really possess a unique weapon for itself. Kachidoki Arms at least has the DJ Gun as its weapon of choice.

The riders in this story are the Neo-Hesei Rider (Post-Decade Riders)

Huh...not bad. Looking forward to this, not gunna lie. I'm especially curious if Gaim's presence will connect Equestria to Hellhiem, or if the world's magical properties will manifest his armor as it does in said forest.

Well, good luck, good set-up, and this certainly looks interesting!

This is going to be AWESOME!:pinkiehappy: can't wait for next chapter

Comment posted by ninja deleted Jun 5th, 2014

I have to admit I was skeptical of this, especially because allot ot the first half felt like a semi-recap of Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1. But the deviations it did make were really dramatic, and you (the author) are REALLY good at showing character's emotions. Could be a bit clearer on why Chrysalys and the changelings are so much stronger now, but the set up with Foundation X made them a serious threat. It's going to be amazing to see how you intergrate the Kamen Riders with the Ponies for awesome Kaijin battles!

Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next chapter :3.

Comment posted by BronyRanger deleted Jun 6th, 2014


Oh, trust me. We have something crucial planned for Shining Armor. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say that he will do something that will help out Twilight and the Kamen Riders in their battle.


Hmm, I'm pretty sure the Armor Parts only materialize from energy instead of appearing out of a dimension opening if the Rider is in the Helheim Forest when they transform. "The Fateful Sengoku Movie War" kinda proved that whenever Kouta, Kaito, and Mitchy transformed while they were in the World of the Sengoku Period.

4508253 Sorry, should have explained better. You're right, in Helheim, they appear out of energy, and if the Armored Rider is elsewhere, then a Crack opens and the Armor Pod comes out of it. Thing is, Equestria has what I think is a tree similar in properties to Helheim's own fruit...The Tree of Harmony. My going theory/head-cannon is that the Tree itself might be a Forbidden Fruit that found it's way to Equestria, or was even planted by the one who earned it in this world. As a result, instead of a world of Inves and another version of Helheim, we have Equestria, and the magical creatures having evolved as they did, because of the properties of the forest. Hence, why Lock Seed use would SEEM to work the same in Equestria as in Helheim, the two worlds would share similar or the same properties, just taken down different paths.

Yeah, I know, a bit out there. But it would also explain the properties of the Elements of Harmony. How, while they work best when used with friendship, we HAVE seen them used as foci and without their full effect against Nightmare Moon, while still being powerful. In this same regard, Lock Seeds don't NEED to be used with a Driver, but work best there. Plus, I always thought the Elements might be Lock-Seed compatible if they ever ever Held by an Armored Rider...oh the shenanigans!

Anyway, it's a thought about how you could add a touch more depth, and even mystery to the Tree and a connection for Gaim to hold onto while he's there. Plus, let's face it, after seeing Kiwami Arms, my mind is buzzing with ideas for how the Lock Seed would work outside of using it with Kachidoki.

Thanks for the reply, and i hope this made at least some sense.

4497520 Kiwami may translate to Extreme, but unless the plan is to translate all of the Arms with Japanese names to English, redundancy is not a problem here if you stick with the given names. If you must translate it to English, why not go with Zenith Arms, as OverTime has done with their subs? Speaking of redundancy, Ryuki wasn't the only one with a Survive form. Knight got one too. Both Blade and Garren had Jack forms. Decade and DiEnd have Complete forms as well.

The only way I can think of to prevent overshadowing is to keep each rider in their base forms, and that's kind of boring. When power upgrades are given or stronger characters appear, overshadowing will naturally occur.

4498117 Coloration should not be an issue for not using Kiwami Arms, and neither should the lack of a form specific weapon. Ryuki Survive, Faiz Blaster, Hibiki Armed, and Den-O Liner were all primarily red in their final forms. Ultimate Kuuga had the same weaponry as his Growing and Mighty forms: none. Shining Agito and Complete Decade didn't get any new weapons either. Birth's final form was just all of his weapons/gear piled on him. OOO and Beast have used their final weapons in other forms as well. With all of those exanples in mind, I can't think of any other reason to exclude Kiwami Arms. Another reason to include Kiwami Arms would be to combine two weapons with the Musou Saber, kind of like this.
And, at least in this flash game, the Donkachi and Durinoko can also combine with the saber. Imagine the potential.

And the various Arms do materialize out of energy in Helheim. If the rider is right there in the forest, then it will drop down right there. Otherwise, a crack will open and the Arms will drop in that way. So you've got that aspect nailed down.


Even so, I still think it would be best to have our story take place between episodes 24 and 25 , as they seem to be the most recent episodes of the series where the beginning of the latter (25) does not immediately pick up from where ending of the former (24) left off. Every episode following 25 so far seems to begin directly from where the previous episode ended. Also, with how episode 32 played out, it appears to indicate that most, if not all, of the remaining episodes after that will be like that as well and not show any extended passage of time go by between them. Gaim's upcoming movie has the excuse of taking place after the series in an alternate timeline.

4525333 Even so, Kouta could be brought in during a lull in the action. After all, we don't see everything that happens to the characters in the show, and there should be some downtime for the characters between the episodes and major fights. There's also all the time that characters spend offscreen or going from place to place. The trip to Equestria could take place during any of those times.

Well that was some speech! Nice one. Oh can twilight fix ahnk's medal? That would be awesome. What they never did explain how ahnk got revived here so I'm putting in one way of how he got revived. Also from what I heard from eiji that means he has access to super tatoba combo. Nice. I just remembered decade is a dimensional traveler. I'm guessing he's going to appear to help out in the battle. Wonder what the final form rides will be for ooo, fourse, wizard and gaim. What has anyone seen decade use a final form ride on those four? I don't think so.

For those of you curious as to what the chant spoken in the ancient language means, BladeSpark shared a translation of it with me:

We seek their aid in our time of need!
By Harmony's command we call thee forth for this noble deed!
Appear, Champions!

High above the sky on Earth, a giant portal opens up. From it come five lights that fly across the sky like shooting stars. However, where one can never know where a shooting star may land, these stars have a specific destination.

opened, came, flew, had. Those changes would make this paragraph flow much more smoothly.

Gentaro shook with rage as he let out a loud yell “AAGGHHH!!! Those punks!! How dare they mess with friendship!!!!!! I'll kick their asses!!!!!” Gentarou said as he walked over to Twilight.
“Oi, purple horse, don't you worry. Kisaragi Gentarou is here to help,” Gentarou said as he proceeded to do his trademark friendship handshake with Twilight, albeit with some difficulty considering Twilight had hooves.

Pick one of the spellings and stick with it.

4530480 And after Decade bridges the worlds, Den-O and Zeronos come in, along with DenLiner and ZeroLiner, and for some reason, the Rainbow Line is linked up with them. If every confirmed/known train was linked up, it would probably come to over a mile's worth of trains. And it would only get longer and nuttier if the trains from GoGoV (which could be housing more machines, and possibly including the shuttle mech), Magiranger, and Go-Onger were included. Gosei Black might be pulled along, but without the other Goseigers, Gosei Snake might get the power to transform into either its own minimech, become weaponry for the other train bots, or commandeer some of Equestria's trains to form a giant robot. Keep in mind, this is the result of an imagination drenched in toku. It's a wonderful thing.

4530480 No Decade. This is purely a Neo-Heisei Rider story.

Kamen Riders KITAAA!!!

Time for them to start a comeback!

Are the secondary neo- hesiei riders going to be in it too? Like Beast, Baron, Birth, Meteor, and Accel?

4531511 Technically, they're closer to Anti-Heroes. Their plan to ensure the survival of the human race when the Helheim Forest invades the Earth ten years into the future is to mass produce the Sengoku Driver, so humans will have a safe way to convert Lockseed fruits into nourishment for their body.

The thing is, they predict they can only make one billion Sengoku Drivers, and anything that eats a Lockseed fruit gets its DNA overwritten, and they get turned into an Inves. So they plan to distribute the mass-produced Sengoku Drivers to a chosen one billion humans, then basically cull the rest of the human race.

And if you want to view them as villains for using methods like that, Takatora Kureshima, AKA Kamen Rider Zangetsu/Zangetsu Shin, is an Anti-Villain who only is doing this because he can see no other way to ensure that humanity is able to survive the invasion.

4532251 Yeah, Micchy is incredibly two-faced, to the point that it was lampshaded in Gaim and Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle by having him use the Double Legend Rider Lockseed.

And two members of Yggdrasill, Sid/Kamen Rider Sigurd and Professor Ryouma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, have been keeping other members from learning about the Overlords, intelligent Inves who managed to overcome their extinction. The Overlords, you see, have the power to control the plants of the Helheim Forest, meaning their power could potentially be used to stop the invasion.

The reason Sid and Ryouma kept this a secret is because when Helheim invades, it becomes possible for the forest to choose someone. Whoever it chooses gets to claim the forbidden fruit, which can give that person the power of a god.

I don't know if the word nerdgasm will be big enough with all that info.


Still, it would be too funny of a scenario to pass up.

This is very exciting. I can only imagine what the glorious battle will look like with the great Kamen Riders.

Maybe you can do something like turn the Kaijin against Foundation X, that would be one huge slap in the face. However, I don't think it would be quite right to kill Chrysalis even if she's done the terrible things. Think about it, it all started from getting banished and then returning for revenge. If the princesses, Mane Six, or Riders kill her, then that would kinda make them like her.

Anyway, good luck.

I really like where this is going. :pinkiehappy: Well hopefully "Francis" will learn to stop being such a Tsundere and finally befriend the Riders. He obviously will because one does not simply not be friends with Gentarou.

Those who shall not befriend Kisaragi Gentarou shall be thrown into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy. It is what the gods of friendship command

4597053 Indeed, well that or the Universe itself goes through very dangerous paradoxal shifts. All caused by Shinys refusal. His middle name being "Francis" was just golden by the way.

I've heard it used before and thought it would be funny for Twilight to use as leverage against Shiny. Funny how powerful middle names can be.

4597083 yeah, every male knows their in trouble when the women folk use full names...

If villainous Riders show up in this story that'd be the greatest. Here's hoping for Eternal and Ouja. Hopefully, Shining stops being such a dick to the Riders.

I hope we see Kaito in this

You added XVII, impressive. Well done:pinkiesmile: Can't wait for the next chapter

Just wondering, do the Riders have access to their ultimate forms? CycloneJoker Xtreme/Gold Xtreme, PuToTyra, Cosmic States, Infinity/Infinity Dragon/Gold Infinity Dragon Style and Kachidoki/Kiwami Arms? Or will they be blocked somehow?

And I can just imagine the idiots from Foundation X smack their foreheads and groasn: "Oh, no, not them again..." :pinkiehappy:

Luna, have you had any contact form him?”



I've never heard it said as anything other than this: SUI, SUI, SUI, SUI!

You fit Princess Luna's description of those monsters perfectly. Bi-pedal, strange appearance, able to use magic we've never seen.

Red letter is missing, and bipedal is one word, as far as I know.

So Captain Francis almost attacked his own allies, and still doesn't trust them. But it is a universal law that if Kisaragi Gentarou says he'll become buds with someone, it will happen.

4598055 We'll be seeing CJX, PuToTyra and/or Super TaToBa, Cosmic, Infinity, and Kachidoki for sure. CJXG and Infinity Dragon/Gold Infinity Dragon, not so much.

In terms of Gaim canon, it takes place before Kaito got his Genesis Driver, so it's before Kouta got access to Kiwame, but we might use a similar trick to what they did in Movie War Core to give OOO access to TaJaDor, even though at that point in the continuity of OOO, he hadn't used it yet.

ok, i have a bit of beef when u write what the WizarDriver says. for example,

the way ur writing it, well, it wouldnt sound that way if spoken aloud. instead, u could write it like this...


and it coveys the sentiments of the Henshin much better...

“Orange necklace, Orange Lock Seed, kinda fits I suppose,”

Or is it because Honesty is shaped like a fruit? :trixieshiftleft:

Shining looked at Gentarou with a level of confusion he thought only Twilight's friend Pinkie Pie could produce.

Next thing you know, Gentarou will be breaking physics with the rest of them. :pinkiecrazy:

Forgot about that one. That, and I always thought it was more of an upgraded version of TaToBa, rather than an Ultimate Form, surpssing most Full Combos in power, but still below PuToTyra. IMO, it seemed so powerful because it could match the movie's Big Bad's Time Stop ability...

Hm, that's alright. I would've loved to see Kiwami Arms, it's growing on me, but Kachidoki is powerful enough, I guess.
Rereading the chapter, i can't help but think: Twilight's friends are gonna end up like Ichigo and Nigo, but without the intervention, right?

Another thought: About WizarDragon, in the series, he was only able to manifest in someone's Underworld, partially through the Special Ring during any dragon style or as the AxeCalibur during Infinity Style. Now, Equestria is a world FILLED with magic, pretty much everything has it. Soooo, will we see a manifested Dragon? Spike wouldn't mind, i guess, and Haruto's relationship to him has been well since the birth of Infinity...

And I'm REALLY looking forward to a group henshin. I can already imagine the panic on the princesses' faces when Phillip collapses.:pinkiegasp:

4613811 Well, like I said, we MIGHT let Gaim get access to the power of Kiwame. Maybe.

And let's just say, you're right about the rest of the Mane 6.

And interesting ideas! In fact, the story Friendship is Showtime kind of takes the whole idea with Wizard's magic in Equestria and runs freely with it. He can use Copy on the WizarSwordGun without being in a Dragon Styles in that fic.

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