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This group is for those bronies who love ponies, and high action, high flying, explosive drama of Toku (Rider and Sentai) shows! Crossovers abound as you might figure, hopefully with plenty of new things tried.

Toku is described below, but for a TL;DR, just google Geek Crash Course Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Toku, short for Tokukatsu, is Japanese for 'Special Effect Drama'. These shows are hall marked by their heavy use of explosions, video effects, and other various special effects. The best known series to have come over the Pacific pond would be the well known Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. In actuallity, season 15 or so of the hit Japanese Toku series/grouping known mainly as "Super Sentai", the style is high energy, with plenty of fights.

The two main different Toku Types are:
Rider: Usually the darker, edgier, or generally more serious of the two, Rider shows (or Kamen Rider) usually focus on one main character (The Rider) and a support cast, usually adding in one or two more Riders by the series end (There are exceptions to the rule, but only three or four non-movie examples are around). Rider shows typically have a Henshin (or Change) device (usually a belt, and recently, an extra gadget to activate it), usually to the cry of "Henshin!" Technically the longer running of the two types, Rider is separated into three 'eras': Showa: From the original Kamen Rider up until around Kamen Rider Black/RX; Heisei: From about Kuuga on to Decade (the 10th anniversary of the relaunch of Rider) and the newer 'Neo-Heisei', from W to the current Rider, Kamen Rider Drive.. The large primary difference is in the fight, but I'll get to that next.
Examples: Viewtiful Joe series, Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider W

Sentai: Typically a group show, featuring 5-6 team members on average (or for the ones based on rescue/police forces, not counting the support crew), Sentai literally means "Task Force". While many also include a belt, many have different henshin devices, and usually different 'changing roll calls'. Usually the lighter of the two, many Sentai shows are hallmarked with plenty of slapstick, as well as their trademarked Mecha vs Giant Monster fights. This is the main divider between the two, as most Rider enemies stay down unless plot important, whereas most Sentai enemies (not including mooks) get back up for one more go.
Examples: Power Rangers (any)

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Ok, so i found out the kamen rider revice is gonna treat all past riders as fiction within the show. Admittedly i dont know how to feel about this. I mean, they already played that card with heisei generations forever. And i also dont know how i feel about how super hero tensei is gonna be the last rider sentai crossover. What do the rest of you think.

Hey guys I have an idea to make a crossover story between two riders on the world of Equestria Girls but I need some help deciding on what riders would be best for the story.

1: would be ichigo and Kuuga

2: would be kuuga and Agito

3: would be Zio and Decade.

The story is about two guys discovering that they are the descendants of two legendary riders and will slowly grow their power over time as they take part in the Equestria girls universe the only problem is who would be the best duo for this kind of story. Please any advice would help hope to here from you guys soon

I guess I'd be an oc kamen rider amazon (Named Epsilon) and can we get that in an anthro fanfic plz? Oh and if any wants to use that idea it's okay but it has to be a displaced named (Jack Carter) and (rainbow dash) is going to be (Omega) but also Instead of two royal sisters there will be three including a (Tomboy princess umbra) plus Jack and umbra is a ship.

Can someone make displaced fic about Ryusoulger (a.k.a power ranger Dino fury/knights)?

I am waiting on it to get approved, but I am working on a story that combines MLP:FiM with Ultraman Nexus. If anyone is interested and would like a link to it when it gets approved then please let me know. I am also looking for an artist to do some cover art for the story as well as a possible Beta reader. Anyone interested in either of these aspects please contact me via PM for more details. Thanks and I look forward to getting my first ever story up.

I don't know how active this group is and all, but I have really loved tokusatsu for a long time, as I grew up with the Power Rangers. And I've recently been getting into its original Japanese counterpart, Super Sentai. And I've looked at Kamen Rider a little bit, as well.

WEll, today after watching ep 4 of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, and while listening to a mix of Final Fantasy remixes, video game soundtrack and Kamen Rider music - an idea for a story sprang unbidden to my mind. An anthro MLP/Kamen Rider story with an original Rider concept. I do a lot of those on Champions Online, even humanized pony characters with "80% humanized" anthro forms. Thoughts, suggestions, rude remarks, etc.?

Hey everyone, this is my first comment on the first group that I wanted to join. I just joined FIMFiction yesterday and I just recently started a story of mine and I already submitted it and it hasn't been accepted yet. How long does it take for a regular fanfiction to be accepted by FIMFiction?

*prods group with hoof* Needs an update - current Rider and any activity by group member authors would be nice

Long time no talk! I just found a perfect icon for the group, and if someone is able to find the source for it, I'll gladly credit whoever drew it.

In other news, Hope everyone has been enjoying KR Ghost, and hopefully the newest Super Sentai (I haven't been able to get into them recently, sadly) and I hope that everyone has been doing well in general! I love seeing how many stories have been added to here, and it really helps show that we are not alone!

Comment posted by Alkali deleted May 3rd, 2015

A long, long time. I'll get it updated tonight

393649 Yes it is, and it's gonna be a comic in a month or two.

"...from W to the current Wizard"? How long has it been since this was updated?

PONY KITAAAAAA! Summer is here, and it is a time for me to post poorly written crossover-fics!:pinkiehappy:

With their being apple riders in the Gaim movie, how long do you think it will be before we see some pics or fics of AJ as an apple rider?

I'm going to make a gokaiger story is anyone interested


Thanks once again for everyone's continued writing and support!

On my front, expect a new chapter of my own story (Random self Plug here) in the coming weeks, baring life.

I'd also like to Plug the newest Stories to hit our Archives! In the Other Folder, we have a well written Guyver x MLP fic Metamorphosis, written by Mares Guyver! I can't wait to see where this goes!

In the Kamen Folder, we have a Gaim x MLP fic, Harmony, ON STAGE! by 90pulsar! Please show him your support, and take a good look at this, so far, short tale!

Over the next weeks I'm going to try and spotlight two stories, either recently added or that's been sitting in the folders, every week to help build readership for our wonderful writers!

Thank you again, and keep fighting the good fight!

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