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We all look at friendship through the heart and how we all smile for our Ultra, It's true. Forever our hero, Ultraman.

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Hello everyone, I just joined this group and if anybody is interested I have a challenge set up if you want to know more go to my blog. Thanks :)

I sometimes compare the elements (especially Kindness and Fluttershy) with Ultraman Cosmos, they both vow to protect all living things, and Cosmos befriended or healed all of the monsters he fought with, heck, he even turn the Head of Chaos good instead of destroying it, Befriending chaos and prefers to use tactics as non-violent as possible, it's no wonder why I see similarities in Fluttershy and Cosmos.

I love Ultraman when I was a kid, then I sorta stop watching them for 3 years, then one day I had a strange dream that I was Ultraman Cosmos, then I remembered how some of the Ultraman's hosts had dreams about Ultraman before they met, so watch a few episodes, the next thing I knew, I was watching Nexus, Mebius, and 80.

:pinkiegasp: oh my god i found this group and i love ultraman

long lived ultraman!

331613 Thank you for making this group! :pinkiehappy: I love Ultraman!

Welcome all to Ultraman, a forum for the warrior from the Land of Light.

Okay, how do I make folders here?

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