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A Wolf who's silver fur shines throughout the night and day


So I want you all to help me with a chapter idea · 5:02am Dec 25th, 2020

Hello everyone. Keshaunthesilverwolf here with my first ever blog. After figuring out how to make one. Anyway on to topic. I want to make a new chapter that isn't following an episode from the show. I think because of covid and online school I'm losing my creative edge. So I want you all that read my book to think about these ideas I have. And tell me which one I should do.

The Dragon Trio, and Gilda are founded by the Rick council from Rick and Morty. So they must escape from the council.

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Thank you for the follow. :pinkiehappy:

Hello. I'm Wednesday.

I have encountered many types of wolves, but never one with "shiny fur". 🐺


i see i was look at the pic

Somewhat yes. It's more like the Monsters are the heroes and Spike is training under them

i am guesting in The Dragons of Metal, Sun, and Thunder Gao is replace bye spike am i right or rung?

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