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You can pretty much find me anywhere by just Googling up my name if you want to get ahold of me you can find me on YouTube.

Projects that are currently coming out in near future.

01: Legend of Zelda: Legend of the Hero= A Displaced who accept the Fate of escaping his world before Armageddon with some of his friends but doesn't go with him when he was thrown into the world of Legend of Zelda MLP Style.

02: FBI OPEN UP to Equestria= A displaced who was an FBI agent trying to find information about people going missing but instead finding a corrupt shopkeeper sending them to a new world.

03: Crafter Kitsune to Equestria= A displaced who is a big fan of Minecraft dressed up as his OC in the Minecraft world with his command Cube and his knowledge he as the corrupt shopkeeper sends him to the wrong world where Minecraft it's just a video game as well as outgunned.

04: Down The Railway Season 1= The story follows behind Jack with a skeleton crew working on a train filled with military-grade items as they're traveling through Russia they find themselves detouring through a tunnel system that led them to a new world.

05: Down The Railway Season 2= The story follows behind silver as he is a survivor in this world of endless hordes of zombies as he runs away from Raiders he finds himself running into a train tunnel with a military Titan vehicle that leads them to a new world.

06: The Black Pearl Experience The Displaced Jack Sparrow= A guy who's obsessed with Jack Sparrow dresses up as him and goes to a Comic Con with his girlfriend where he has plans to giving her a wedding ring but his plans gets derailed by a merchant who gives him a special items and quickly transports have two of the MLP world

07: The Two Thief Princes= A Griffin and a human who are brothers who tries to steal items from the Royal Family but instead they get into trouble in Equestria as well as a long way from home.

08: The Lucky Pilot= American Air Force pilots who ends up in a new world as well as the other crew of an aircraft carrier.

09: Running On Fire= A ​story about a guy who was sent to another world by accidentally running off a cliff out of a forest fire now we have to somehow survive in the New World.

10: The Last Sky Lorde= A blue Pegasus lost his mother and father after attack from the Storm King several years later he joins the school of the skylords.

11: Groundbreaker= a guy that comes from a world that was dying one day the world finally kick the bucket somehow he ends up in Equestria.

Preventing Picture Error In Stories

So you probably have noticed this a few times when you're working on your stories and occasionally this happens only because someone on the internet a picture that you have had links here was deleted or removed because of the website being removed for some reason so let me give you a ideal of fixing that concept for you now there are few ways to do it but this is my personal way and it's easier for most people so sit back relax and let me explain the best way for me to keep pictures online Forever Until things happen.

Now when you download a picture from a website summer off the internet sometimes those pictures will stay out for a long time and sometimes they don't because of some issues so let me follow a simple task for you.

These are the items that you might need for making this.

Discord account and a Discord server that no one is on.

You're probably wondering why I need a Discord server and account well surprisingly Discord is quite unique in so many ways like how you can have a server where it's only you and you can just use it as a cloud system put all your pictures that you don't want deleted off the computer and just put them there and their permanent well I think so until the Discord servers go down anyway the best way you can do this is make a separate chat room dedicated for your stories upload pictures of what your character is doing or something like that and then go to original link click on the link from your browser and then place it into the story it's a permanent solution and it will help you a lot.

Please follow and listen well.

It's better if you use the computer version then the phone also don't try to cheat it by creating a guest account this won't work because discounts only live for so long.

After you made your account it's time to make a separate Discord server this is a server that you would never bring anyone on he will be permanently on your record for the rest of your life this way you can use as a cloud system to prevent you losing any data if something happened to your computer or other places around the internet by creating one go down to the plus button and when you hover over it is says add server there will be a thing that will pop up.

When you click on create server name it something like workstation or personal cloud something that will keep it from away from the rest of the servers that you have from there you could add different folders or files if you don't know how this works let me show you.

After creating your server go to your server information that's the tab that is next turn server name and click on it from there you will see this and click on it.

You can name it whatever but I named it after the website that I'm using it for since I also have other of these for other things like my DND characters or OCs for other series.

From there you can make a chat room where do you use it supposed to pictures in these are the pictures that you could download from the internet and put them in these will be a permanent solution from them being deleted from the internet at any time.

When you make the chat room upload the pictures to there when you did that click on it and go to something called open original click on that.

Now at this point you're probably Familiar of how this all works and I should have explained it this to you since you couldn't figure this out by yourself but for people who don't know how to do the picture thing I'll show you it.

When you're working on your story and you need to put a picture in make sure you put a space and leave it a area open for the file go up to the picture button and click on it there will be a screen that pops up requesting a link to a picture.

Then you go over to the page that you opened recently by clicking on the Discord server open original that showed up on your web browser.

From there you copy the address to that picture and then go to the box and then drop it in with the circle is located when you add image it will save it in your story just like this.

Now at first looking at it will look like a link to some website but if you click on Show preview you can see that everything is there can you just need to finish up the story.

I hope this was useful for you guys if you have anymore questions about this concept just let me know.