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British voice actor, filmmaker, gamer, and author of The Titans' Orb. I love Doritos.


This story is a sequel to The Titans' Orb: Rising Storm

Nearly a year has passed since a company of ponies arrived on Earth, and with Callum's help, they have since found half of the Orb's fragments. Their quest however, is far from over; the remaining pieces are still scattered to different parts of the globe, their whereabouts unknown.

Upon finding a mysterious underground desert temple, Callum makes a discovery there which only further solidifies his role in Equus' fate. But even with this newfound destiny, an ever lurking shadow looms over the seven friends as they hunt down the rest of the Titans' Orb.

Nah'Lek the Defiler, is closing in...

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Loved this chapter and the prologue looking forward to the rest of the series :D Been waiting a while for this :D

Rainbow Dash's.....
Oh.... HELL NO!

Once more into the breach, my friends! Hit it Mistreo!


can you tell I’m excited? XD

Also, halfling Horses? Hi LOTR, how are you? :p

also, this titan sword you speak off, based on

this at 9:00?

A keen eye you have, back when I first started writing this story, I wanted to give the .mov series a very subtle nod, which is why I named the titans the Holy Titans or Harmony, along with there being a Sword of the Holy Titans.
But make no mistake, they're not linked at all canonically, the reference was only namebased.
Vitra 'Aku is very much a different sword in both design and usage. 😂

both boo and yay at the same time :P

Bruh i forgot this was coming out! Sleep is for the weak anyways must read!

(May have already favorited it ahead of time of reading but I'm already excited!)

Edit- no, dusters nooo, don't do my poor heart like this

Aww man, gonna have to try and remember everything from the last two books... Looking forward to more chapters!
Good to know that Callum is still kicking!
Also, good luck with the visa situation!

How often are you going to be updating this? Just curious

I couldn't say to be sure, it depends on how much disruption all this Coronavirus bollocks decides to be. :rainbowlaugh:

Huh, didn't know there was a thing as spiced weapons...

Guess even weapon dealers don't trust each other.

“I’ve played enough stealth games to handle this…”

The fact Rarity is a sniper is terrifying and amazing! With all thats going on in the real world this is a welcome change, thanks duster.

If I ever came across the ponies and they're human I will legit stop everything and help them out no matter what happens after all the name of gold comes from the nickname someone give me when I was in high school Golden Heart since I had a heart of gold of course I have a lovely modified School Bus that I use for my job as a clean up crew for national disasters since it's actually registered as emergency vehicle of course the ponies trouble-free but the human will have to trade me a favor one day but actually I will accept one payment from the ponies just a simple brofist or brohoof from my best Pony Twilight Sparkle.

HO-LEE-SHIT! oh my gosh ive been hoping and waiting for the continuation! oh how ive missed this. haha

You're in luck actually.
So, since the Covid-19 outbreak I've been awfully depressed and have been suffering from writer's block very severely, I've been trying to write for you guys as much as possible but honestly I've been struggling to get out so much as a sentence every day.
But I've recently had a surge of motivation and have hopped back onto the keyboard, a new chapter should be with you soon'ish! :twilightsheepish:

Apologies for such a long wait on this one, but chapter three is now live!!! :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter can't wait for the next one :D

“In the case of an emergency, please do not panic, nobody here wants to hear your screams of terror as you rapidly approach death. Instead, I implore you to simply place your head between your legs and kiss your bum goodbye. I understand this may be difficult for Twilight, considering that she’s about as flexible as the pencils she writes with.”

Ah, Chicken Run. I miss the golden age of Aardman.

“Ladies and jelly-spoons, this is your captain speaking. We are about to embark upon our journey, but before we depart, I’d like to remind you all to keep your limbs inside the vehicle at all times. Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is also not permitted on this vessel, if you are caught performing either of these activities, you will be removed immediately. There are no toilets located on this particular model, so if you need to use the loo, please notify a member of staff so that we can pull over. Please refrain from relieving yourselves within the vehicle, nobody wants to be dowsed in shit, other than Applejack of course, whom is a filthy southerner.

In the case of an emergency, please do not panic, nobody here wants to hear your screams of terror as you rapidly approach death. Instead, I implore you to simply place your head between your legs and kiss your bum goodbye. I understand this may be difficult for Twilight, considering that she’s about as flexible as the pencils she writes with.

Upon the very unlikely event of a rockslide or avalanche, please use Rainbow Dash’s rear end as a shield. Take it from the hundreds of males she’s slept with, myself included, that ass can take a beating!

Thank you all very much for choosing to travel with Champion Voyages today, I hope you all have a pleasant journey. Now then, is everyone comfortable?”

love it! XDD 👏👏

Oh god that was a good laugh 😆

Sweet celestia I need that laugh. Good chapter duster!

I wonder if there's a way that the blade if it killed someone who has knowledge about different languages would that knowledge could be easily transported into your mind somehow so you can get the knowledge of different languages instantly increasing your ability maybe a way that if someone has some better fighting style than yours you can learn from that an integrated into your fighting style.

just wait until the main character makes it to the US

"I don't enjoy Killing" Callum said

But when done righteously, its just a chore like any other

Yes indeedy, Chapter Four is complete and undergoing proof-reading!

How's that update coming along?

How's the update coming along?

Chapter Four is out now!
Thank you for your patience! :heart:

Great chapter :D looking forward to the next one.

Twilight, (the autistic individual that she very evidently was), ignored the sentimental rhetoric of the anthem and simply focused on the lyrics, taking them far too literally;

Yeah, that seems about right lmao.
(Who needs sentimentality and social interaction when you have autism and ADD, amirite?)

Good to see this thing back in action! And looking forward to what happens next!

I thought if you put a bag of holding in another bag of holding it would cause a black hole

True that would NORMALLY be correct but we are talking about DISCORDS!!! bag of holding not some common place dnd item (smug emoji)

How's the next chapter coming along?

Even with Arabic as my first language, it's still almost impossible to understand what the men said.

“Madha kan hdha?” = What was that?
“Sawf 'ulqi nazra.” = I'll take a look.
I often use Google Translate which is unreliable at best, but I've cross translated it a bunch of times for better accuracy. :twilightblush:

Tbh, it's probably because its Modern Standard Arabic, and I'm trying to understand it from a Lebanese Arabic point of view.

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