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Ponies are enslaved. Humans are in control.

Nolan Anderson didn't want to be whisked away to a land full of discrimination and judgement. Yet he was there anyway. He just wanted to get by another day in his own world, no matter the hardships. Being a part of S.W.A.T. meant being the best he could be with what he could do. Little did he know he would apply his skills in a magical world, where the ponies think he's an evil human, and where the humans think he's a pony sympathizer. As crazy as everything is, Nolan wants to get back home, a feat that seems impossible, even in a world full of magic. However, the difficulty won't be getting back to where he belongs, but finding allies in a place where trust is rarely given, and earning it still.

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
- Christopher Reeve

Rated Teen for language, blood, and sexual themes.
The story takes place between season 3 and 4 of MLP; Lots of non-canon material.

Primary Editor: the amazing Legion222.
Secondary Editor: the cool JoshuaGrahamPony.
Proofreader: the neat Rokkurin.

Applejack vector by Fureox.

I have never been a part of S.W.A.T., nor have I done extensive research on it. I have only taken a quick look at some procedures, weaponry, and armor for the purposes of this story. If you find something that doesn't seem right, please let me know. Also note I have taken a few liberties with how S.W.A.T. works that I will not change.

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Woot, first comment lol anyway this is a good story. I have been wondering if it is ok with you if i have a character introduced. I'm in the United States National Guard and im a brony. I can send you information if need be. Please let me know because i always wanted a character added to a story. Anyway, keep up the writing, whatever you do, do not stop!:flutterrage::twilightsheepish:

3033894 Well, I was trying to keep Nolan as the only major OC, but I guess it couldn't hurt. Maybe I can add you as a Royal Guard or something. Or a human if you want. Heh.

3034946 I can be a human. thats fine with me. Just let me know when you want me to send you some details on how the character looks and how he acts.

3035528 Sure thing, and thanks for reading.

wonder if Nolan ever told them about humans and history in his world

3036678 Would be interesting if he did.

The humans will poop in the bucket while the ponies clean the fences... good story.

Do not worry I shall leave comments for you.
Its gunna get real in the Whole Foods parking lot so real that people are going to die, i'm guessing... I wonder where Celestia is.

Sweet popsicles I found the comments ...
I wonder how they're going to get Pinkie Pie to cooperate , you know the only thing that would make this story better would be ninjas of the turtle variety.

"Have you heard of My Little Pony?" the new guy questioned suddenly, leaning forward towards me. That had to be the strangest question anyone had ever asked me, and I was asked if I had killed anyone before.

Oh God, it's that guy.

3038240 Well, it would be kind of hard to put in. But I'm glad you're enjoying the story and the mysteries behind what happened to everyone.

3040741 I would hope so! I worked pretty hard on it!

It may be the metal I'm listening to but this story has me wired up!

I vote you put in a griffin. and metal. and a sandwich. Is anyone else hungry?

3058512 Now that you mention it, I'm starving. In terms of the story, I have no griffins planed, but it can be a possibility.

This is one of the best writing works I have read... And that means something, I think. Of course, my comment could be the ramblings of a psychopath. Anyways, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

3064346 Even if you are a psychopath :pinkiecrazy:, I'll take what I can get. Thanks for reading!

This is interesting I will like and read later

Also it seems like the humans in that world as like haters and their tech are different than ours if Nolan and the ponies gets to earth and bring in the US military POP POP POP KABOOM we win :pinkiehappy:

3069247 uh ok then I like it bring it the killing and also I think Nolan should tell the ponies abut the humans in his world I bet there going. To be interested and shocked.

Wonderful chapter good sir very creepy especially with the song ... I wonder if the humans have raised security in Ponyville after Nolans little...adventure

I like this story but... Nolan can sometimes be an idiot.

Oh new idea! What about pirates, eh? Who doesn't like pirates, nobody thats who. I can see it now... wait does Equestria even have ocean sized bodies of water in that area? ... Because I'm too lazy to delete this comment and write a new one I will say disregard this comment unless you want... LAND PIRATES, EH? no? Nevermind.

Reminded me of Dead Space. You should write an actual Dead Space crossover where Isaac doesn't TURN INTO A FUCKING PONY!

That was one of the more creepy things i have read on this site.:pinkiecrazy:

creepy ass mother fuckin shit you got here sir that's all I have to say for this chapter.

you sir are a better writer than I.

3112749 It'll probably come to that point. But remember that the ponies still think he wasn't dimension jumping.

3112805 He can, can't he? I'll change that up a bit. My lazy writing style makes him that way.

3112841 Pirates? Well, I don't have any plans for seas, so I don't know how that would work, or even land pirates. You are weird.

3113189 I don't know, there are some pretty creepy stuff here. But thanks anyway!

3113264 aaaand I'm scarred for life. Thanks, bro. Glad you liked it though.

3112865 I always loved the concept of Isaac Clarke being a huge badass in the game. Though, I have barely played the games, I love it quite a bit. I thank you, kind sir.

3114742 I don't know why I did it either.
your story started getting creepy and im like you know what would be nice some scary music, I have never been so wrong.

It was interesting and creepy

3116228 Well, I like creepy stuff, just not something staring at me while listening to creepy stuff.

3117725 Well let me tell you I dont take being creeped out very well and it usually ends up with me punching a hole in my wall or some other thing that decided to creep me out.

3117840 I hope my story has not caused that.:twilightblush:

3117949 It usually only happens after someone scares me.

A moment of silence for the needlessly slain Rose and Goldengrape, please.

I swear, that was honestly one of the saddest parts of the story so far. :fluttercry: :raritydespair:

Kind of morbidly funny how I felt no remorse for the untold numbers of slain humans, but nearly cried for real when two ponies died.

Interesting how I only seem to realize these things after the chapter gets posted, instead of during the editing phase. No, during editing I'm cracking bad jokes and just being all-around weird. Now, however, I really get the full intended impact of the feels.

Write on,

3183729 Whoa, never realized it hit you that hard.

I guess it was kinda sad, but was pretty fast as well, so there wasn't much time to mourn.

I guess why its sad is because they were needlessly killed. Darn humans. :fluttercry:

Another great chapter to another great story! :ajsmug::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay:

This is a song for your enjoyment.

The speech is a bit.....ify at times and the actions of the main character is inconsistent. For staters, you were making him out to be a bad ass SWAT mega man. THen he was a pushover and now hes an inward looking dumb ass.
What im trying to say is consistency is needed!!

No human being is just one thing. We all act differently in different situations. If anything, the variation makes him seem more human, more real.

Write on,

3184480 I have a feeling you're going to leave a song after each chapter, correct?

Another awesome chapter full of awesome. That's awesome.

okay, now I'm fully aware that not everyone has a working knowledge of guns but let's be honest here, a top tier SWAT operator would know that you need to look at the head-stamps of the cartridges to ensure that it is the right caliber. Simply fitting is not good enough, that's a good way to break your gun and even cause catastrophic detonations. Additionally, (just technicality) those things you called bullets are actually cartridges, the projectile is the bullet. I was originally gonna wait to the last chapter to comment but it irks me when that sort of stuff is done wrong. Either way, it's looking like a great read thus far, thumbed and faved.

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