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No one can put their loyalty in someone they hate.

Max finds her on the road, something he had been driving on for a long time. Rainbow Dash finds herself in a harsh new world, something she had never anticipated. And before either of them can get a grip on their encounter, a violent gang forces them together. And neither of them like it.

A Mad Max Crossover

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Rainbow Dash vector by ElBoufon

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I love this.

EDIT* I just realised you were the guy who wrote Lost and Fallen.

This story may ascend to The Gates of Valhalla shiny and chrome.

Cool. i never really played Mad Max but now i might this game sounds interesting :3

I wonder how Chum will react to Dash X) Keep writing.

I feel that I should point out that, despite being commonly known as the 'V8 Interceptor,' it is actually a Pursuit Special. The only Interceptor that we see is Max's yellow car from the first chase scene in the original movie.
I'll just leave that little piece of trivia there. I'm liking where this is going.

Holy shit, I've been waiting for a story like this for ages. I am a huge fan of Mad Max

And also I suppose that this story will follow the movies, not the game?

7119930 Based my research, it's known as both Interceptor and Pursuit special. In the first movie, the V8 Interceptor referred to the prototype that was being built in the MFP Garage, which is what Max eventually steals near the end of the movie to take out the biker gang. All proceeding movies, as far as I know, never really refer to the Interceptor in name, although there were times when Max called it the Black on Black (specifically in the video game). For the sake of the story, I simply stayed with the name Interceptor.

Trust me when I say I did my research thoroughly.

7120277 Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant. it's referred to as many things, but according to the Mad Max wiki, it's a Pursuit Special. But according to lore, pop culture and mixed messages in-movie, it's the Interceptor.

Keep up the awesome work!

So, there's a book of some kind involved. My first guess would be a spellbook. Maybe she was messing around in the library, found something with a binding that looked like Daring Do, and accidentally portaled herself off. But that doesn't explain why she'd be looking for it now. My second guess is that its something along the lines of Spike's enchanted power ponies comic. I remember a series (no specifics unfortunately) where characters could enter books, but the only way out was to find a copy of that book within the fictional world, or something like that. Maybe we've got something like that going on here.

I never knew I needed a Mad Max crossover until I found this gem, keep the awesome work, can't wait for the next chapter.

My opinion so far?

Rainbow sems significantly less physically powerful and significantly less intuitive than in canon.

If you compare her experiences in canon, to what she is experiencing here, other than the "kill as first resort" survival system, these events should not be beyond her intuition to comprehend even if she believed she was dreaming and acted rashly or thought flippant.

As to her power level based on canon, she should be able to easily lift off with that guy holding on. Only the rope and the grip should impede her.

Otherwise, promising tale.

I like Greenhorn, he's nice.:twilightsmile:

The door implicating that Max heard everything?

The door implicating that Max heard everything?

Edit: oops double post

7185209 It's been a while since I watched the original Mad Max movies. I wanted to so I could get more material to work with in my story, but I never got around to it.

I should probably get around to it. :twilightsheepish:

God you write dashes character so well. I can 100% see her saying / doing everything here and that's what makes this story for me. And I love her little nickname for max.

Will Rainbow Dash be beating anybody up in this story? Will she be reaching Unstoppable Rage levels of anger? Will she be giving out any No Holds Barred Beatdowns?

Hay! You know, you could advertise this in Advertisements if you wanted to!:twilightsmile:

So far, this story has a great blend of The Road Warrior and Fury Road:moustache:

Like what he did to the book. It would benefit noone for the book to exist. The world of Mad Max would taint Equestria.

Definitely a good story with a theme appropriate ending.
Not exactly a happy ending for everyone but that's something you have to expect form any mad max iteration.

Good story. More people should read. I liked it regardless of any lack of wish fulfillment at the end.

And just like Nux, she never knew his name :fluttercry:
Great story man. May it ride eternal in Valhalla, Shiny and Chrome.

That awkward moment when you realize that you and your car were saved by a colorful horse with wings.:rainbowderp:

And thus, we finally see Max showing some humanity!

That last bit was kind of sad.:applecry:

Why didn't you respond to my comment?

What comment? I searched through all the recent comments, and I can't find yours anywhere.

Wow, I read this one Fanfiction.net! It's great that it's here too, so I can add it to bookshelves. Also added it to a bunch of groups.

you can create a sequel of how rainbow takes the the loss of max and the friend she made in the mad max world after she comes home

endings kind of sad, but I completely expected it. definitely feels in character for max to me. liked it either way, lovely story

What kind of currency is a koob?

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