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Sunset Shimmer sees the same phantom throughout Canterlot High School. A boy her age with spiky hair, who briefly appears before vanishing. It catches her eye, distracts her from her friends and their fret on the future. The future of Equestrian magic, the future of their powers, the future in general. Sunset can’t focus on that when the present holds a mystery she is forced to solve, especially as it overwhelms her as the days wane. The boy appears in two places at once, then three, until she comes to school to find dozens. Sunset is at the end of her rope when she stands face to face with him, the real him, unconscious within the portal leading to Equestria. As adamant as she is to help anyone in need of help, is it wrong to think that Princess Twilight Sparkle can deal with him? Let Sunset figure out the rest of her life with rampant Equestrian magic first? All she has to do is push him further into the portal, into Equestria. But she isn't that kind of person, and pulls him into her world instead.

Takes place after Kingdom Hearts III, and contains heavy spoilers for that game!

A complete rewrite of my previous story Kingdom Hearts: Friendship's Turmoil. As such, it has no connection nor bearing to this story besides a similar premise. This story does not require any other readings to enjoy.

Sunset Shimmer vector by Uponia
Sunset Shimmer's Necklace vector by CurvesandLines
Sora Illustration cut-out by SubjectULTIMA

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Nice going to keep an eye on this as KH is my all time favorite game

Heh, make Sunset and Sora share a dance and fall in love...

OK. With how Sora Kinda just vanished after the conclusion of KH3. Though this whole thing of Sunset being connected in some way.. I get the feeling the answer isn't gonna be as simple as we think.

Oh wow.. hmm i need to beat kh3 if i am going to make this work.
My brother has it but its a 45 minute 30 mile drive

Been looking for some good post-KH3 stories, only found one over on fanfiction.net but this one seems interesting so far will definitely follow.

Yeah, I needed to fill the hole Post-KH3 made in me too. :pinkiesad2:

This is really good. I like it.

Liked it so far, caught my attention just like your other one.

Young xemnas (I’m aware that is not his name) did tell him he’d be screwed if he continued to use the power of waking as he did.

Speechless! Can't wait for more.

Will Roxas make an appearance in this fanfic and if yes how will Yen Sid find this world?
Plus I wonder how the girls will react to Sora

Grats on being featured, definitely deserve it with such a strong start.

Wonder what will happen, the moment Sora wakes up things will move to who knows where.

While you’re attention skills have been sorely lacking, keeping a stand upright hardly requires it. An extra pair of hands will reduce accidents too.

'your', not 'you're'. And now, back to reading this so far great first chapter.^^

it seems off to a good start i wonder if it was because of sunset's geode that allowed her to see sora

My inner Sokai says no, but my inner Crossover Fanfic lover says READ IT AND ENJOY.

And finished the chapter. Definitely watchin' for updates to this. Extremely well done. I'm guessing the reason why only Sunset saw him is because she was the only one there that ever passed through the portal, though that's just a guess.

Probably no Roxas or other KH characters, though I have some ideas if I do decide to include them. I wanted a more focused story, since my last one had too many characters to juggle.

Thanks for pointing it out. Edited and fixed!

Glad I could help.^^ And honestly, it looks really good for a start. Nicely done.

Tell me, this is before Sora ends in Shibuya?

Yes, this is before Sora ends up in Shibuya. In other words, before the Secret Ending takes place.

but, this is after he saves Kairy?

I've never played Kingdom Hearts and probably never will, but this, this is **** good writing. Keep it up.

Yep. Essentially, this is right after he disappears from Destiny Islands after bringing Kairi back.

This is interesting? I hope you’ll post more soon :3

Amazing... Funny thing was I was explaining to my friend how to upgrade his keyblades because he was dieing to the final boss.... He was lvl 37 with nearly un upgraded anything and skipped all the gummi ship stuff he could.... Finally taught him how to grind before I finished.

So your friend was a newbie when it comes to RPGs?

It’s a very interesting story and crossover.

I can guess you got the idea for the phantom’s from ‘The Final World’.

Very clever; cannot wait to see more.

You know what always bothered me about EG (Eqeustria Girls).... like Sunset is from Equestria/Pony and went to live in Equestria/Human... but as shown, there are counterparts in both worlds (with EG Twilight and EQ Twilight meeting at the awkward moment, how that didn't create a temporal paradox is still not answered)... so could there be an EG Sunset somewhere in that world?

Yeah, lots of stories explore that concept, like the Pony Sunset meeting the EG Sunset. Personally, I always shrugged and accepted that the other Sunset Shimmer wasn't around. Keeps things simple.

Huh... Between the ending and secret ending; interesting placement. Speaking of which, which special does this take place after? "Forgotten Friendship" or "Rollercoaster of Friendship"?

Also; and this is just me pitching here, perhaps some elements from the upcoming "Spring Break-Down" special could be incorporating into this story. That is if you already thought ahead for this story.

The Secret Endings in Kingdom Hearts are always arbitrary. That scene could take place at the end of KH4 for all we know.

As for placement in the Equestria Girls timeline, this is after all the movies, shorts, and specials, including "Spring Breakdown" (when it releases). I have the plot outline done, but left enough room for any additions I want to suddenly include.

I swear I've read another KH fanfic written by you at some point...

1.80-90% chance it probably will, knowing Nomura: THE CRAZY YET BRILLANT MASTER WRITER!!!!
2. So no chance of writer's block for you for this story? That's good to hear.

You're probably thinking of the "Kingdom Hearts: Friendship's Turmoil" story.

Wow wow wow wow! I love this story but I have to say I'm SUPER curious. I wonder who this phantom guy really is? Considering I never watched "Kingdom of Hearts." Also, It's so sad that this phantom keeps distracting her from her friends and well... everything! Hopefully she can figure it out soon. This story really has my interest. <3

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series.
And considering the cover image and the events of III, this must be Sora.

okay i'm kinda confused this story is good so far but how come only sunset is able to see sora and when sora was a spirit he was completely see through but he has his normal body back now but apparently still a phantom how's he supposed to get back to normal if there aren't any of his spirits running around like in final world

Someone: Exist

Sora: I'm your friend.

Personally, I'm theorizing it's because Sunset has passed through a dimensional portal and no one else that are currently there have done so. Though, that's a guess on my part.

I also am guessing that Sora isn't TRULY dead... but more likely fragmented, even more so than before, thanks to breaking the rules. Though, that's just an assumption on my part.

Great chapter, you did a really good job capturing Sora's personality. It would be so easy to make Sora all sad and depressed but let's be honest he can bounce back from anything as long as he has a friend.

He's both so easy and so hard to write for.

From what I’m reading, it seems he doesn’t have his body back, his physical one anyway. Though at the same time, there are moments where Sunset can physically touch him. As to the reason why, I think it’s too early for me to speculate so I’ll leave it at that for now.

To the Author, intriguing story, definitely leaving me with thoughts and an eagerness for the next Chapter.

Well can’t sora just gather his phantoms and return back from a ghost because secret movie has him alive so yeah nice chapter and can’t wait to see someone from Sora’s group of friends to find him.

plus Sora x Sunset?

That said, Roxas is still currently in Sora's heart at the moment of time. If there was any character to get Into this story, if put my money on him.

Soo… this takes place after the after-creddit scene? The disregard my last message then.
Maybe Ephimur from Union X? People are speculating he's the third heart Yek Sid said was in Sora's heart.

this reminds me of a movie about a girl under a come whose spirit comes in contact with a man and both find a way for her to wake up

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