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I am basically a fanfic writer, love to right various fanfics of my personal interests, and I also draw sketches for fun.



Once a upon a time... in the magical world of Equestria.
Yes, you know the story... or do you?

Sora was gone for quite a while. When he comes back, it's a secret. But what is this secret. You're about to find out.
After failing his Mark of Mastery Exam in the events of Dream Drop Distance, Sora decides to go back to the Realm of Dreams to train. After he gets done, he departs back to the Mysterious Tower. Unfortunately, he takes a wrong turn and finds himself in the magical world of Equestria, where magical ponies that include unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies. He meets Twilight Sparkle, the protégé of Princess Celestia, who leaves for Ponyville to prepare the Summer Sun Celebration. They also meet Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie! But Twilight is reluctant to make friends.
However, a darkness begins to loom over Equestria, as Nightmare Moon, the evil alicorn from a book Twilight has read about prepares to plunge Equestria into an Eternal Night. Seeing the world in danger, Sora offers his help to Twilight, and together, along with their new friends, journey to the old Castle in the Everfree Forest to find the Elements of Harmony. Can Sora, who suddenly finds himself powerless, help the ponies save their home?
Sora's secret will now come to light in this special crossover, ultimately leading up to Sora's grand adventure in Kingdom Hearts III!

This re-tells the events of the first two episodes, but from Sora's point of view.

Characters belong to Square-Enix and Hasbro!

HAPPY 17th Anniversary Kingdom Hearts!

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Now THIS looks interesting!

Ok, from what I've read so far, this isn't badly written. I think I'll enjoy the rest of this story.

Ok, this was a good read. I do recommend you to reread your story because there are grammar issues you need to fix but, overall, this was a well written story.

I like this chapter but it's really confusing about Twilight and Spike knowing about the Keyblade right away. Also Twilight's reaction to Sora is so normal. But it's your story so I just have to go with the flow.

nice work on all chapters

Is Sora turned into a stallion or in human form still? If the later I think it would've caused an uproar.

So he's still in human form?

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