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Sunset is feeling abandoned and alone during the Anon-a-Miss incident. With the portal to Equestria inexplicably closed, and every page of her journal mysteriously blank, she can't even ask Princess Twilight for help. After receiving a text from Rainbow Dash, Sunset heads to CHS at night, not knowing it is an ambush set up by Gilda. But before Gilda and company can even touch Sunset, shadowy creatures appear in the gym, and when Sunset chooses to fight the creatures to save Gilda and co, a mysterious key-shaped sword appears in her hand.

(Prior knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is not required, but may make it easier to understand some individuals and events that are alluded to.)

3 things to keep in mind:
1) Even though this is a Kingdom Hearts crossover, Sunset will not be traveling to other worlds. The entirety of the story takes place in Equestria Girls Canterlot.

2) In the spirit of Kingdom Hearts, there will be multiple Boss fights. I will not reveal what those fights are, or even offer hints to that end. You are welcome to guess, just don't expect me say if you're right or wrong. Those who pay attention may be able to figure them out ahead of time.

3) Even though this is an Anon-a-Miss story, I intend to have that part of the plot wrapped up after the First Boss, and the HuMane 5 reconciling with Sunset will be finished after the Second or Third Boss.

Cover art is the Keyblade Hopeful Dusk, which was drawn (by hand) by yours truly, and colored in MS Paint.
NEW COVER ART drawn by Graglithan The Greater!

Once again, this story is proofread by River Road!

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I admit I'm a little burnt out on Anon-a-miss stories but I'm a huge KH fan and since this promises to not just be the same old schlock others have done I'm willing to endure a bit more Anon-a-miss in order to see where this goes.

So far I'd say it's pretty good.

Yeah, if the pacing is right, I hope to have Anon-a-miss done between Chapters 7 & 10. There will be many more chapters beyond that, though.

huh, well this is an intersting twist to anon-a-miss. you have my attention good sir/madem.

I agree. I don’t like the Anon-a-miss situation, but I love kingdom hearts. When will the next chapter be coming up.

Don't know. I have a pretty busy college schedule. This weekend is a possibility, but again, busy college schedule.

Is that a sword or an earring in the cover photo?

The cover photo is Sunset's original Keyblade. Named Hopeful Dusk.

Pretty good start interested to see where this goes

You started. Woo!

I don't have time to read right now, but when I saw this I wanted to give some support.

If I were you, I'd start linking music to this story whenever fights happen.

Possibly. I do listen to Kingdom Hearts music for motivation. If I did link songs, it might just be for the Boss Fights, or just the major ones.

Honestly not happy may reconcile with them Rainbitches. Patricurly Dash for what she did to her. I still want to see her knock Dash's teeth out for hr betryal.

Cool. I don't support hate, but Rainbow's rash decsion over a stinking pic was way out of line.
We all know how it could of ended.

Trust me, she's gonna get what's coming to her. Also, the Rainbooms are going to have to work HARD to earn Sunset's forgiveness, as I'm dedicating the second out of three arcs to that very purpose.

Cool! Heh I know the punishments for the CMC may be delayed with the new threat, not just a regular one but a world wide threat, as the Heartless are very dangerous.

also see Sci Twi will be in it awesome!

I'm on the fence about punishing the CMC. I can't reveal why without spoiling the future.

Oh, and Sci-Twi might not play the role you are expecting.

Just glad she appear inthe story.

I want tos ee the CMC punished they framed Susnet for petty reasons, yes Dash did set up Sunset, but thier actions set the stage....Thou she has to be greatful to them for one thing.
she now knows how much she count on Dash to be a ...Quote Friend.

Oh have your ead that squeal to orginal Anon Miss Fic where Sunset was ambushed? It's the direct sequel from the artist, should be more coming soon.

Yes, I have heard about it.

If anything, the CMC punishment would occur in the Reconciliation arc.

To be honest, I was planning on writing something like this for a little bit, an Anon-a-Miss x Kingdom Hearts crossover, but I didn't know how to go about it, and I guess you beat me to the punch, well played.

Also, nice job on the writing, can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

Very nice and she has allies to clear her name as a bonus. I am excited to read the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

Nice fanfic you've got here. For the first Chapter, I listened to Organization XIII theme while I was reading it. For chapter 2, it was a bit of the Organization XII theme right up until Sunset created that wall of fire, at which point I started listening to an extended version of the "Another Side - Battle version".

I was listening to Sanctuary on loop while writing the prologue, and Sinister sundownwhile writing chapter 1.

Cool. I wonder what everyone else listened to while reading the chapters.

ive always liked the idea of sunset being able to use both light and dark, i mean as someone whos weilded both ive always wanted to see her use both at the same time. hope you explore that more and have sunset confront her darkness, and not just have it be the evil side of her. i mean i get why it ussaly ends up like that but ive always seen darkness as not evil but just the other half of life. a briliant quote i once heard that explains what i see darkness is this," when you light a candle you cast a shadow". one cant exhist without the other and defining one as good and the other as evil i feel isnt exactly right. am going to use things from destiny here but i feel it really fits, in destiny there are guardians who use light and being who can use darkness. but in the lore there have been people who have used the light for evil, basicaly in the past people used the light to become warlords, while at the same time there this abhorance to the dark from most guardians who see most anything to do with it evil even if the truth is more gray and have this faith that often can blind them from the truth. while erris was a guardian who lost her light but has learned how to use the dark to help people. ok so i dident mean to ramble this much but i really loved this story and i do hope you continue.

dam i should have used the force, the force is a way better metaphore with better examples i could have used. like kyle katarn being a jedi who often used dark side powers for good, beleving that abilities by themselves arnt good or evil but how they are used that determins that. or all the other examples in the universe of the dark side being used in positive ways or the light being abused to do evil things. hell theres a combo ability in legend that combine force healing a light side ability with force lightning a dark side power to make lighting that heals.

Hi, I don’t want to be rude but any information about when the next chapter is coming?

I don't consider it rude at all. And to answer your question... College is not allowing me much time to work on it. I hope this weekend, but if not, then definitely the next.

Awesome, thank you for taking your time for answering my question and I will be looking forward to the chapter.

*whistles innocently* Well, she was downed by a Heartless...

Yeah can she get angry, Rainbow betrayed her and now she can't get mad about it.

So no angry shouts or actions against the bitch!

Well... Xemnas did have knowledge that Nobody's are capable of regrowing their hearts, and I do believe it is said in 358/2 days that they can remember how an emotion felt. But no, she won't exactly be angry.

Also, warning in advance, my Sunset is going to be one of the more forgiving ones. Not immediately forgiving, but definitely not the "cut ties/disown a freind" for wronging her type of individual.

OH YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Look i get she may forgive Dash but COME ON!
She set her up to get beaten up if nearly killed, she should get a punch to the face at least.

Can she do that or it not...quote morally right quote. At least she not going to up and forgive them and they go running thru the fields of flowers other wise I down vote and leave

Mind if I PM you something that should sate your need for Dash to be beaten into the ground, while showing just what kind of punishment Dash is going to get for her actions? Because she is in no feasible way coming out of this unscathed.

Ok. To be completely honest here, I have never played any of the Kingdom Hearts games. I've heard a lot about them I know that they are quite popular. I just never had any interest in playing them.

That being said, this fanfic is really starting to catch my interest.

Thanks! Yeah, Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite series, up there with Zelda. ALL OF ZELDA. The main reason for that is the storytelling in both series. The Kingdom Hearts games are all one interconnected story, and Kingdom Hearts 3, which releases in 2018, is the end of the first "arc" of the series.

Yeah, story-based games are some of the best. Although to be honest I've never had any interest in Zelda either. But as long as the story is good, then thr game is good. That's certainly the case with the Legend of Spyro trilogy.

Oh fun sunset’s a nobody (nopony) and Axel is here along with sora and riku.

Fun story and wonderful Keyblade concept.

Okay several things. Neoshadows are NOT the weakest form of a Pure Heartless. Shadows are. Neoshadows are much STRONGER variants of those and not meant to be taken lightly. Hence why they only appear towards endgame areas in KH series.

They are tricky, unpredictable powerful opponents that are deceptively fast and only strong or expert Keyblade Weilders can take them on. Definitely not for beginners.

Nobody's Sun should be named Light's Sun or Somebody's Sun. Nothiningness is considered its own element.

You don't have to be a Heartless nor a Nobody to be able to have acess to Light and Darkness as they are inherent in every being. You don't just become a Nobody without a Heartless equivalent made as well elsewhere. Yes a Nobody can ultilze multiple elements but that is dependant on the being personility and preference.

In fact one can coexist with their Nobody as well. Provided of course, they survive the process of becoming a Heartless that is.

Also as proven by Ventus and Sora, you can survive losing half of your heart, but only if something or someone else is able to fill the void left behind.

Though from what you presented us regarding Sunset, I presume we may a Vanitas like situation later on. What with her Darkness ripped out her.

Also Riku has greyish/silverush hair not light blue, and he cut his hair short since the begining of the events of KH: DDD before they where tested by Mastsr Yen Sid.

That aside great start and nice set up so far.

First: I never said the Neoshadow was defeated. All I said was that Setting Dark cut into the Neoshadow and got stuck. Plus, Sunset never got hit fighting the regular Shadows, which means the Neoshadow practically one-shot her. There was no way I could make Sunset actually fight the Neoshadow, and have it be believable she could hold her own.

Second: The reason I called it Nobody's Sun is twofold. The first reason is because it will be Sunset's main Keyblade throughout the fic, and she will be a Nobody up until the very end of the fic, so imagine the Keyblade as a Nobody's Sun. The second, is that it is also a nod to how lonely Sunset is made to be during most Anon-a-Miss fics.

Third: I really should get the next chapter up, huh? That would address your criticism regarding Sunset being a Nobody without having a Heartless. All I will say is that the answer is tied into what happened to the Neoshadow.

As a side note: Sunset's heart was in a balance of light and dark. I decided to use the logic of "take one of those out, and the other will expand to fill the void".

As for the Ventus/Vanitas thing? Oh, if only you knew how close you are to the truth.

Oh sorry I guess I misread some the earlier scenes and it was a group of Neoshadows instead of single one leading minor Shadows. It does explain her acknowledging how certain ones were weaker. For that I apologise.

In regarding the keyblade naming I see your reasoning and I accept it. Hmmm. Though are each variant of Sunset Keyblade able to go through evolution like the ones in KH2 ( Soul Eater to Way to Dawn), KH x/Chi/Union Cross, (Stardust Keybkade etc) , KH BBS default Keyblades (the Wayfinder Keyblades), do, or would that be represented in a whole seperate versions instead?

Is synthesis a thing in here if so I can definitely seeing SciTwi and potentially Sunset ultizing the art for customizable magic, techniques, and posdibly keyblades. Plus it be hilarous to see their reaction to shop moogles. Well unless they end up doing it all their own like in recent games.

Also if Sunset really is essentially Nobody has she any slight physical differences like most Nobodies do to differentiate them from their Sombodies?

Though your inital setup of her being Nobody with practically no Darkness is sort of similar to Namine. Though granted she us a special case due the circumstances of her creation.

I know you have certain personas of Sunset's possibly going make to themselves known or represented down the line as Heartless etc. However given what we know in KH2/358 1/2 Days, and KH DDD, would her growing a new heart to fill the one she part affect her mentally or spiritally?

If so that makes things much more complicated and sets a deadline so to speak. I mean the last thing she wants is to end up as a completly different being that she can not recognize. Though past series example took a bit of time for that to happen eventually.

Again this makes things a bit twisted. As she has to hunt down her self and SOMEHOW undo her Nobodiness without well...diasapering in the process. Since one way to revive a person their aspects have to dealt Heartkess destroyed and with Nobody afterwords in that order. Though I guess she can pull a Sora and Kairi and somehow merge into themselves again.

Unless you are going with the fact that not all with few exceptions retain memory of theur prior lives as Somebodies. Well it is good thing this story is set long before Forgotten Friendship or else things would have been WAY worse. Messing with one's memories is not fun. Sora, Roxas, and Xion can speak from experience on that front.

Oh I am sorry I kinda rambled on there. I guess I am overthinking things. Then again with Kingdom Hearts: There are no coincindences.

I can't answer most of your questions, mainly because I haven't thought that far ahead. As for synthesizing, no. And for Sunset's Keyblades having different forms...that would be spoilers. What I can say, is that Equestrian Magic doesn't play by the same rules as KH magic, and I already made mention that she still has her memories.

Oh okay. Thanks again for answering that is all. Hope the writing goes well for you.

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