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Sunset is feeling abandoned and alone during the Anon-a-Miss incident. With the portal to Equestria inexplicably closed, and every page of her journal mysteriously blank, she can't even ask Princess Twilight for help. After receiving a text from Rainbow Dash, Sunset heads to CHS at night, not knowing it is an ambush set up by Gilda. But before Gilda and company can even touch Sunset, shadowy creatures appear in the gym, and when Sunset chooses to fight the creatures to save Gilda and co, a mysterious key-shaped sword appears in her hand.

(Prior knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is not required, but may make it easier to understand some individuals and events that are alluded to.)

3 things to keep in mind:
1) Even though this is a Kingdom Hearts crossover, Sunset will not be traveling to other worlds. The entirety of the story takes place in Equestria Girls Canterlot.

2) In the spirit of Kingdom Hearts, there will be multiple Boss fights. I will not reveal what those fights are, or even offer hints to that end. You are welcome to guess, just don't expect me say if you're right or wrong. Those who pay attention may be able to figure them out ahead of time.

3) Even though this is an Anon-a-Miss story, I intend to have that part of the plot wrapped up after the First Boss, and the HuMane 5 reconciling with Sunset will be finished after the Second or Third Boss.

Cover art is the Keyblade Hopeful Dusk, which was drawn (by hand) by yours truly, and colored in MS Paint.

Once again, this story is proofread by River Road!

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I admit I'm a little burnt out on Anon-a-miss stories but I'm a huge KH fan and since this promises to not just be the same old schlock others have done I'm willing to endure a bit more Anon-a-miss in order to see where this goes.

So far I'd say it's pretty good.

Yeah, if the pacing is right, I hope to have Anon-a-miss done between Chapters 7 & 10. There will be many more chapters beyond that, though.

huh, well this is an intersting twist to anon-a-miss. you have my attention good sir/madem.

I agree. I don’t like the Anon-a-miss situation, but I love kingdom hearts. When will the next chapter be coming up.

Don't know. I have a pretty busy college schedule. This weekend is a possibility, but again, busy college schedule.

Is that a sword or an earring in the cover photo?

The cover photo is Sunset's original Keyblade. Named Hopeful Dusk.

Pretty good start interested to see where this goes

You started. Woo!

I don't have time to read right now, but when I saw this I wanted to give some support.

If I were you, I'd start linking music to this story whenever fights happen.

Possibly. I do listen to Kingdom Hearts music for motivation. If I did link songs, it might just be for the Boss Fights, or just the major ones.

Honestly not happy may reconcile with them Rainbitches. Patricurly Dash for what she did to her. I still want to see her knock Dash's teeth out for hr betryal.

Cool. I don't support hate, but Rainbow's rash decsion over a stinking pic was way out of line.
We all know how it could of ended.

Trust me, she's gonna get what's coming to her. Also, the Rainbooms are going to have to work HARD to earn Sunset's forgiveness, as I'm dedicating the second out of three arcs to that very purpose.

Cool! Heh I know the punishments for the CMC may be delayed with the new threat, not just a regular one but a world wide threat, as the Heartless are very dangerous.

also see Sci Twi will be in it awesome!

I'm on the fence about punishing the CMC. I can't reveal why without spoiling the future.

Oh, and Sci-Twi might not play the role you are expecting.

Just glad she appear inthe story.

I want tos ee the CMC punished they framed Susnet for petty reasons, yes Dash did set up Sunset, but thier actions set the stage....Thou she has to be greatful to them for one thing.
she now knows how much she count on Dash to be a ...Quote Friend.

Oh have your ead that squeal to orginal Anon Miss Fic where Sunset was ambushed? It's the direct sequel from the artist, should be more coming soon.

Yes, I have heard about it.

If anything, the CMC punishment would occur in the Reconciliation arc.

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