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Sunset Shimmer sees the same phantom throughout Canterlot High School. A boy her age with spiky hair, who briefly appears before vanishing. It catches her eye, distracts her from her friends and their fret on the future. The future of Equestrian magic, the future of their powers, the future in general. Sunset can’t focus on that when the present holds a mystery she is forced to solve, especially as it overwhelms her as the days wane. The boy appears in two places at once, then three, until she comes to school to find dozens. Sunset is at the end of her rope when she stands face to face with him, the real him, unconscious within the portal leading to Equestria. As adamant as she is to help anyone in need of help, is it wrong to think that Princess Twilight Sparkle can deal with him? Let Sunset figure out the rest of her life with rampant Equestrian magic first? All she has to do is push him further into the portal, into Equestria. But she isn't that kind of person, and pulls him into her world instead.

Takes place after Kingdom Hearts III, and contains heavy spoilers for that game!

A complete rewrite of my previous story Kingdom Hearts: Friendship's Turmoil. As such, it has no connection nor bearing to this story besides a similar premise. This story does not require any other readings to enjoy.

Sunset Shimmer vector by Uponia
Sunset Shimmer's Necklace vector by CurvesandLines
Sora Illustration cut-out by SubjectULTIMA

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No one can put their loyalty in someone they hate.

Max finds her on the road, something he had been driving on for a long time. Rainbow Dash finds herself in a harsh new world, something she had never anticipated. And before either of them can get a grip on their encounter, a violent gang forces them together. And neither of them like it.

A Mad Max Crossover

Edited and proofread by JoshuaGrahamPony
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See that title? That's me. Observer. Title equals main character, capiche? Just remember that I'm that one guy that jumps from Universe to Universe being a hero and stuff, like other dummies, except he enjoys it! 'He' being 'I', remember that, kiddies. The only downside is the pain. Which is quite plentiful. I think I'm rambling. I'm supposed to describe this adventure in particular! Let's see, I mess with six little ponies, two specific princesses, and two Wastelanders while saving the day. Sounds about right, and what more would anybody want!? More random characters, I guess, which there is! And maybe a plot that doesn't revolve around me. Blah. Well, at least things always turn out fine for everyone...

That hanging ellipses means nothing, ignore it. A mere typo.

To sum up, just know that things get pretty crazy. Not random crazy, that's just dumb. It's the the type of crazy where there's a story and a plot and emotional, serious bits and everything that makes a story. What's crazy about that? Me! But I'm not the crazy one, just my predicaments. Thought I should make that clear. Claritin clear.

Oh, and though this is crossing over with multiple Universes, knowledge of those Universes is not required. The author has given pictures! Isn’t that grand!? Every four year old's dream!

And finally look at this review!


You can't get any better than that!

Alright, now for some credit to be handed out. Let’s start with that fancy picture on top. That’s by the author. But just look at it! Why is Fluttershy the only one with a shadow!? Why am I just a silhouette!? It doesn't make sense! Where's my agent!? Oh, right, I don't have one. Well, give him props for it.

Edited by this guy named Legion222, because Legion221 was taken. Well, not really. This guy just probably liked the number two... which was brought to you by Sesame Street some odd years ago.
Proofread by JoshuaGrahamPony and Rokkurin, two doofuses with too much time on their hands. Like, an absurd amount of time. It's crazy, like my predicaments, not me, memorize that!

And now for each and every vector in that image above… hold on to your butts:
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Princess Luna by Chezne
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And I, Observer, was found randomly on the internet, and photo shopped in mere minutes. Quality stuff right here, folks. Stick around.

And for those of you that are still reading, My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro, in case some nut thought I was the corporate CEO of the company. If I was, I'd make many a person happy with my epic stories of heroism. Oh yeah, and more ponies. Can't forget about them.

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Kingdom Hearts x Equestria Girls

What does friendship truly mean if it's gone?

A powerful magic had suddenly revealed itself, drawing unwanted attention from the Darkness. Riku was sent to investigate the phenomenon, but was never heard from. With Riku's whereabouts unknown, Sora must travel there to find his friend, discover where the powerful magic is located, and protect it. After all, everyone shares this special magic, and if it disappears, who knows what will happen. Little did Sora know that he would have to go through High School to accomplish his mission. But with the help of six friends, he could make it through in one piece.

Takes place after Dream Drop Distance.

NOTE: This story is cancelled, but there is a rewrite. You can find it here! For an explanation on the cancellation, check this blog post for details.

Edited by the great NightmareKnight
Preread by the cool XxEpsilonxX & the neat Golden Flare
Cover picture created with GIMP and a couple vectors

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Ponies are enslaved. Humans are in control.

Nolan Anderson didn't want to be whisked away to a land full of discrimination and judgement. Yet he was there anyway. He just wanted to get by another day in his own world, no matter the hardships. Being a part of S.W.A.T. meant being the best he could be with what he could do. Little did he know he would apply his skills in a magical world, where the ponies think he's an evil human, and where the humans think he's a pony sympathizer. As crazy as everything is, Nolan wants to get back home, a feat that seems impossible, even in a world full of magic. However, the difficulty won't be getting back to where he belongs, but finding allies in a place where trust is rarely given, and earning it still.

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
- Christopher Reeve

Rated Teen for language, blood, and sexual themes.
The story takes place between season 3 and 4 of MLP; Lots of non-canon material.

Primary Editor: the amazing Legion222.
Secondary Editor: the cool JoshuaGrahamPony.
Proofreader: the neat Rokkurin.

Applejack vector by Fureox.

I have never been a part of S.W.A.T., nor have I done extensive research on it. I have only taken a quick look at some procedures, weaponry, and armor for the purposes of this story. If you find something that doesn't seem right, please let me know. Also note I have taken a few liberties with how S.W.A.T. works that I will not change.

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